Thursday, February 22, 2024


I swear to goodness, you guys sure have some serious opinions about pools. You know that old adage about not discussing politics or religion? I think we should add swimming pools to that list. 

The pool thing is nothing more than a vague idea of something we could do now that the trees are gone. As the title of the post said, it was a fantasy we were entertaining. A fantasy we may entertain for awhile. But please be assured that we are very aware of the cost and effort that maintaining a pool requires. We have been there and we have done that. And there are companies whose sole purpose is to maintain pools for owners because it is NOT an easy job. We know. We tried to do our own for awhile when we had one and it became apparent to us that we had no idea what we were doing and it was best to pay the experts to come and spend forty-five minutes every two weeks or whatever it was, to take care of things. And honestly, that's about as long as it took those guys. 

On to another very important matter. Did you know that it's National Margarita Day? Well, it is. And it is also the day that the new Publix Liquor Store opened and Lily, despite being so recently recovered from Covid, was back at work in her brand new space! 

She texted the group this morning with a picture of some earrings she'd just made because she got up too early due to nerves. 


As one does, of course. Wake up early and whip up a new pair of margarita earrings. Far better, I suppose, than waking up early and whipping up a blender full of margaritas. 
Well. I guess it depends on the circumstances. 
I went to see her at her new job after Jessie and I had lunch together. Lily looked happy and that makes me happy. She has her own little universe there. Liquor bottles can be really interesting, can't they? And so many different types and names and labels. She showed me a bottle of 25-year old Scotch that was behind a locked-glass door that cost $599.00. And it was not a big bottle, either. 
"Wow!" I said. And I told her that back in the old days, people used to say that buying cocaine was god's way of telling you you had too much money. "And drinking that Scotch would be..."
"God's way of telling you you had too much money!" she said. 
Ummm-hmmmm. But honestly, if someone loves Scotch and has the money to pay for that bottle, who am I to judge?

I did not buy any Scotch. Or anything at all, actually, although I am certain I will at some point. The package of twenty-four tiny bottles of Tito's intrigued me and reminded me of Kathleen whose mother told her to always keep some gin in her purse in case she got the vapors. 
I am almost seventy years old and I still do not know what the vapors are, although they could be hot flashes, I suppose. I don't think that gin would help that. Or perhaps just anxiety, another thing that often torments women of a certain age. Or maybe the having the vapors is just code for "There is no way I can stay in this room with these assholes without a drink for one more second." 
I did not buy the 24 pack of Tito's either. 

Jessie and I had lunch at a Japanese place which is not Japanica. I'd eaten there recently with a friend of mine and enjoyed it very much but I think that I got a different sort of curry that day than I did today and I didn't like it as much. It was pretty good but not the heavenly stuff I remembered. But we had fun. She especially enjoyed it when the server asked if he could take our plates yet. I was still eating my noodles and told him that no, he could not yet take mine and if he tried, I'd stab him with my chopsticks. 
Maybe you had to be there but it sure made Jessie laugh. 
I felt vindicated when he said, "Oh, you're still working on that," indicating the noodles. If there's one thing that servers should stop saying it's "Are you still working on that?"
Honey, when I'm eating, I am not working on anything. I am eating. I am enjoying. I am savoring. I suppose the question would be appropriate if one was a sailor in the 18th century and your meal consisted of hard tack. That might take some work. 
The meal was heavy on the broccoli as it was in both the curry and the steamed side-vegetables. I had already planned to cook broccoli tonight and I think I still will. The recipe sounds intriguing. "Broccoli With Sizzled Nuts and Dates" from the NYT's cooking app. Ellen, from "Stuff From Ellen's Head" told me she made it and it was good. 
Not like I'm going to overdose on broccoli. 

Ms. Magnolia June will be spending the night tomorrow night. In a big turn-around, she has told me that instead of her usual Mer dinner of fish and cheesy noodles, she wants spaghetti and meat balls. Just like Gibson's frequent choice. So you know what I'll be cooking tomorrow night. She also inquired as to whether we would be serving purple cows. I assured her that yes, we would be. I ordered an Eboo kid puzzle to do with her and I hope she likes it. It's probably too easy for her but it won't be for me. 

Mainly the part about being on the floor. 

Well, speaking of food, as I so often do, I better go make our supper, broccoli included. 

Thank you for being here. I really just felt the need to say that. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Even pools are controversial? Remember when I blogged about cinnamon and was blitzed with angry emails? Pro tip: don't blog about honey!

  2. That broccoli recipe is in my NYT recipe box but I haven’t tried it yet, will be interested in your report.
    Please do not ask me if you guys are still working on that. We are in a restaurant. We are not cooking, we are not contemplating clean up duties; we are not all guys. We are enjoying the food and the company so STOP ASKING ME IF IM STILL WORKING ON THAT. I will not say anything bad, but I am equipped with a look that slays; ask my children.

