Saturday, March 8, 2014

It WAS A Party!

With entertainment and delicious sushi!
Owen and Jessie worked on and off all day on a song-writing collaboration. Here is the result of that. Jessie on guitar, Gibson on popcorn popper and Owen doing vocals. The time-honored tradition of Dinosaur Blues.

He was so proud, our Owen, to perform for the party with Aunt Jessie.

It was such a good night. There was so much going on. The boys playing and sushi-making and beverage drinking and raucous laughter and everyone got involved.

I believe that I myself sliced half a carrot. Jessie and May did the bulk of it all and Hank and Lily and Jason helped roll the sushi. 

It was delicious.

And we all sat down and ate.

And ate. And ate. 

And then the boys, for some reason, dressed for Mardi Gras, 

having achieved a second (third? nineteenth?) wind while everyone pitched in to wash dishes and then the boys were changed into pajamas and stowed in their car seats and their mama and daddy took them home after great hugs and kisses for everyone. 

It was a fabulous party. 

And today the sun is gracing us with its presence, I have moved the baby chicks into a bigger ice chest to accommodate their stunning growth, Jessie is already over in the magical land of Gator Bone with her Cicada Ladies to record a song with Lon and Lis, I've had a lovely chat with Lis on the phone, another with Vergil who is home working and studying for an exam and whom we sorely miss, Mr. Moon is out doing shade-tree mechanics on the old Toyota, and we are going to be attending a Tae Kwon Do tournament this afternoon. Owen assures us he will be getting a medal. 
Lily has assured us that everyone will be getting a medal which does absolutely nothing to dampen Owen's excitement. 

And then tonight- off to the Mockingbird to watch the Cicada Ladies play and there will be friends and there will be family and I might even wear sparkly eye shadow. 

So. That's what's going on in Lloyd on this beautiful spring morning and the peas are coming up and the fig trees are swelling at the tips and I am most definitely glad to be alive, to be here, to part of of it all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I remember living in Virginia as a young girl and eating fresh sweet figs off of the bushes in the neighborhood...

  2. love when the fam is all together.

  3. Wow, that is a SERIOUS spread of sushi! I say go for the eye shadow. Seize the opportunity to be sparkly. :)

  4. Last night sounds like it was wonderful, and today sounds like it will be even more so. Up to an including a medal for Owen. How exciting :)

  5. I don't think I have ever seen that much Sushi. Yum!

    Owen's Dinosaur Blues is so darned cute.

  6. What wonderful fun! I want to celebrate any time our sons come home. And I was reminded that our old homemade back-half-of-a-pickup trailer is registered with DMV as a 1969 Shade Tree - they required a manufacturer name.

  7. A budding musician _and_ singer/songwriter, how fabulous is that?! Mean Aunt Jessie is doing a great job with the nephews. Love to the whole fam-damly.
    x0 N2

  8. Oh, the party sounds so much fun and I particularly loved listening to Owen sing while Jesse played. Owen has quite a resonant voice!

  9. I love every single thing about this post!!! :)

  10. You sound so happy. That is awesome.


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