Thursday, July 13, 2023

I Now Have A New Definition Of The Word Weird

I have just about died and gone to heaven. 

More about that later. 

And really, this post is mostly going to be pictures with explanation and some discussion. 

First off, I give you this.

That's what it looks like when you're just approaching the Great Smokey Mountains from the south. I snapped that through the windshield and somehow completely lucked out when it came to the sky. And, well, everything. 

But before we really get into the transcendental gorgeousness of North Carolina I must inform you that many years ago Mr. Moon and I stopped at a giant antique store AND cat museum somewhere between Asheville and Athens. We spent quite a while looking at the antiques but never made it to the cat museum and I've always regretted that. We were discussing that on our drive today and I googled it and damn, if it wasn't about sixteen miles from where we were. 
So. We had to go. 
It's changed locations and is no longer by an antique store but is free-standing and by golly, we found it and we stopped. 

We went through that door, paid our ten bucks, and I will never be quite the same. 
I felt as if we had entered an alternative world which I had no idea existed. The first thing we encountered was the man who runs the museum, who OWNS the museum. He is quite old. He sat on a couch. He barked at us. "Where you are from?" and many other questions that I cannot remember because I was completely traumatized. 

Finally, we got away from that scary web and began to explore The American Museum Of The House Cat. 

Look. I'm not even going to try to explain. 
There is no way I COULD explain. 
These pictures only barely skim the smallest bit of the surface of the deep unfathomable weirdness going on there. 
And after about half an hour I said, "I gotta get out of here."
Not only was my mind completely fried but I was having some weird allergic reaction and my eyeballs were burning. 
Although that could simply have been from what they were looking at. 
Okay. Two more. 

And then we left and went to lunch in a completely tourist destination small town where a train pulled up just as we were about to go into a restaurant and many people departed the train including boy and girl scouts and started spreading out to go into the restaurants and twee shops and after the American Museum of House Cats, that was NOTHING! 

All right. 

That is enough of all of that. 

We've made it to our destination in Old Fort, North Carolina where we are staying and the house is pretty much my dream house. It's very old and gorgeously restored and has everything I could possibly imagine wanting INCLUDING A KITCHEN AID MIXER. And the creek. 

Our room. 
I told Mr. Moon to buy me this house right now. He laughed. 
He laughed! 
What is wrong that this man? 

The one thing this house does not have in it at this point is anyone from Jessie's family because wouldn't you know it- August has strep again. We'll going to wait until tomorrow when he's been on antibiotics for a day and I guess that's okay although I did cry when Jessie told me she thought that was best and I agreed with her. 
Fucking strep. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Moon and I are enjoying the peace and quiet here, the sweet sound of the creek rushing over rocks, and the promise of seeing those sweethearts tomorrow. 

Love from the beautiful and bizarre state of North Carolina...Ms. Moon


  1. Re: The cat museum, people are soooooooo interesting.......

  2. North Carolina is indeed a beautiful state. Your accommodations look fabulous. That cat museum left me speechless. I love cats and own one,
    but that was fricking weird. Sorry to hear August had strep, but it's best to be on antibiotics for at least 24 hrs. Hope you have wonderful weather,
    and enjoy every moment!
    Paranormal John

  3. That cat museum, oh my!!! One dreadful winter my 4 kids and I went through multiple rounds of strep, treated with amoxicillin. At one point I think I became the vector. I would slowly get better with amoxicillin but then would come down with it again. I finally asked for a stronger antibiotic and got better immediately and stayed that way. Just a thought since it has been recurrent for poor August.

  4. How can someone who owns a cat museum BARK at you? You'd think he could keep his species straight!

  5. I think I will skip the cat museum if I am ever traveling in the South.
    Re recurrent strep throat: Medical 'authorities' disagree on efficacy, but the only way we have stopped constant re-infections in our house is to soak toothbrushes in peroxide (or get new ones) after starting on antibiotic. I've heard of putting them through an automatic dishwasher too. Might be worth a try?

