Thursday, November 24, 2022

Thanksgiving, 2022

Fresh cut greens and roses from the garden. See my turnips?

This may have been one of the lowest stress Thanksgivings we've ever had. Perhaps because I did so much beforehand. I do not know. But no tizzies were had, no children screamed and shrieked, no glassware was dropped, no gravy was spilled. 
It was almost odd. 

One of my favorite things that happened today was when Tom said, "The thing I like about Thanksgiving at your house is that no one argues about politics. There's not a Republican among you."

"I've done my job!" I said, slapping the table. 

And it's true. We may represent almost every sort of gender/sexual identity in the rainbow and we range from six foot ten to five foot three (not counting the grandchildren) and we earn our bread in many different ways and we have our problems, sure we do- and they vary from one of us to the other. We are far from perfect. Each of my children had a different childhood because every child in every family is born into different circumstances if we're honest, but when it comes to politics and religion, there just isn't much to discuss. Not to say that we don't discuss these things but I don't think we've ever had an argument about them. In fact, we just don't argue much among ourselves. About anything. We are too busy laughing and telling stories and being silly and today we were too busy cooking and serving and eating and playing with puppies. Who has time for arguments?
Jessie had asked if it was okay to bring the pups over for cuddles and play and I said, "Oh yes. Bring those puppies!" And she did. They stayed in Mr. Moon's bathroom sleeping in their kennel a lot of the time but they came out to pee and poop and get snuggles. They were so fun that we have decided that puppies should always be part of Thanksgiving. 

So here's some pictures. 

Food on the back porch.

August politely waiting. 

Ms. Magnolia who wanted roasted peanuts as her main course.

Gibson and Levon studying a biscuit. I do not know why. 

Rachel, Michael, May, part of Lauren to the left and a friend, K, who was a delight and joy to have here, Hank, Jessie, and Vergil on the right. 

More of Lauren and can I say that the more Lauren, the better? I love this woman. 

Lily and Tom who has been a guest at Thanksgiving at my table since long before Lily was even a sweet, wicked gleam in her daddy's eye. 

My own personal plate of food. And no, I could not finish it all. 

Olive (Ollie) tugging at Mr. Moon's beard. 

Levon blowing out his candles after we all sang Happy Birthday to him. He was in Orlando for this birthday so we made up for it tonight. 

Hank holds babies. In this case, Walnut. (Wally)

Levon's pie selection. Key lime that he helped his mother make and chocolate pecan.

Lily getting baby love from Ollie. 

Michael loving on the babies. 

The pie selection. Jessie's key lime, Rachel's pumpkin, MerMer's chocolate and regular pecan. 
Ample whipped cream. 

Hank's play list was amazing. I have no experience making a Spotify playlist but here's a link for anyone who does. Just for fun you can read down the list to see some of the music that our family loves. It ranges widely and represents what all of us love. Lon and Lis are represented, of course, and other musicians we know. I didn't really pay constant attention to the music but over the course of the afternoon I was delighted over and over again to hear a song that means a lot to me. We would all join in singing at various times, maybe doing a little dance step or two. I loved it. 

Around noon, I poured out two shots of rum and Mr. Moon and I both downed one and I said, "Whoop-ay-a!" and I cried. Not just for Lynn but for all the beloveds who have graced us on Thanksgivings who are not here anymore. And I will proudly admit that when all the kids got here, I got out all the shot glasses in the kitchen and set out the rum and we poured ourselves what we wanted to wet our throats, to raise a glass, to make a toast, to send love together to the universe, to our beloveds, to all the spirits. 

It was a good Thanksgiving. Everyone helped clean up. Leftover containers were filled. Puppies were carried out to the car. I have already simmered the turkey carcasses to make soup with and the kitchen still smells like Thanksgiving. 

Oh goodness. Rachel has just sent more pictures. 

Puppy Mama

Wait! How did I miss hallway dancing? 

My beautiful grandchildren. 

And here's a rare picture with me in it. I swear I was not just looking at Instagram on my phone- I was searching feverishly for my camera app so that I could take pictures of Levon blowing out his candles. Which I did. 

I guess that's about it. I'm hoping to be hungry enough before bedtime to eat a piece of pie. 
I am so grateful for all that I have. Plenty and more of food and a beautiful place to have these family gatherings. 
But mostly, the family that gathers here, of course. 

And you all. Always alla y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. A lovely day at your home and mine. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. So, so lovely and how fortunate you all are in northern Florida to have your Thanksgiving feast outside... in November! You are truly blessed Mary Moon but you knew that anyway. The food looks very scrumptious indeed.

    1. It was unnaturally warm yesterday, even for us. No chill in the air whatsoever. In fact, a little bit too warm but that's hard to complain about when we all get to eat outside.
      I am so very lucky.

