Thursday, July 27, 2023

Another Wandering On A Birthday Eve


Last night Lily called and we chatted and she asked if maybe I wanted to hang out some today. Jason has taken the kids to California so she's been at loose ends when she isn't at work. I told her I'd think about it and after I hung the laundry around noon, I texted to see if she wanted to go to lunch and she did so we met up at the local farm-to-table joint which I have mixed feelings about but mostly you can get a decent meal there. They are a little pretentious, though, if you ask me. One of the items on today's special menu was something that had three words in the description that we had to google to figure out what in hell they were. Mostly sauces. And it's not like we aren't relatively educated in the culinary milieu.
She ended up getting a chicken sandwich and I got a salad with a crab cake on it. It was good, most likely because it was one of those salads that you might as well just get a hamburger instead of because of all of the crispy and crunchy things in it that make it so tasty.

Anyway, the food is never the point for ladies who lunch. I had such a good time talking to Lily, just as I had a good time talking to Hank, yesterday. My kids are all so different and I love them all so much and deeply appreciate those differences. That's what makes our family such an interesting group of people, I think. I know it's a cliche but every child in a family IS different. Hank was talking yesterday about how sometimes when a friend of his is talking about how shitty their family is, he doesn't even want to talk about our family because it would be too braggy. How we support each other, always, how much we make each other laugh, how we're there for each other. 
And now I'm bragging, obviously, but it's my birthday tomorrow and if I want to give myself the gift of being openly proud of my babies, then I will do that. 
And so I have. 
I have never been anything near a perfect mother but every bit of mothering energy I had was directed towards letting my children know I love them. And now my grandmothering energy. There are a million ways to do that and I'm sure I could have done more but I think they all know that my heart was made for them. 

I'm being terribly soppy and saccharin, aren't I? Oh, who cares?

After Lily and I parted after lunch, I decided what the hell? I've really been obsessed with this purse thing. I'm like a junkie when I start craving a new purse. I guess it's that hit of serotonin I get when I find one and buy it. So I went to Marshall's which is very much like TJ Maxx, and perused their bags. I've gotten some lovely purses there. I went through all of them rather quickly and didn't see a damn thing I wanted or even anything close to what I wanted and then, BAM! I saw this tucked in the back behind some other bags that my eyes had originally just skipped over. 

Not the exact one I had hoped to find, but the same brand and pretty close. Backpack, plenty of nice pockets, leather, soft, large but not too big. I examined it to see if there was any obvious reason it was on clearance but it seemed fine to me so I went up front and got someone to unlock it for me. Do y'all's stores do that? Lock purses up with thin wires that stretch and retract? What a pain in the ass. 
And I bought it. Although it isn't the absolute perfect purse, what is? Also, it cost less than I paid for lunch today which was not that much. When I came home I looked it up online and via the company that makes it, it costs almost a hundred dollars more than I paid for it and that's on sale. 

So I'm pleased, and happy birthday to me. 

It took me such a short amount of time to find and buy the purse that I decided to walk down to the Ulta store which, for those of you who do not know, is a cosmetics place. I was looking for some Body Shoppe body butters and I knew they carried a few Body Shoppe products. 
I hadn't been in a place like that in forever. 
As I texted a friend, it was such a feminine space and it smelled SO good and I lasted about three minutes. 
I checked out the body butters and all of them seemed to have a stale smell to them so forget that. But honestly, I did enjoy my tiny bit of time there. 

Mr. Moon texted a few hours ago to tell me he was back on land so he should be here soon. I know he's going to be exhausted. It is so hot and so humid here and I can't imagine what it feels like on the Gulf. I'm sweaty and sticky from just bringing in the laundry. 

So here I am, on the eve of my 69th birthday. 
I did not see this coming. And I am serious about that. I never, ever thought I'd reach this age. 
Yet, here we are. 
And I may not be a Rolling Stone, still up on a stage in skinny jeans dancing like a dervish, and my knees hurt, and my hips hurt, and my hearing's shot, and my brain function is worrisome but I am still fit enough to enjoy my life. I can still garden, I can still walk, I can still drive and I can still love the ones I love. 

And I can still sit down and pour out my feelings here every day and that means more to me than you can imagine. 

