Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Aw. A Daddy Cardinal Is Feeding His Baby At The Feeder. And Other News From Lloyd


Well, y'all, it's been a real sweet day except for one thing which I will discuss in a minute but for the most part, it just could not have been a whole lot better. That is my annual picture of Confederate Jasmine (and hey! I didn't name it, okay?) which is so overpowering in its scent that you almost wish there was an off switch. But mostly you just swoon a little in the drowning sweetness and get on with your life, albeit feeling a bit drunken with it. 

So. This happened at my house this morning:


Lon had brought back Jessie's mandolin, THE ONE HE MADE, after some repairs and adjustments and I asked if she'd like to come join us for breakfast and she did and when she got here she handed her baby off to Boppy and grabbed that mando. She is so happy to have it back. It made me so happy when she said, "Now I need some gigs. This mandolin is gig worthy!"
I know she'll be playing a lot this summer up in Asheville and it thrills me to think of that. I still can't believe that a human person born from my loins can play music but it really is true and I'll never forget when she decided to go to nursing school and I said, "Oh honey! Are you sure you don't want to be a musician?"

Anyway, after the Great Woman-Instrument Reunion we had a fine breakfast of yard eggs and biscuits and bacon and it was so festive. Mr. Moon had even stayed home from work in order to visit with Lon and Lis and we all ate and laughed and August liked his bacon especially because as Jessie said, "He's not an ALIEN."

It was all just so dear, Jessie and her baby and her fairy godparents. August kissed both of them before they left in his charming, slightly reserved way and as you can imagine, between having Lon and Lis here and seeing August with his grandfather and just all of it, my heart almost burst and there were a few tears. 
Why do I cry so easily? 

Finally it came time for the beloved musicians to leave because they have a gig in St. Augustine tonight. I took a picture. 

Lord, it was hard to see them go. 

But go they did and then Jessie and August left and then Mr. Moon left to go into work and then I left to go pick up my MacBook which I'd gotten an email about telling me it was repaired and ready to go. 

I drove to town and got it and paid and went to Publix, all in just the very best mood and then I got home and started the old girl up and it does start up but not one thing from my old desktop did I see AND nothing responds to any clicks and none of the apps open and the dang thing won't even shut down. 

I called the shop immediately and the guy on the phone pissed me off, actually insinuating that I just don't know how to handle the new OS they put on when they installed the new hard drive. I wanted to say, "Look, little man, I've been using a Mac since before you understood that poop goes in the potty," but did not. He suggested that I bring it back in so that we can look at it together to see what's happening and I said, "I'll tell you what's happening- nothing," and then "You bet I'll bring it in."

So that was obviously the not-sweet part of my day. 

But. Whatever. 

It's just been too nice a day for such a first world problem to ruin it. 

God, that jasmine is strong. Ain't nothing subtle about it. It's like all the angels in heaven stuffed their armpits up your nose. 

More tomorrow. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, how I wish I could grow Confederate Jasmine in Illinois. But evidently the harsh winters (which aren't so harsh anymore, but NO, there's no such thing as global warming! Pisshah!) kill it. So I get my fix when we're in Florida in the winter. As for the young folks, it's amazing how some of them think we were raised with apes or something. I actually used the phrase 'you young whippersnappers' recently.

  2. "Before you understood that poop goes in the potty". That line made my night! Thanks for sharing all your loves with us and for making me laugh.

  3. time with Lis and Lon are precious to you, I know. So glad you had that time...... your jasmine....looks beautiful, but the one flowering plant that will bring me to my knees with hayfever, so cannot *enjoy* it with you other than in photos. What a sweet life you have. *School* that Mac guy in proper etiquette tomorrow when you see him LOL
    Susan M

  4. Between the poop in the potty remark and the smell of angel armpits you had me snorting quite happily! First world problems sure can be vexing though, right?!? Till we let them swirl away...

  5. Whenever you talk about the trip to Ashville I think of, "The Relatives Came". But in your case they will be leaving but they will ba back when the grapes are ready.
    I cry so easily. Lately when I am meditating I cry the whole time. It's good, I think.

  6. Beautiful photos Ms Moon. It sounds like you had a delightful day. I'm glad you shared it with us.

  7. Computer troubles give me agita.

    I love all the pictures and can't believe how big that August is getting!

  8. I wonder why it's Confederate Jasmine? Is there Yankee Jasmine?

    Sorry about the computer. That is super-frustrating. Hopefully that kid on the phone can get it sorted out.

    What a great day otherwise! Music makes every day better.

  9. How beautiful was the energy of this day, with you beautiful child and grandchild, and the beloved fairy godparents, and mandolin music, gig worthy no less! I am sorry about the computer, and hope it can all be fixed. That last picture in your post is magical.


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