Saturday, July 22, 2023

In Which We Try To Visit Asteroid City

 That's what last night's salad looked like. Tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar. Was it amazing? You bet. 
Almost every night when I serve our supper I say "Here's your gourmet dinner!" which is what a character in one of Larry McMurtry's books always said when she set supper on the table. I'm pretty sure it was Texasville and the woman who said it was named Rags. She'd set down a plate of biscuits and a bowl of gravy and say, "Here's your gourmet sausage gravy and biscuits!" 
Some nights when I make this announcement, I feel that it is more true than others. Last night I felt sincere about it. I'd broiled a little grouper to go with the salad and steamed artichokes too. 
It was pretty gourmet and it was pretty darn good. 

So today was out of the ordinary for us. Mr. Moon had planned to go fishing tomorrow and we were thinking about going down to the coast today to look at a house he is thinking about buying. Not for us to live in, but to have for get-aways. It's on the bay and there's about a ten thousand foot dock off off the property and it's right near where he launches the boat to go fishing and well- you get the situation. I haven't seen it yet and I really need to. But anyway, neither tomorrow's fishing plan is going to work out due to weather, nor did it work out for us to go see the house today so I think we'll go see it tomorrow but in the meanwhile- what to do this afternoon? He mowed some this morning but it's just too hot out there to get the whole yard done. I took out compost and then, what to my wondering eyes should appear but more green beans?
What the hell? I rinsed out the compost pan and picked them into that. I got enough for one last good meal or two.

They have served us well. 

But then- what should we do? We don't usually go to the river on weekends because there's always so many people. And we've been eating out at restaurants while traveling, so going to lunch didn't sound that good. But hey... Why not go to a movie? 
We do that at least every four years. Go to a real movie in a real movie theater and it's always such a treat and I sort of desperately want to see Wes Anderson's new movie, Astroid City. 

You know how much I do love a good Wes Anderson movie. 
So Mr. Moon thought that was a great idea. As he said, "Air conditioning! Popcorn! Soda!" 
I looked online to see if it was playing in Tallahassee and although it was not playing at the huge fancy CMX place right next to Costco where they serve real drinks and real food as well as all our favorite movie fare like Raisinets and Sno Caps and of course popcorn, and the seats are so recliney and comfy you can relax right into your movie magic experience, it was showing at a different place at the old dead mall and according to the web site, there was a showing at 2:20 p.m. We could make it!
So we got dressed in our movie outfits (haha!) and drove all the way to the other side of Tallahassee and found a parking space in the lot that was overfilled and while walking in we saw many, many females under the age of forty and some females over the age of forty, dressed in bright pink costume-like outfits and I realized they'd either just seen or were about to see the Barbie movie. The Barbie movie is a phenomenon I really do not grasp but it was fun to see everyone looking so happy. 
You know where this is headed, right? 
Right. The next showing of Astroid City, despite what it said online, was five hours hence. 
Damn. We really wanted some popcorn. 
We came on home and Glen made popcorn here in the trusty old Whirly Pop and it rained like crazy which was lovely and I started my new jigsaw puzzle that Jessie bought me on our trip for my birthday which is next Friday. I am so excited about this puzzle. It's right for me- 500 pieces and I think it will go easily because of all the different patterns and colors and designs. 

While I sorted edge pieces and started putting those together, I listened to a podcast on Arm Chair Expert with a man named Neil Theise who is a diagnostic pathologist, stem cell biologist, and complexity theorist and as I was sorting pieces my tiny mind was being blown and I may listen to the interview again because of course I can't even begin to understand the complete complexity of the complexity theory but it's fascinating. And as always when science gets to the deepest part of it all, the message seems to be that ALL IS ONE which as I have said so many times is what I am able to grasp fully and with force whenever I have tripped on psychedelic drugs. 
What could possibly be better than listening to something like that while playing with jigsaw pieces? Not much. Okay, maybe seeing Asteroid City but we will go see it when it comes to the high class theater. 
I think I will even have a root beer! It is, after all, my birthday week! 