We've been watching "Deadwood" for the third, fourth? time. And it is good. The actors are fucking amazing, the scripts are beyond terrific, the sets are perfect, the storylines are fascinating. Every time we watch the series, I am struck once again by how this show, and this show alone, makes me wish I was still acting. My short time doing that was absolutely joyful and I know I could not do it now. I could not possibly memorize a script. I just couldn't. I wasn't that good at it in my late forties, early fifties to tell you the truth. 
So. I guess that's one thing I can't do anymore but you know what? I did it when I could and I'm so glad I did. 

I don't have that many regrets and the ones I do have are not that big. 

See you tomorrow.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. your lunch with Lily was much needed....... your bag is actually very nice and one I would gladly use........ and......glad Mr Moon will be home soon. my glass will be lifted to you tonight AND tomorrow in celebration of your Birthday. Woohoo! I know the feeling....never thought we*d* get* this old is a feeling I'm familiar with.....but we are.....and the love you give and love you receive is something to celebrate your life with. Keep on livin' your life! Love you, dear friend!
    Susan M

    1. PS I trust you will enjoy a lovely cake made with love either by Rachel or by Lily for your birthday! Susan M

  2. That is a beautiful birthday present! And tomorrow your children will each call or text Happy Birthday and there will be even more celebrating.

  3. I love the way your family is, in all ways, there for each other. You and Glenn have raised a wonderful bunch of kids and grandkids. You've earned bragging rights. And I'm so glad that you choose to sit down every day and pour out your feelings, thoughts and ideas for us. It means a great deal to me.

    Chris from Boise

  4. Happy day before your birthday Ms

  5. Well, how 'bout that, we share a birthday. Happy B-Day!!

  6. Happy birthday, and I will refrain from the obvious comment on the number..
    Also yes, brag on your family, why not? You earned the right.

  7. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays tomorrow, Ms. Moon! I hope it's the perfect day that ends with the perfect martini!

  8. Happy Birthday tomorrow, Mary! Wishing you a year filled with lots of love and fun adventures and good health!

  9. Happy Birthday tomorrow dear Mary Moon!

  10. 69 is everyone's favorite
    Adore the new bag- love the color and the style! I have many failure bags in my closet but the one I got from you is damned near perfect.

  11. That is a very fine bag and it will only improve with age and wear. Like you, our wonderful Ms Moon.

  12. You acted? in what? Movie? TV series? Something I could watch and possibly see you? I enjoyed Deadwood but have only watched it once and the movie that came after also only once. But I still have them on a hard drive so I cold watch again someday.
    I love the bag you found and Happy Birthday :)

  13. Happy Birthday, Cherie. Many, many happy returns. We love you. xx0x0 N2

  14. Happy birthday to you!🥳🎉🌺🌸Your bag is gorgeous - I would have bought it too, being a ‘bag-junkie’ myself 😄Have a lovely birthday! Xo, Rigmor

  15. 37paddington: Happy birthday darling Mary! You’re not bragging when you talk about your family. You’re just sharing how beautiful such unconditional love and acceptance and support and laughter in a family can be. We need to see it. We need to know how it’s done. Your family is wonderful. I’m so grateful to know them here.

  16. Happy birthday, Mary. It was good to celebrate 'You' with you.

  17. not bragging, just stating a fact. happy birthday which I will wish you again tomorrow.

    we finished watching the Fight Attendant and Secret Invasion and have started watching The Bear which if you don't know is about a young up and coming chef working under a mean head chef in an upscale NY restaurant when his brother commits suicide and he returns home to take over the family sandwich shop and his attempt to save it and turn it into something more. sounds dumb but it's really good.

  18. Happy Birthday fron the UK Ieel like its my birthday because your blog suddenly let me post again. Mine was last week so you are my little sister. Am 2 years older than you and l moved to seaside (shore ) today although am still in hotel Man and dog up there in the chaos. But this is about you Glad you had such a lovely birthday and with your family. Great had such a beautiful day. Loads of love Maggi ❤

  19. I've never watched "Deadwood." I should do that sometime.

    I know what Hank means about the "bragging." My brother and I often have similar conversations about our family. Even though it was somewhat dysfunctional it was generally supportive and that's more than many people have.

  20. Happy your new purse, enjoy!


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