Saturday, July 29, 2023

Housekeeping Of One Sort And Another And Also: Spiders Ahead!

Well, today was quite a contrast to yesterday. Mr. Moon got up in the wee hours to go fishing and so I've been alone all day which has been fine. You know me. Miss Never Lonely. 


And I had a fairly productive day but before we get into that fascinating topic, I'd like to get some housekeeping out of the way. First off, the house. The House on 98. The House With All The Stuff! As I think I mentioned in a comment or something, Mr. Moon and I have just not discussed it for a few days. I was doing my thinking and processing and I had no idea what he was doing and so yesterday, at our festive and delicious Mexican lunch, I asked him what his latest thoughts on the house were. Turns out that he's decided not to make an offer and even told his realtor buddy that. 

Say what? 

"Ummm," I said, "I think maybe you should have told me that."

"I thought I did," he said. 

"Nope, pretty sure you didn't." 

"Oh, I'm sorry." 

And that was that. In his defense, he's been making lists of things he wants to get done around here and they range from getting rid of some of the vehicles he owns to finding someone to do some work on this house, starting with getting a new roof. 
Whoa! So once he'd made his decision about the house, he just moved on to the next thing. 

Another thing I'd like to clear up is what I referred to as my acting a few posts ago. Please! I was never famous or did anything but community theater except for being in a few short films made by a local young film maker named FC Rabbath.

This is what the Opera House looks like. 

Somehow, a long time ago, I got up the courage to go audition for a play there. Jessie went with me (she was still in high school) and we both got roles, hers one of the leads! And during that experience, I got to meet some of the most wonderful people who became beloved friends. I have written so much about that time and those people. I was lucky enough to be part of that group and community and it was one of the best parts of my life. I was in a lot of plays. I was not exactly young, but I could still play young and oh- I can hardly think about those times without crying. 
I'm not doing it anymore. Out of the core group of people that I most loved and bonded with, three died in a relatively short time and I...just...couldn't anymore. My heart hurt too much every time I walked into that beautiful old building which held so many beautiful and tender and hysterical memories for me. And like I said the other day, my ability to memorize scripts was never that great and there's no way I could do it now. 
Anyway, if anyone is interested, you can do a search on the blog up there on the top left for "Monticello opera house" and you'll get a ton of hits. Same for Fred Rabbath. Or FC Rabbath. Or Freddy Rabbath. 
It was a glorious time for me. The performances were never the main thing in my mind. It was the rehearsals, the working together to bring a script to life in all dimensions. It was the joy, the fun, the playing. 
I still can't really believe I did it and I am so glad I did. 

So. That's another item explained and cleared up. 

Let's see- what else? 

One thing I did want to mention was what Ellen said in a comment on the post I did about how whoever had decorated the House on 98 never met a wall or surface she did not want to cover. What Ellen said was something like, "Woman, have you never looked at your house?" 
And by god I have been pondering that ever since. 
Of course she is right! I have shit everywhere. I simply cannot deny that although I am not one to put pillows and shams and different layers of comforters on all the beds. But I guess that because the shit I put on my walls and on my surfaces is mostly thrift store stuff or even stuff that I've found at the dump (and I am not ashamed of that- some of it is great stuff) and things the children have made or drawn and all of it is something that means something to me, it did not occur to me that I have basically done the same thing. And we will not even begin to discuss the Glen Den which holds the taxidermied remains of many creatures and also some antique firearms and also pictures of fish and, oh hell, I don't know. However, I claim no responsibility for any of that. 
Once, my dear friend Colin who was one of my beloveds at the Opera House, described the decor of a house in Monticello that had been converted to a B&B. He said, "It looks like a doily factory exploded in there." 
And the House on 98 looked like a beach decor factory had exploded in there. 
And to be honest, my house looks like a junk store exploded in it. And also to be honest, when I die, if we still own this house, my kids can just come in with a few commercially-sized boxes of garbage bags and start filling them up with all this shit and then take them to the trash station which is conveniently just about a block and a half away. 

But I guess the bottom line is, as it generally is- who am I to judge? 

And also, I am casting a more discerning eye to my walls and surfaces and am slowly trying to gird my loins to reducing some of the clutter. 

So. Thank you, Ellen! 

I did take the trash today and there were a few things in it that I truly do not even begin to need that no one needs. At all. So that was a small start. I also have a pile going where I am putting things to donate. 

It was so hot and humid that every time I went outside felt like I was taking a little sip of hell and so I only did the things that I felt compelled to do. I swept the front porch and the swing porch. And oh- look at this pretty lady. 

It is a good year for golden orb weavers. I have an entire community of them in front of the front porch.

Organic mosquito netting! And the sun was just hitting it right for all of that to show up. 

It rained a little and I got a picture of this beauty and her bejeweled web. 

I picked the field peas and the twenty minutes that that took me was somewhat torturous. It was right after it rained which you would have thought would make things cooler but instead, it just made things more humid, the very earth steaming. 

And then, for whatever bizarre reason, I realized that today had to be the day for my bi-annual kitchen floor mopping. Okay, I mop that floor more than twice a year. Maybe five times a year. But it was filthy. So I moved everything out of the kitchen that can be moved and then swept twice and then mopped twice. I should have mopped three times but didn't. 

And that's been about it. I shelled the few peas I picked while watching TV. The garden has really gone to hell and we need to just go ahead and pull everything and clear it out. I noticed some potatoes coming up from the rows where we harvested months ago. I guess we missed some. And the sweet potatoes are still kicking ass and taking names. 

Lily got her babies back today from their California trip. They flew all night and were exhausted and she said they've had a most heavenly day of doing nothing and relaxing. She sent this picture. 