  6. I was just thinking the Owner of a Cat Museum Barking was hilarious. And, he must either really dig Cats, or, have some kind of Weird Fetish about them. But, Weird and Wonderful fascinates me so I probably would still stop at a place like that, out of Curiosity... which you know how that Old Saying goes. *winks, campy, but couldn't help myself* It does look like Beautiful Scenery in that State, even if it's a Weird destination in some ways... that does make for a more interesting Story as Blog Fodder.

  7. I think I'd have nightmares after that place. But your digs are lovely. The strep seems to be an endless circle.

  8. Oh my god. The cat museum. it? hate it? but I definitely want the banner that says the cat will steal the baby's breath.

  9. This reminds me of the general store that used to be in Port Gamble, Washington, that had a seashell and barber museum in their upstairs. I am haunted by the cat museum. Do Rebecca

  10. Supposed to be XO dang it

  11. In that first cloud picture, the dark cloud looks like a ghost plane. The cat museum is freaky! Your holiday home looks wonderful and I love the creek with all the big flat rocks for sitting on. Strep again? Poor August.

  12. Michigan Mom has a good idea with soaking the toothbrushes, even soaking in denture cleanser would be a good idea. Even without strep, toothbrushes should be sterilised somehow a couple of times a month. I soak mine every week when I soak the denture in the hot fizzy cleaner.

  13. I agree, I think Mr. Moon SHOULD buy you that house right now! I love it too!

  14. The cat museum is weird, to say the least!!
    You mentioned a place called Athens......there was a question on a TV quiz show a couple of days ago and the answer was Athens, in USA, though having just looked it up it seems that there a about 6 " Athens" in US !!
    Your holiday house looks beautiful.....more photos please.

  15. That cat museum would give me weird dreams, so I hope that you had a good sleep. Strep is not what you want as a holiday souvenir but my granny heart aches with yours.

  16. That cat museum. Damn.

  17. We have lots of weird places like that in the South, don't we? That cat museum takes the cake, though.

    The NC mountains are so beautiful! I still prefer the ocean to the mountains, but the beauty is undeniable. Sorry about the boys having strep. That sucks.

  18. That cat museum is too strange for me, altho, I did like the cat underwear!
    Hope August feels better soon and you get lots of hugs!

  19. Demographics of Dillsboro! White much? Your roadside attractions are the best! LOVE the cat museum I would go to that part of the world just for that alone! I think that the little creepy black cat with lipstick and a questionable cat smile would keep the mice quiet!I have never been to that part of the world and likely never will but how utterly charming the south can be!

    1. I have a vase I bought almost 30 years ago in Dillsboro! (It isn't shaped like a cat, though.)

  20. OMG. I have to go to the cat museum! Have a wonderful trip. I just love your blogs.

  21. Oh. My. God.

    That cat museum is the weirdest thing I've ever seen. And I'm not sure it's in a good way.

    So sorry about August! But the house looks wonderful, and an extra day of rest to recover from the cat museum is probably not a bad thing!

  22. Cat museum, very creepy.

    The house looks amazing! I want to live there too.

    Poor August, sore throats are horrible. I've had one for a week, feels like razor blades when I swallow. I've been eating a lot of popsicles. Hope he's got lots of popsicles and feels better soon.

  23. that is one very weird museum, wow! I have a friend who's husband made her get rid of her cats when they first had children because he actually believed that yes, cats DO steal babies breath.. Yikes. Your house there is lovely......and you will all be happier yet when you can visit with EVERYBODY!
    Susan M

  24. The cat museum is pretty freaky. It looks like a collection of antiques. That house is one great find. Mr. Moon should buy it, and transplant your garden.

  25. that cat museum is straight fucked up girl. i SO want to go there!! hope that your son in law and grandson are feeling better soon. xxalainaxx

  26. OK, I WANT that house and all I've seen of it is the bedroom and the creek.

    the cat museum reminds me of the Gopher Hole Museum in Canada full of dioramas with taxidermied gophers.

  27. Interesting photographs taked in the visit to the Cat House. But poor mummy Cat. The rest is fantastical. Nice photographs.

  28. God forbid that Maurice should ever pass away but in the event that she does - many years from now- I hope you will seriously consider donating her remains to the cat museum. She will soon become the star attraction.


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