Sunday, March 2, 2014

Feeling Lazy

All the chicks survived the night although when I got up this morning and checked on them I discovered that somehow the waterer had drained itself dry, probably from being unbalanced, and so the towel and hay were drenched and I had to quick, quick, change out their bedding and rearrange things to hopefully prevent that from happening again. They'd also flung most of their food out of the feeder but that's just what baby chicks do. They are messy eaters.
If you look closely at the picture you will see that the yellow chicks, who are a little older, are getting their wing pinfeathers. Some of the other ones are too, but not as many yet.

Another simply beautiful day here in Lloyd and we've had our pancakes (sweet potato, peach, pecan, oatmeal, oat bran) and they were, as they are almost every Sunday, the very best pancakes I ever made. I think making those pancakes may have been my most creative effort for the day. Sunday ennui has overtaken me and I feel no real compulsion to do anything beyond hanging the clothes on the line. Mr. Moon, on the other hand, has a list as long as his arm (and he has a long arm, as you might imagine) of things he wants to get done from tuning up the old Toyota that we've had to bring back over from Dog Island for repairs to tilling some of the garden to...oh I don't know. He told me. I forget. He's outside making manly noise with vehicles and so forth right now.

I imagine I'll watch the Oscars tonight but that's a long way away. My porch plants need some serious tending but I need potting soil and do not want to drive to town to get it.

Ah well, something will present itself and the bluebirds are back, nesting in the box on the back fence and the sun is shining and it's time to open up the doors to let the outside in, the sweet warming air, the light.

I should wash the dogs, clean my bathroom, mop the kitchen but oh! how good it would be to simply lay on the ground on a quilt, reading and drowsing in the dappled light. I probably won't do that. We shall see though.
Here I am and it really doesn't matter what I do. I am the merest and most insignificant thing in the universe I can imagine and that is absolutely fine with me today.


  1. Spring is in these words.

    I hope you do lie around with a book all day. In the sun. I really do.

  2. Curling up in a sunbeam with a book sounds about right, to me. Although I just got up from an almost 11 hour sleep!
    Have a fantastic day, chickie!

  3. We are planning a trip to Cozumel. Where do you stay?
    Those chicks are cute. Hope you have a great Sunday.

  4. Ms. Vesuvius- I am afraid it's not in my nature. But I like thinking about it. I'm enjoying what I'm doing though- trust me.

    heartinhand- It's so beautiful that I can't imagine not having a good day, no matter what. Congratulations on the good sleep!

    Syd- I have stayed in at least eight different places in Cozumel. Do you want to be on the water? Do you want to be near downtown or will you rent a car? Gosh. It's so hard to know. Why don't you e-mail me? mmerluna at

    Lisa- I'm getting my porches fixed up. I am hanging clothes. I am loving that.

  5. When did you get chicks!?! I need to catch up. So jealous...I love little cheepers.

    More snow is on the way here - I fully support your being outside on my behalf!

  6. aaaaahhh.........sounds idyllic......

  7. Dappled light. I can hardly imagine it. 10 inches of snow expected in NYC today. I am under the covers against the cold. No dappled light here. Just gray glare. I'm intermittently working and reading The Goldfinch. What writing!

  8. I am very lazy today. Ennui epidemic sweeps the country! At least I made it to the farmer's market.

  9. Those chicks are just so cute! I'm going to watch the Oscars just because Ellen Degeneres is hosting and I love her.

  10. SJ- I spent a lot of time outside. It was beautiful.

    Jenny Woolf- It was.

    Angella- I need to read that book.

    Denise- You did more than I did then.

    Lois- I was not thrilled with her last night. Maybe it was just me.


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