Look at that angel baby back with her mama. 

And Jessie and Vergil are packing up and will be returning to Tallahassee tomorrow. 

Mr. Moon decided to come on home tonight and he'll be here soon. All is well. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. "Organic mosquito netting! " - what a great phrase! I'm promptly adopting it. Loved the rest of your post as well. Glad a decision was made (if not well-communicated) about the beach house. My Mike and I frequently have similar gaps in communication. "What about x?" "Oh - I forgot to tell you.."

    It will be wonderful to have the whole family back in town again!

    Chris from Boise

    1. People say that the key to a good relationship is communication which makes me wonder how Glen and I have lasted all these years sometimes. We DO communicate but in our own ways.

  2. I REMEMBER your acting at the Monticello place, and I remember the film and the filmmaker! That makes me so happy -- I also remember your beautiful writing about all of it, including the beloved friends you lost. As for the rest of your report on cluttered homes, this is something that I ponder almost daily. I have two large boxes in my dining room, right now, that I intend to use for old cookbooks and paperbacks from my college years. I am embarrassed at how many books and cookbooks I have -- seriously enough to have a library.

    1. That was such a chapter in my life. It really, really was. And it gave me not only pleasure but also confidence. And community. It was truly swell. And then...
      Well. We go on.
      I hear you about the books. I need to go through mine again and cull. Cull, I tell you! And I have a shit ton of cook books that I never use. But who knows? I might need one. Right?

  3. I am catching up on reading (it's been a busy weekend), so my birthday wishes are a bit belated. I still wish you many, many happy returns of the day.

    1. Thank you, Ms. Messymimi. My birthday month won't be over until Tuesday so it's all good!

  4. You know how you feel about crowds and leaving your home, that's how I feel about spiders. I had a lady on Friday who put her coat over her head and cried while I started her IV. She kept apologizing. I asked if something bad had happened with a needle when she was young and she said yes. Phobias are just trying to keep us safe, even long after we don't need them anymore. I now appreciate spiders and all that they do but they still give me the heebie jeebies.

    1. Since I know how some people feel about spiders I try not to put the picture of one at the top of the post and to give a little warning in the title. I get it. And you are so right about phobias.

  5. Beautiful spiders and organic mosquito netting. You can keep your humidity, though. Do you get snakes in your property? You can keep them, too.

    1. I haven't seen any snakes in the yard all summer but I know with all certainty that there are some. You sure you don't need a few?

  6. I like the beautiful spiders and the webs. I look around at my clutter too and get to thinking I should clear some out and mostly what happens is I shift it around a little and leave it at that. If I ever move there will be a clean out for sure.

    1. I am looking at two chairs right now that NEED TO GO. One of them I've never liked. Ever. Maybe this will be my next project- getting rid of chairs I do not want.

  7. Well, lucky you having a whole community of spiders !! I must admit though that they are somewhat prettier than ones we get here.Tegeneria domestica ( house spider) has me running for the hills.!
    Also lucky you to have a husband that can say " sorry" !

    1. I think we have those too. The other day I felt something on my chin and brushed it away and damn if it wasn't a spider. Pretty bag one. I think it might have been a tegeneria domestica. I swept it up and took it outside.
      Yes. Glen can say "sorry" and he often does.

  8. Thanks for clearing up those lingering issues! (Even though I missed your first posts on a few of them which I will go read now.) I think there's a difference between a house that is covered with accumulated collectible and whimsical stuff that reflects the personality of the owner and one that looks like it's been professionally decorated by someone given the demand for a "beach house."

    1. I would truly like to hear the background of all that decor. I just can't imagine a decorator agreeing to put that much stuff on the walls but maybe.

  9. I wondered if that house had been done by a decorator, with instructions to go beach. I'm glad you won't be faced with buying the house, but I'm astonished that you weren't part of the decision making. That would not work with me, fortunately, it didn't have to!
    I love the spiders and I'm always sorry to dust away spider webs indoors.

    1. "Go beach and go big!" Or maybe the owners just really liked to shop for random beach stuff. Some of the lamps were quite nice and there were TONS of huge antique-looking bottles that I liked. It would have been a mixed blessing. And you're right- I was not part of that decision making process. Well, in a way I was. I am sure Glen factored in my discomfort with buying it in his decision and honestly, this was a project he and his sister were in on together which no, does not make me feel a whole lot better about it all.
      The golden orb weavers never come inside. I'm glad, too. They belong outside in the wild. Or at least yard.

  10. I thought metal roofs were supposed to last forever. I think I started reading your blog right around the time of your last performance. your community theater days, my river guide days. certainly it was about the trip, three or more glorious days on the river, but also about the guide staff and the camaraderie and the preparation.

    I hope you know my comment was not meant in any way to be negative. I love your house, what I've seen of it. and my sister also does not have a space on a wall or a level surface that isn't covered with something.

    1. Well, nothing lasts forever, Ellen. Even metal roofs. As evidence- look at my header picture. We have some leaks.
      I love that your river guiding experience was, in a way, like my acting experience. The community. The creation of it all. That was the thing I loved.
      And hell no! I did not see your comment as mean or negative at all. I thought it was so funny and it opened my eyes a bit wider. Thank you!

  11. I remember your theater days well, for some reason I remember when you dyed your hair red for a part, and it looked quite fetching and bold, and I was just so impressed that you did all that, and how wonderful that you have those memories. I lived vicariously through you, still do!

    1. That was when I was playing Truvie in Steel Magnolias. Oh, what fun that was! And I loved having red hair. I got it cut a lot shorter too.
      And by the way- I live vicariously through you, too, you darling woman!

  12. You certainly have had a life of fun adventures, Mary!


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