Friday, May 12, 2017

Things I Have Seen Today

This is what the sky looked like this morning about 9:00. I kept waking up, early, early thinking that I should definitely get up and go watch the sunrise. How every time I've ever gone to the beach with my friend Liz she always, every time, gets up in the darkness, makes the coffee and goes for a sunrise walk and how I never do.
I didn't do it again today, either.
Oh well.

Here are two lizards, making love.

They just laid together like that, very still, for a long time. Aren't they lovely and graceful? 

That's a ghost crab. We think he may have been drowsing on the beach but when Mr. Moon gently nudged him with a toe, the crab rose up on his tiptoes and held up those claws, exactly like a martial arts master. 
"Crab Kwan Do," said Mr. Moon. 
So fierce.

We did take a walk, the man and I. We walked down the beach for a few miles and looked at all the houses and talked to the fishing meemaws and papaws, also to the little children joyfully digging in the sand to China. When we got back to our house, we jumped in the cool waves and it was heaven. 

Here are some things to be found at the Simmons #2 apartment on St. George Island.

Shell clock art.

Food bowls for cats and dogs. It's a pet-friendly apartment. 

A shell wreath. Someone had a glue gun and too much time on their hands.

Crystal dolphin figurine with lace doily. 

These are some of the charming things to be found here. Things which just make you feel at home. 
If by "home" you mean the house of your great-aunt who died thirty years ago. 

There are also four remotes and we can't figure out how to use a damn one of them to get anything on the TV. 

Oh well. 

Here's what the ocean looks like right now from our deck.

Doesn't suck.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. "Doesn't suck" reminds me of my son's invitation to us to attend his graduation: "I wouldn't hate it if you came."

  2. Sometimes it's a good thing when the TV doesn't work. It quiets the mind.

  3. "Doesn't suck," is what I say now when it's a decent day. Glad you're enjoying yourself.

  4. Mm, sea swimming. I wish I was a braver soul, and could take the plunge this early in the year, here.


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