Thursday, May 25, 2017

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch


It's unbelievable here today. Actually cool and completely blue-skied and all is well and I just called the computer repair place and my MacBook is ready to pick up and why hadn't they called ME? Or texted or something. Jesus. I tried 45 times last night to post a bunch of pictures from yesterday from the app I use on the phone and that never worked and I'm just cranky as hell today and it's all first world problems but when you think about it, so is Donald Trump and that's a pretty serious problem. 
Well, my technology issues and my blog are not serious problems and I am quite aware of that. 

So anyway, here's a picture of May and Michael from yesterday's lunch at Japanica. 


And I guess that's all that really matters except wait. There's this-


Wherein Lily proclaimed Maggie to now be a member of Club Mud and how I can feel cranky is beyond me but I do. 

I'm going to go take a walk and later I'll be going to Gibson's Pre-K graduation and hopefully I'll cheer up. 

Love to all...Ms. Moon 


  1. You and I are having the same kind of day!! Love the puddle photo, though. :)

  2. Oh, the puddle photo!

    Who wouldn't be cranky with the cheeto toddler in office?

  3. That pic of May and Michael is beautiful. And then I scrolled some more and my goodness. Lily can look at that mud pic when she's and old old woman and know she was blessed.

  4. Great photo of the mud gang. And you have every right to feel cranky once in awhile.

  5. It looks like many of us feel cranky. But your pictures do a lot to counteract that. Mud buddies and pretty May!

  6. I looked at that picture, saw Magnolia. My crankiness went down to zero.


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