Thursday, May 12, 2022

We Sure Do Have Some Blue Skies Around Here Right Now

I had a GOOD walk today and y'all- it about killed me. I did Lloyd Creek road again and it is so lovely and provides shade but the mile and back from it are full-on sun and although it's still not terribly hot, it's hot enough. My hair is still soaked from sweat. 

This is about a third of a mile from my house, looking back. On the right we have the house and property of the people who drive around with a big Trump banner and a big American flag flying from their pick-up truck. On the left is the dump depot and the volunteer fire department building which is a quonset hut. 
I think I was born in a quonset hut. 
No. Really. 

On my way back home I walked down Main Street to take another picture of the FDG to enrage myself even further. 

And if all this shit wasn't bad enough here's another article in the Monticello News. 

The meeting was canceled. I do not know why. This area is about a mile and a half away from us, across from where the interstate is. I knew the behemoth Amazon center that's being built in Tallahassee right off the next exit from ours was going to impact us. You cannot believe how big that thing is. 

Let's see. Where should we move? Wilma, can I come join you in Belize? 

But other than all of that, I had a nice day. Jessie called to see if they could come out for a little visit this afternoon and I said, Oh, please! It was so sweet to see those boys and their mama. 

We played Yahtzee! Jessie and August played on one team and Levon and I on another. Levon is good at rolling dice and August is getting very good at counting and adding. I hadn't played Yahtzee in years and it was fun. And then they let me read them some books which at this point is just such a gift to me. I'll never be on the big stage but by golly, I can read a kid's book out loud with the best of them. My accents make the boys laugh which is sweeter to me than all the applause on Broadway.

I saw something today in the world of chickens I'd never seen before. I didn't see how it began but I looked up to see Darla and her sister Dottie fighting! Bumping chests the way chickens do, although generally roosters. I think that perhaps Dottie had gotten too close to the babies and Darla was not having it. They made no noise, just the jumping up and bumping and then Liberace ran over and quickly intervened. He finally got inbetween them and gave Dottie a little peck and sent her on her way and it was over. Darla went back to scratching in the magnolia leaves with the triplets. 
My god, I love that rooster. 
And then a few moments later there was this: 

Dottie was pecking off dead skin (I think) from Liberace's comb. I usually think she's getting gnats off of him but I saw no gnats today. Anyway, all was forgiven and it was so sweet, the way he bowed his head to give her access to groom him. 
I just can't help but think it looks like she's kissing him. 

Well, my man just got home from town. I think I will go kiss him. And then make our supper. 
It's a good life, Fucking Dollar General or not. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Come on down, Mary! It will be like a cross between Cozumel and Dog Island. You would enjoy it - at least until you were too long away from all your babies, young and old.

    1. I love that! A cross between Dog Island and Cozumel. Sounds practically perfect!

  2. I miss the days of visits of children and parents and games on the lawn and cards around the table.

  3. I didn't know the rooster stops fights between his chickens. I'm learning lots of chicken facts from you. They really are interesting.

  4. I did not know hens would fight...You are not the only one thinking about Belize...Did you know inflation in my area is higher than the national average??? Something confirmed today,,,

  5. Apart from the giant unwanted buildings, your area is so pretty. I'm glad the rooster stepped in to settle the girls.

  6. I wonder if even a big development up on the Interstate would affect you all that much. Most of the traffic would be coming and going via the Interstate, I would think. (Not that I'm saying you shouldn't hate it!)

    It's so interesting to hear about the chickens and how they interact. You're the Margaret Mead of poultry!

    1. The thing is that the road two houses down from us is a straight shot between two major highways and there absolutely would be a lot more traffic. There are already so many trucks that use that route.
      I like being the Margaret Mead of poultry!

  7. The Federal and City Public Subsidies ensure that those behemoth Amazon Warehouses and Distribution Centers are dominating a lot of Landscapes and mostly being built in Communities that are marginalized, older areas, rural small areas, where the Community's resistance will just be ignored. We've had it here in the Far West Valley not far from where we live... plus the cramming in of higher density Residential Subdivision Hells than what it was initially Zoned for. They change the Rules and Laws to suit the greedy among them, I did some Posts about The Grift. Sorry your Serenity there in Lloyd is being threatened, I'm sure it's what drew it's residents to settle there... it's a shame if they all got driven off and had to keep Migrating. That's not Economic Development, it's simply Migration... which is why I have a Love/Hate Relationship with Gentrification and who wields the most Power and abuses it.

  8. Don't you just hate when stupid people decide that the wonderful little rural area you live in needs to be developed? No, it damn well does not. We will be facing that sooner rather than later as the sprawl of Houston inches it's way here. It's already gobbled up all the empty space between the city and halfway here and is making inroads even farther.


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