Sunday, May 14, 2017

I'm Home And Glad To Be

Well, as always happens, the day we leave the beach is the prettiest day we've seen and that held true this morning. Lovely, bright, coolish, far less wind.
Oh well.
I was ready to come home and we were greeted when we got in by the chickens who probably didn't care one bit that we were gone because our neighbor fed them and shut them in at night and let them out in the morning and I don't think they're attached to which human does that.
But I missed them, the little uncaring beasts.

Here's Dearie. She is getting so big. She is almost full-sized now and I hope she starts laying soon. 

Jack the Cat came running in to see us. I think he was glad we were home. And eventually, Maurice came in too and meowed her displeasure at the fact that we'd left her here alone with nothing but about fourteen bowls of cat food and water and another human to make sure she was okay. Also, her face is a mess again and obviously, she and Jack have been tearing it up. Why can't these two reach a place of peace together? I think it's because Maurice is sort of like the Old Testament God.
"I am Maurice, your cat, and I am a jealous cat and thou shall have no other cats before me, after me, or anywhere near me."

Oh well. She ate all the treats I gave her so eventually she might forgive me.

We unpacked the car and then unpacked the stuff we'd unpacked from the car and I started washing some clothes and then went outside to do a look around the garden and hen house where I gathered some eggs, and watered the porch plants, and then went back out to the garden to do a little weeding, a little planting of zipper peas, and some pea and bean picking. Mr. Moon helped with the beans and he also found some nice cucumbers. 

I have a feeling this may be the year I make pickled green beans. And maybe I can even make some cucumber pickles! Dill and also, if I'm lucky and have enough, Mr. Moon's mama's fourteen day pickles which are the sweetest pickles in the world and crisp and a sin and you need an antique crock which of course I do have and my teeth sort of hurt just thinking about how sweet they are but it's impossible to make his mother's Christmas chicken salad in any authentic manner without them. 
You can make a real good chicken salad without them but it's not authentic. 

So. We are home and Jessie and Vergil and August have made it safely to Asheville and I am happy about that. 

It's been a good Mother's Day and when May called and asked if I was really all right with all of us not getting together I said, "Yes!" before she could finish her question. I hope that maybe tomorrow we can all meet up for lunch somewhere and just enjoy ourselves without the madness, without the sense of obligation. Nothing in the world could substitute for the pure awesome sweetness of my kids, the way they respect and enjoy and treat each other and me, too, and the way Lily and Jessie mother their own children and how May and Hank are nurturers of the first degree and nurture their old mama and the other people they love in their lives. 
I mean- that's what it's all about. All of us taking care of each other and loving each other and making each other laugh and holding each other when we cry. 
We got that. 
No mimosas needed. 

Mr. Moon somehow, behind my back, bought me a beautiful card at River Lily yesterday and had me pick out a new pair of earrings (which didn't take a whole lot of encouragement) and he also bought me a new Yeti cup which is the perfect size for perfect vodka tonics and I simply could not ask for more and for me, there simply is no better. 

I'm grateful for the kids who made me a mama, I am humbled by their love. I'm grateful for the man who has allowed me to be the best mother I could be by being supportive and helpful and always loving in all ways. Both to me and to my babies. And I am also grateful for my sister/mother friends who have nurtured and loved and not given up on me for all of these years. 
And of course, I am grateful to my own mother who birthed me and who did the very best she could in some very bad circumstances and who loved my babies fiercely. I will always wish with all of my heart that we could have had a better relationship but we didn't and that is the reality and I am just sorry for both of us.

Meanwhile, I'm going to cook some green beans and potatoes (again!) and Mr. Moon is going to grill me a steak because I've eaten enough seafood in the last few days to satisfy all of my seafood needs. 

Happy Mother's Day to you whether you mother humans or animals or gardens or rivers or oceans. And please believe me when I say that you didn't have to be born with ovaries to be a lovely mother.
And also please believe me when I say that being born with ovaries doesn't guarantee mothering abilities. 

Let's just take care of each other, okay? 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love that your mother loved her grandchildren with so much intensity. Maybe she was trying to right things in her tipped universe. Or something like that.

    Still anxiety free here. Is this how it is for normal people?

  2. I don't know, Birdie! But maybe...
    And isn't it wonderful that you're having a taste of it?
    Love you, darling.

  3. Lovely post. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  4. Happy Mother's Day Mama Moon! 💖

  5. It's true - your average weekday lunch with the kids is equal to most people's perfect Mother's Day experience!

  6. One of my friends on Facebook posted something to that effect -- that in a way, we're all each others' mothers, by caring for and sustaining each other and the planet. (I'm not sure Donald Trump is anyone's mother, but maybe he's the exception.)

    It must feel great to be home!

  7. More Mother's Day love to you, dear Mama Moon 💓

  8. both my kids called and then my grandson called as well. we're very low key here. I spent most the day in the kitchen.

  9. Whenever I travel, no matter how much I enjoyed myself, I am happy to come home. Happy mother's day to you, darling woman. You have no idea how your words, your being, sustain me. Lovelovelove


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