  3. What a marvelous day. Puppies even! I kept on being amazed that you're all outside, sleeveless, forgetting duh it's Florida. I'm so used to Thanksgiving being wintry. Even snowbound when we lived in Wisconsin. Your buffet was amazing. Key lime pie, ohhhh.

    1. Like I said to Mr. P., it was warmer than it usually is at Thanksgiving. And humid, too. But it was such a fun day. And that key lime pie- the best!

  4. So much delicious looking food! I love your family. Your whole family.

  5. So glad you had a great Thanksgiving. It's nice to see you all together and enjoying all that wonderful-looking food. Those puppies are adorable!

  6. Oh my, what a beautiful Thanksgiving (and I still can't get over the fact that you can eat outside at this time of year)!

    1. I know. It's weird. Now let's see if we can go swimming on Christmas!

  7. You DO have beautiful grandchildren!
    Have you posted about how everyone's related in some distant past post? Or, may I ask now, which of the grown ups are the parents of the beautiful grandchildren?

    So nice to see a photo of beautiful YOU, too! Now I feel I have properly met you, as properly as possible on a blog, anyway.

    You wondered about people in other countries reading your blog--well, here in Minnesota, it feels like you and I live in different countries, geographically. As others have said, that you can eat outside, for starters.
    And maybe culturally too? (Except we share the same crazy national politics and religion...)
    Publix? What's publix?

    There's a guy on Instagram who posts funny/weird things about Florida, like a couple pulling a python out from under their car, or a woman shooing an alligator away from a picnic blanket... I think of you!

    1. P.S. I'm listening to your family playlist right now--lotta good music there!

    2. P.P.S. that's still me, Fresca.

    3. Well, let's see. Lily is the mother of Owen, Gibson, and Maggie (Magnolia June). Jessie is the mother of August and Levon. Lily's partner is Lauren, Jessie's husband is Vergil. May is my daughter from my first marriage and she is married to Michael. Hank is my eldest- my son from that first marriage. His partner is Rachel. So that's a blitz of an explanation.
      Publix is a chain of supermarkets found through the south. Lily, Lauren, and Lily's ex-husband Jason all work at Publixes. There must be fifteen in this area at least. I shop there and have shopped there my entire life. Great grocery stores.
      Yes. Florida is famous for being home to Florida Man and Florida Woman. We seem to attract the weirdos. And criminals, too- think Donald Trump. But the state is honestly a very beautiful place in the parts which have not been destroyed by commercial ventures and condos.

    4. Thank you! I should print that out and keep it for further reference.
      I must say, Lauren's wry look jumped out as delightful, but they all look very good company!

  8. WOW your family is fabulous, I love them all like they were my own! The puppies look like they belong too. Eating outside in November is unthinkable, living in Florida is mysterious- we only get wonky crazy news from Florida so it is good to see that normal folks live there too, against the odds. Lovely to see you Mary and thank you so much for your blog about normal beautiful diverse loving folks, family. I heart y'all.

    1. Yes. Regular people who don't find alligators in their pools do live in Florida. But we seem to have our share of the Cray-Cray here, for sure. As you know. Thank you for loving my normal beautiful diverse loving family. Not sure how normal we are, but we are loving.
      And as you know, Maggie is your biggest fan.

  9. We had a nice Thanksgiving also. Everyone ate and visited and laughed and the children ran around and played with all of the old toys I have.
    Your group looks so happy together!

    1. Sounds perfect, Ellen. I'm sure your feast was too.

  10. Lovely happy family times.

  11. Well, we didn't party hardy like y'all do/did but the food was good and it was nice to spend a few hours together.

    1. We didn't party that hardy but we did party! I'm sure y'all had a nice, laid-back time of it.

  12. What a beautiful family & Thanksgiving!

  13. lovely family gathering and the food......oh my. The pies alone would have done me in, let alone the other deliciousness. Now...I must ask....have never heard you speak of Tom, the gentleman you say has been sharing your Thanksgivings for so many years. Is there a Tom *story*?
    Susan M

  14. Good weather, good food, good famlily - and puppies!!! Oh, what could be better - no wonder it is time for thanksgiving.

  15. I have mentioned Tom many times but never spoken much about him. He is a very private person whom I've known and been friends with since 1975! A very long time. He and my husband are buddies and go to basketball games together and he used to be our partner in our Dog Island house.

  16. It looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Once again, I wish we had Thanksgiving here.

  17. I will take one puppy and a piece of each of those pies. A good time was had by all which is wonderful. I wish I'd had a family likes your's, family that is nearby and can get together.

  18. Lovely to see your pictures of the Moon family gathering. Much to be thankful for + puppies! Thankful to come home from SF and our own gathering to be greeted by such warmth and happiness here. Sending love. x0x0 N2


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