Saturday, March 1, 2014

All Of This AND Prairie Home Companion Will Be On Tonight!

Oh man. I totally overdid it on the martinis last night. I was in bed by 9:30 and proceeded to sleep until almost 8:30 which is something of a record, even for me, but no blood, no foul- I feel pretty darn great today and Mr. Moon is actually cooking breakfast so I'm amazed and happy. He wants to try the new sausage and I do too.

Dang but it's a beautiful day. Red cardinal in green bush by white camellia blossom. That's hard to beat for a lovely image. I have no idea what we're doing today. Part of me wants us to move back into our old bedroom but that would require moving beds and that bed we're sleeping on now which is THE BEST BED IN THE WORLD is a heavy motherfucker. The older I get, the more inertia takes over. Shoveling shit and planting onions is another option. Mr. Moon just informed me that our well is dead. We don't get our drinking water from it (although we used to before Lloyd got all fancy and we got access to "city water") but we do water the garden from it.

Frankly, I don't quite care what I do today. Whatever it is I do decide on, I think I'll enjoy it. How can I not on such a gorgeous day? And now I have this in my belly:

Look at those yellow eggs!
And it would appear that Mr. Moon can actually cook breakfast- may wonders never cease!

Good morning, y'all. It really is. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Good morning! That breakfast looks delicious and the possible plans for the day sound lovely.

  2. It is gorgeous outside today! Yesterday was pretty nice too.

  3. Good morning, what a perfect breakfast.
    I'm having an ok day myself here today, no complaints at all.
    Hope this trend continues :)
    ps sorry about your well - how will you water now??

  4. Missed you, Mary. Am back on land for two weeks. But a lot of work going on around here. Your breakfast looks great.

  5. Oh what sweet swellness for you! It is sunless and sausage-less here in Margaritaville today!

  6. well, I think I have the best breakfast in the world but that is the way it should be, right? We all need to love our bed.

    After reading this I think I shall have sausage and eggs for supper.

  7. Jill- Thank you! It has been such a very good day.

    Lois- Every day is like the best so far. Don't you think?

    Mel- No complaints is good. We'll have to run a hose from the house. Not a very economical way to garden. Of course, we can always get the well fixed. $$$

    Syd- You are the most faithful commenter. I am glad you got to go away, glad you are home.

    Denise- We got ALL the sun. Not sure about the sausages.

    Birdie- Once in awhile, it is a very, very good meal to eat.

  8. Reading the last few posts of yours this morning, I see your heart is getting lighter and lighter, and when I got to the breakfast cooked by Mr. Moon I was feeling really good after a week of feeling really bad. So thank you for that and for the photo of those eggs which are, yes! An astonishing yellow. And for all the word pictures, too. I love coming into your world, but you know that.

  9. I am buoyed by your lightness is spirit but I feel compelled to point out that shoveling shit and planting onions does not qualify as inertia. I love you!

  10. It's delightful to hear you so contented!

  11. Hey, Mary, it's sounding kind of like you're BACK :)

  12. Andrea- It makes me very happy to know that you enjoy coming here. I want you to feel better! I hope you do very soon.

    Angella- One can shovel shit in a very lazy fashion. Trust me.
    And I never did get those onions planted.
    I love you too!

    A- Contented as a cow in clover.

    Jo- Feels like it, too.


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