  3. Oops. Anonymous, who is not a guy and who doesn’t work on her food when she’s not cooking it, is Margaret.

  4. I don't think you can OD on broccoli 🥦! It is good with anything you want to pair it with!
    Having the vapors is when one is feeling faint! Smelling salts was the usual remedy to be passed under the nose ... that would work!

  5. My most hated server phrase is "How are things tasting?" I want to slap 'em!

  6. "working on that" also makes me retort rudely back at the server- I hate eating out these days- not only expensive but the servers seem so insecure. Just do your job and get out of my way, I am eating here! I did not comment on your Pool idea but i would have voted YES for the pool- it does not have to be giant, just enough for a good swim. That would be lovely!
    have fun with the darling girl of our hearts! I know you will, other than getting down and up from the floor.
    That would not be my fave!

  7. I'm now thinking about all the fun you'll have designing your pool/patio and fruit tree area. It all sounds glorious to me. Magnolia June's request for spaghetti and meat balls sounds delicious. Your puzzle looks excellent. I will seek out the NYT broccoli recipe as you are the 3rd person to recommend it.


  8. broccoli nut date recipe.. googled...yum! We are having local chanterelles with shallots, butter and white wine over pasta. Simple, but hope it's good (probably will be- how can you screw up freshly picked and dried chanterelles?).....I am always in awe of Lily, who can not only bake, decorate and whip up a cake for any occaision...but make costumes for her kids and whip out a pair of earrings before going to work. REALLY? And we don't go out enough to really interact too much with servers often.....but if you are eating and there is food on your plate....I would NEVER ask *are you still working on that*! LOL! Of course I am, you numbskull... LOL. I just enjoy the *how is everything?*'s enough for me! Enjoy your Magnolia time tomorrow.....she has embraced her brothers love of your meatballs!
    Susan M

  9. The best pools, in my opinion, are the ones owned by generous friends! I have an open invitation to use my friend Marian's pool anytime during the summer. I could never afford one of my own, nor would I be happy about the maintenance. But God, what a luxury in the summer!

    I'm happy to hear little Maggie will be visiting you tomorrow night!

  10. Well, thank you for being there! You brighten my breakfast eating and I click on your name with a smile on my face because I am going to read about what you have been up to! I have just eaten porridge, cooked in the microwave with sultanas and then blueberries and a little tub of strawberry Actimel added.
    Have a lovely time with Maggie. I haven't seen any grands this week as it is half term.
    My dog has got the " runs" again, and I was up several times in the night to let him out...not fun at all !!

  11. Really nice earrings Lily made :)
    I like the puzzle and like the idea of spaghetti and meatballs too.

  12. I hope that "Stuff from Ellen's head" does not include snot, earwax or excess brain! I think that servers in eating establishments should observe what is happening at a table before attempting to take plates away. I chuckled about your chopsticks threat.

  13. Grateful we don’t hear “Are you still working on that?“ here. Whenever we had a pool, we paid for a pool service. Worth every penny! All I did was regularly check chemical balance and vacuum between visits as needed. You have the greatest family. I’d be on the floor doing that puzzle with you. And thank YOU for being here.

  14. Oh, yeah, those earrings are great. I want to visit Lily at Publix.

  15. Well, if you have to overdose on something, broccoli is a good choice. I love Lily's earrings! She's so resourceful!

  16. Your Lily is so talented! Those are really cute earrings.
    I really like that puzzle and you and Maggie can play "I spy with my little eye" when you get it finished as it has so many sweet characters on it.
    Two of my grandsons are coming for dinner and a movie tomorrow night and they requested mostaccioli and meatballs. I buy frozen meatballs as I am lazy. Should be fun!

  17. so, how did it turn out? I just sent you an email that I did not use 2 tsp of pepper in any form, just what I though it needed. and thanks for the link. I think 'the vapors' was akin to swooning because your corset was so thight you couldn't breathe brought on by seeing or hearing something 'inappropriate' but I like your version better.

  18. Congratulations to Lily! Just saw your pool post, our house came with one and I enjoy it very much, especially after working in the yard. You don’t necessarily need a pool service, we have a creepy crawly that does most of the work, we just add chlorine when needed. Test kits are inexpensive. Neither my husband nor I would be considered handy people and it’s been doable. Guess I’m in the minority advocating for one but it’s one of the only ways to get through a south Florida summer, especially if you start end time outside as you do. Have fun with Maggie!

  19. Last sentence should be spend time not start end. Stupid automofo.


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