Look what Mr. Moon found for me when he was picking up branches before he mowed:

"Here's a planter for you," he said. It's a branch from the Chinaberry tree, I think, that woodpeckers have had their way with. The holes are really quite small so I shall have to ponder what to put in them. I think it is lovely. 

And one more thing. Charles Barkley, AKA Sir Charles, bought a bunch of Bud Light for the patrons of a bar he was in recently and used the opportunity to support the LGBTQ+ community and the video has gone viral. You can see it HERE if you want to. Please be aware that the word "Fuck" is used several times, each time appropriately and with emphasis. 
Thank you, Charles, although Bud Light would not be my first choice in a cold beer, I support them for their support and I support you for your no bullshit attitude. 

Gotta go make tonight's gourmet dinner. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I think the Barbie wave is huge. And it's playing opposite Oppenheimer in some theaters, making it Barbenheimer. Something for everyone. Must be 10 years since I went to a movie theatre. Something about Marguerite, lovely art movie.

  2. I am curious who Barbie was made for. Today i asked my 30 year old granddaughter if she planned to see it, and she was very enthusiastic and planned to wear pink.
    Was the getaway house the issue that you and your husband were at sixes and sevens about? Would you consider making it a B&B after your recent happy experience?
    My friend advertised her cottage and rented it once. Once was enough.

  3. My Aunt Flo named her two children Barbara and Ken, sixty odd years ago. Just a tid bit fact. Thanks for the Charles Barkley clip.

  4. That Charles Buckley clip is fantastic. Thank you for sharing. Popcorn from a Whirlypop and a jigsaw puzzle is almost as good as air-conditioning and Asteroid City. Complexity Theory may be a bit too complex for my simple brain, but I appreciate the link to Armchair Expert, yet another podcast new to me.

    Chris from Boise

  5. One of my daughters gave me that puzzle a few years ago. Good puzzle. Nice size pieces and enough different things to make it fun to do. Enjoy!

  6. Thanks for the link to Neil Theise, I'll have to listen to him when I get a chance.
    I'm reading an interesting book right now, "It Didn't Start With You" by Mark Wolynn. It's about generational trauma and epigenetic changes in DNA, so that trauma that happened a couple of generations ago, can still affect us and our bodies today.

  7. A getaway house on the bay! So perfect. You could plant the cherry branch holes with those tiny little air ferns, tsillandia? I think, not sure of the spelling.

  8. I, too, love the idea of a getaway house! Mine will have bougainvillea all over it and a view of the Pacific. When will this materialize, though? I loved this meandering post -- was looking forward to your review of Asteroid City but will wait!

  9. I love that jigsaw ! Just the type that I like to do.

  10. PS Have you ever done a " wasgij". ? They are quite complicated cartoon drawing type puzzles, but the picture that you make is what happens next, after the picture on the box!

  11. Oh my, how exciting the prospect of buying that house must be! Do post pictures when you get to visit!

  12. I'd have pulled up those bean plants long ago. and yeah, take some pictures of this house when you go look at it.

    all is one, one is all. quantum physics is pretty fascinating too. I tried explaining the difference between one source from which everything emanates and the Abrahamic view of a god existing outside of his creation to a christian and she just could not grasp the difference. we are 'god' as opposed to being made by 'god'.

  13. Just saw Asteroid City last week! I think you’ll love it, it’s quintessential Wes. Yes, bless Charles and Garth Brooks too. Much love.

  14. Much of your cooking does look very gourmet to me! That is not false advertising when you say that, Mary! I want to see house photos too!

  15. I hope the Getaway House purchase works out, nice to have a Getaway Property. Your Meals always look truly Gourmet to me and clearly made with an abundance of Love.

  16. that caprese salad ......I can almost taste it! Beautiful! Hope we will get to see some *house* photos later? Hmm.....another getaway house? Will you still keep Dog Island house too? And agree with River.....that branch with the holes would be perfect for Tillandsias (on your porch)
    Susan M


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