Wednesday, July 12, 2023

On The Road. Day One Of Our Journey

First thing this morning Jessie sent out a group text that Vergil was in horrible abdominal pain and that his mom was taking him to an ER while Jessie stayed with the boys. They suspected appendicitis. It was not appendicitis. 
It was most likely a kidney stone that he probably passed while he was on morphine which, as Rachel pointed out, is the best way to pass a kidney stone. 
He is home and in no pain now and there is no sign of any stones in the scans. 
But what a way to start a journey to North Carolina and a little bit too familiar...
I had the deepest, deepest sympathy for him. 

I took this picture of a house across from the Three Squares Diner in Cairo, Georgia where Mr. Moon and I ate our breakfast this morning. It was a very Waffle House type of joint and the breakfast was good. Is there anything about being on the road better than eating breakfasts that you would normally never eat? 
Hash browns. How I love you. 

This is just a short one to tell you that we made it to our today's destination- Athens, Georgia, where we have checked in to the hotel with the card catalog and orchids in the the lobby. Here are some pictures of our room. 

My bra is off, we are having a drink, and have the AC set at "frigid."
God. It is hot in Georgia. Every bit as hot as Florida. 

We passed so many beautiful fields of cotton, mostly, and some corn and probably peanuts (Mr. P!), pine trees, oak trees, sycamore trees, miles and miles of pecan trees, all the trees. We drove over beautiful creeks and rivers and went through towns that were stellar examples of the history of the south, including the poverty of some and the riches of others. We did not get fussy a bit, I did not have hysterics, we turned what probably should have been a four hour drive into an eight hour drive, we stopped for barbecue for lunch and our server reminded me of a young Dolly Parton. Her voice was angelic. Fried green tomatoes were involved. 
This was in the uni-sex bathroom. 

Well. Bless its heart. 

We have laughed a LOT. 

All is well. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Glad Virgil is ok and your first day on the road has been quite enjoyable!
    I don't quite get the pictures of people on the furniture! Is that a normal thing in Georgia? I would not like that at all!
    Safe travels tomorrow!!

  2. Thanksfor checking in. Sounds like a day of not getting lost after all. Sorry about the kidney stone issue. Is it something in the water??

  3. I love the pig gnome! And the blue telephone! and I'm wondering what the formula on that blackboard is all about.

  4. Gosh I hope Jessie is doing better now!

  5. Taking your bra off! That's TMI (Too Much Information) I love that retro blue telephone in your room. Sorry to hear that Vergil has had a nasty health episode.I hope the problem is gone for good.

  6. The blue phone in your room is divine. Pure perfection. So glad Virgil is better. Safe travels!

  7. Glad your trip is off to a good start! And that Virgil is better. Stay safe and keep laughing!

  8. Now THAT is my kind of road trip! Glad it's been fun! Hope that issue with Vergil is over, whatever it was.

  9. glad Virgil is better and hope that will be the end of that! Day 1 sounds good! That hotel room......the decor quite odd.....however, that phone is a thing of beauty! Hope you reach your destination tonight in fine form!
    Susan M

  10. At first I read that last line before the pig picture as "There was sex in the bathroom..." Hahaha! I thought, "Damn Mary! You go girl!" LOL!!!

  11. 37paddington:
    I love the paintings on the console in your hotel room. Such an interesting choice. I’m so glad that the Virgil is ok. Happy trails!

  12. I like that Old House you Photographed, but those Chimney's look like they're leaning and ready to fall over... Glad Virgil is okay and doing better, Kidney Stones are brutal to pass.


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