Thursday, May 4, 2017

Who's The Dumb Ass? Who's The Cute Little Old Dumb Ass?

So, yeah. Turns out that there are track pad settings which of course I knew at one time in my life but which I had totally forgotten and I couldn't open the "settings" tool because I'm a tool and didn't even try to use the track pad differently than I always have and the guy at the computer repair place was very sweet and kind and showed the little old dumb ass lady what was going on and I am most grateful for him. Plus, we sat and had a little chat about Steve Jobs which for me was truly enjoyable.
I'm going to have to take my Mac back again though because NONE of my pictures got transferred which is almost a personal tragedy, considering that all of Owen's baby pictures are floating around on a cloud or something and I can't access them.
But overall, my beloved Mac is back although I've had to put a different desktop picture on it but that's okay because it's of the water in Cozumel.

The picture I've had for a desktop forever was lovely but like I said, it had been there forever so no big deal. That one was of blooming camellias and dogwood and azalea on my hallway altar but life is all about change, my friends, and I also now realize that I need to take an entire day and go through all of my documents and saved stuff and trash the bullshit of which there is a mighty plenty.

Miss Butterscotch, one of my very oldest hens, did not show up for bed last night. Haven't seen her all day long either. Did she just die of old age or did she get snatched? I do not know but we haven't found her body, although that's to be expected, even if she died of natural causes because a critter would have crept in the darkness and eaten her. Still- not one feather. I suppose she could be sitting on some eggs although she hasn't exactly been laying for a year or two and she'd never gone broody before. If that's the case, she'll show up. And if it's not- rest in peace, you dear old hen.
In other chicken news, I am quite certain I have at least two white roosters. Mr. Moon saw them bowing up again, and they do have more pronounced tail feathers, comb, and wattle than the others. Mick "The Rooster" Jagger is going to have some competition before too long and I'm not sure how this will all shake out but whatever happens, we'll deal with it and it will be interesting to observe.

One of my oldest friends called me today while I was ironing shirts and watching "Fixer Upper" and we bitched and cursed together about the goddam Republicans in the House. My friend has serious health issues and her husband has even more serious health issues which is saying a lot because hers are extremely life-threatening. Still, she manages to laugh about things that most people would not begin to be able to laugh about and I love her for that. Throughout her entire illness and treatment she has continued to work and the reason she's continued to work is because she's the one with health insurance and if she quit her job...where would she be? Where would her husband be? We did NOT laugh about the health "care" travesty which happened today although sarcasm was a big part of the conversation.
"Well," I said to her, "If you'd just lived a good and healthy life, none of this would have happened. Forget the family history."
"Right," she said. And we both growled and gnashed our teeth because the family history is rife on both her husband's and her own side with illnesses related to what they have.

What can I say? Until the day Trump got elected I had no idea how ignorant, spiteful, non-compassionate, racist, and just plain mean that so many of my fellow Americans are and I still cannot begin to comprehend the hatefulness of the Republican party.

You know what I'm saying. Just when we think it can't get any worse, another punch to the gut comes out of nowhere and we realize that there is no bottom to the well of selfishness and hatred which governs us.

But hey- it rained again today. Big, giant drops fell in grace-filled abundance and for a little while at least, the living green things will survive.

I'm making our third batch of what I've started calling Samurai Gourmet soup. It's just so good and we have what we need from the garden- greens and fresh green onions and shallots and carrots and snow peas. The cucumbers are climbing the fence and blooming and the green beans are too. The peas are still producing and I have yet to pull the collards and kale and the oniony things are happily thriving.

I think that tonight I'll crack a few eggs into the soup to make it even more delicious and which will add to the tofu-goodness protein.

I may be an old dumb ass but I know how to cook.

May we all survive. May the Senate do the right thing.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. They are evil; pure-D evil. I hope they all develop pustules.

  2. Once upon a time, politicians tried to hide their evil. Now they crow about it and don't care. They think there are no consequences. We have to prove them wrong.

  3. I was so happy for all Americans when it looked it could like the beginning of Universal Health Care. Yeah, back in the good old days. Before Trump. I keep wondering how this can be happening. I hope and pray that 'the right thing to do' takes over. Seriously. How do these people sleep at night? How do they go to church and pray without feeling shame?
    Fuck. The world is so fucked up.

    Losing pictures of Owen would be heartbreaking.

  4. I wish I was Bobby on "Dallas". I could just step out of the shower and find it was all a dream. I just retired early and will have an 18 month gap between cobra and Medicare. Both of us with pre-existing. Hope we aren't royally screwed. Have called both our Fl senators and others from that odious pack that might give a shit like Graham and McCain. It's just all too much sometimes.

  5. Goddamn Republicans haha. At least the ones in the House. The Senate will hopefully safe this one. But it keeps going. There is a hate in the country I didn't realize was so great either. Sad and disheartening!

  6. Fucking fuckers. There aren't enough f bombs to express my disgust.

  7. I think I was about the angriest I've been in a really long time today. Combustible, actually.

  8. I'm angry, sad, scared and hope like hell it doesn't pass thru senate. What fucked up people can do this? And yeah I'm disheartened by the amount of hatred in the world today. But more important concentrate on finding Owen's pix because in the end that's what is important.

  9. Poor Miss Butterscotch. I hope she turns up. Can multiple roosters live together successfully, or is that just a recipe for bloodshed? I remember Mick and Elvis co-existing for a while...

    As for the Republicans, well, I can't even go there. No, it's not even the Republicans, anymore. It's these CRAZY PEOPLE who have taken over. My own Republican ancestors wouldn't recognize them. Have you read the "Steve Bannon in Hollywood" article in The New Yorker? Jesus, what an asshole.


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