Sunday, May 28, 2017


After reading the post below, Lily told me that she'd been wondering why she's been finding bent eating utensils around the house.
Mystery solved.
She also asked me if her father and I actually thought that Owen could bend a fork with his mind.
I told her that no, not really, but one never knows and that we thought it would be quite interesting to see what he did.
Which it was.
Also, hysterical.


  1. Now you have to get him to try! I still try to move things with my mind. So far no luck. If I ever did I would probably shit my pants out of fear and never try it again. Except for mowing the lawn.

  2. Oh god! Nah. It's just a trick. But it's always worth a try. I'd like to see if it works on cleaning my refrigerator. It's reaching critical mass.

    1. That would be so fucking exhausting, though. You'd break your brain. Probably better to do it the standard way.

  3. Birdie cracks me up!
    I'm still laughing myself to tears. Thank you Mary and big thanks to Owen.


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