Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Morning Time

There they are, my fine chickens on their morning trot to see if I've offered them anything yet this morning. First their scratch, then the cat food, then the little area outside the kitchen. This is how they begin their day. The stations of their cross.

Amaryllis sticking its tongue up through the roof of the dirt-mouth. 

The Buckeye's blossom. Soon it will be scarlet. 

Trillium. How many shades of green? And purple. 

The oaks against the blue sky, not ten minutes ago. And now it is solid gray behind them. The sky is changing as fast and dramatically as a fourteen year-old girl's emotions this morning. When I woke up, it was drizzling and the sound of the rain outside the window above my head, the call of the early-morning birds, were as sweet to me as anything I could imagine anywhere in the world. I was enfolded in my bed, I was drowsy and snug and I listened to this earth music and it was a moment in which I realized happiness on a scale both tiny and grand. Mundane and magnificent. 

I am going to move slowly today, doing this chore and that. I am going to stretch my body and breathe. I am going to tend to this tiny world here which brings me so much peace and joy. And then the boys will come and there will be chaos and joy. 

Until then, just the soft, quiet murmurings of home. 


  1. That picture of the chickens is one of my favorites you've ever posted.

  2. Yes, I love the sight of the chickens coming to you. And your flowers, those trilliums!!! My world is blindingly white with blue patches of sky today, lovely but so alien compared to yours :)

    I love the words you wrote and the way you felt when you woke up today. Tiny and Grand happiness for us all today, I hope.

  3. I clicked on your blog and thought to myself "I hope Ms. Mary Moon has something inspiring to say today because I could sure use it!"
    And you did/do!
    I'm going to go for a walk now and hopefully shake this bad mood that's been brewing for days.

  4. Not entirely sure where Lloyd is, but your greenery sure looks a helluva sight better than our "whitery".
    Chickens always put a smile on my face. Just saying.

  5. Similar skies here today. The bees are bringing in orange and yellow pollen. Spring happens here so much sooner than it does in Colorado. Happy Wednesday.

  6. love your blog and the way you write about your every day feelings, it helps us all realize that what we are feeling, someone else might be also.
    Love the chickens especially Elvis, he looks like a very proud rooster.

  7. It is going to turn chilly here tonight. Near freezing later. Tired of the cold. Weirdness.

  8. That first picture of the chickens is precious --

  9. Love the photos. If I had a yard like yours I would never want to leave it. (Well, maybe OCCASIONALLY. Ha!) The trillium is especially nice -- I've never seen trillium leaves like that. I've only seen the boring, wild kind.

  10. Jill- Every morning! And I love the way the sun is glinting off their feathers.

    Mel- To have these moments when I can truly and fully be aware and appreciative- I keep calling them miracles because they are.

    heartinhand- I am having a devil of a time commenting on your blog. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't and when I can't, I feel bad because I want you to know that I am indeed reading. I hope your walk helped your mood.

    Bob- Lloyd is a few miles east of Tallahassee, Florida. Does that help? Ha!
    Chickens make me smile, too.

    Ms. Vesuvius- Jessie told me it snowed in Asheville again last night. Dang.

    Denise- Me too!

    Darlene- Hello! I love your name. That was my beloved mother-in-law's name. Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment. And Elvis is The World's Best Rooster!

    Syd- Going to get down to freezing here again tonight. Just...STOP IT! Weird spring.

    Elizabeth- They're so joyful in the mornings. So hopeful for treats.

    Steve Reed- Well, there you go. It's the perfect place for someone with agoraphobic tendencies.


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