Monday, May 29, 2017

It's Like Deja Vu All Over Again

Well of course the Winn Dixie had dill seed. I bought four jars and that should do it. We opened a jar of my bread and butter pickles and Mr. Moon does not like them. He must absolutely not like them because he'd try to fake liking them if he just sort-of didn't like them.
I think they're great.
Oh well.
Maybe he'll like the dill pickles when I get around to making them. I also better get to it on the fourteen day pickles but that involves a lot of cucumbers.

I feel useless today and pretty much have been. I did finish Maggie's dress, buttonholes and all but I didn't do any embroidery. It's such a simple dress. I could have made it in two hours if I'd just gotten to it. I also fertilized my pepper plants which are all about eight inches tall except for the ones that are smaller. I have no idea why they haven't grown. They've gotten the same treatment as the rest of the garden which is growing fine. I also made a very decent weekend/holiday breakfast involving a fried biscuit. I made biscuits last night and Mr. Moon claimed they were the best biscuits I ever made and said, "Please remember how you did this."
I gave him a look and said, "You know how I cook."
Anyway, I made five biscuits and he ate four of them. I was lucky to get one. They were pretty decent, I have to say. Mr. Moon amused me by imitating Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry from the British Bake Off in describing them. He's a funny guy. I love him even if he doesn't like my bread and butter pickles.

And I have absolutely nothing else to talk about. Same-same-same-same-same-same-SAME!
Which is fine.
Just makes for boring reading.
It cracks me up when I read my posts from years past and realize that I do about the exact same thing every day that I have been doing for years. The main differences are the number of grandchildren and the names of chickens. Since my life is so swell, this is all fine by me. Some years it rains more than others. Some years the tomatoes do well and the cucumbers don't do squat. Some years my anxiety is terrible and some years it's not so bad. But overall, I grow the same things in the garden, I love my chickens whichever ones I have, I adore my grandchildren, whatever number and age they may be, I bemoan getting older, I water the same plants on the porch, I beat myself up for being such an anti-social hermit, I read a lot of books, and I am grateful beyond measure that I have this life with these trees and this little piece of dirt to play with and a husband whom I love and adore and who still makes me laugh after all this time.

And the Winn Dixie in Monticello still has dill seed.

Can you believe I've been using the same dill pickle recipe for forty years?

Hey. If it ain't broke, I'm not going to fix it.
Now...maybe the bread and butter pickle recipe needs tinkering with...

And here's a picture of August whom I miss so much it hurts my guts.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That is a fantastic and magical picture of August in the green grass. I love it. And I love you and reading your same same same for so many years. It's always interesting and entertaining and deeply meaningful to me.

  2. Isn't he a beautiful child? I think he is.
    I love you too, Elizabeth. You know it.

  3. I go onto Facebook and it seems everyone is leading an exciting life. Me? I go to work where I make a difference for the better, or so I hope. Today I had a young dying woman tell her friend that I was her favourite and best care worker. It makes the mundane so worth it.
    But for the most part, it's the same. I just dropped $1400.00 a the fucking vet and now Norbert has no teeth on the right side of his mouth. I think I'm going to go get stoned.

    1. It's funny but most of the posts on Facebook make me feel like, "Oh. I'm so glad I don't have to do that."
      I think that your life is real and is genuine and is of great value.
      Now- Norbert's? You spent that much money on his teeth? Good Lord, woman! You are a far better cat owner than I am.
      Yeah. Go get stoned.

  4. That is a wonderful photo of August, one that will definitely be part of the life story gallery when he grows up and does extraordinary things. You have beautiful grandchildren. Also, I love how your man loves you.

  5. The fact that your life stays more or less the same should be comforting to you, as well as to all your readers. I think the consistency is part of what we enjoy!

  6. same here too. my okra don't want to grow and my onions, well, we all know they didn't grow. I pulled up a few of the yesterday and the biggest was about 1 inch in diameter.


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