Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Life On Earth And In My Dreams

Well, good morning. What's your world like today? Mine's gray and chilly and I slept for about one thousand hours and I'm having house dreams again.
Oh my god. These dreams!
I love them. Thank you, Celexa!
In the one I had last night, the dream-house started out as a house that someone I hated lived in but as the dream progressed, the house became more and more enchanted and magical. A nearby river washed the floors with the tides and the floors changed from wood to marble which was swirled with greens and grays and blues. And suddenly, it was no longer the house of someone I hated but the house of people I loved. And everywhere I looked there was beauty and funk and the house was still a house but it was also a magical forest and I was only visiting but the people I loved gave me an amazing statue of saints to take with me when I left and I feel almost blessed this morning with those images still in my head.


Well, back to reality and my actual floors had dog diarrhea on them when I woke up. Let's address this issue. My dogs are old. And I remember back a long time ago when I had a neighbor with a dog who was very old and he was blind and couldn't do a damn thing but lie in the middle of the road all day and I thought to myself, "Why don't they put that dog down?"
My dogs don't lie in the middle of the road all day but they're blind and all they do is lie around in the house and stink it up and have to be forced outside to go pee and poop and sometimes they have diarrhea in the house.
Is it time? Can one just decide that enough is enough or do you have to wait for some horrible illness to appear which will cause pain and suffering? Does my pain and suffering count for nothing?
Oh god. I don't know.
Meanwhile, I have to call the groomer today. HAVE TO.

As to what I said about Bono yesterday and him wanting to sleep in his own bed every night- here's the source for that bit of information. 
Not that I don't understand wanting to sleep in my own bed every night but, Jesus.

I am NOT going to town today unless something extremely urgent pops up. I am going to stay right here in Lloyd. I have plenty to do. I wish it were sunny and warm but it is what it is and Mr. Moon found the other two Hunger Game books out of the trilogy at the library and so I have hours and hours of listening pleasure while I walk, while I clean, while I do whatever the hell it is that I'm going to do today. Sounds perfect to me. Some days a girl just has to keep to herself and go over the images in her head of water rushing over swirled marble floors and ponder what it all means.

And clean up dog diarrhea.

Because that's life.

And here is your daily picture of my chicks.

Yesterday while the boys and I were in the car waiting for Lily to check their kitty into the vet's office for HIS shot, I asked Owen for suggestions for names for the new babies.
Here is his list:


I sort of like Eggie.
But I am just too superstitious to name them yet.

Good morning from Lloyd.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Beautiful dream!
    Certainly a powerful message about your life, and you.
    Someone inside loves you.

  2. That dream sounds epic, I slept like a log, myself. Here it was so freaking cold this a.m. -11 or something atrocious like that and the sun just lies and lies about how wonderful it is out there! I keep the birds in late on these cold mornings, and wait for the sun to get to the yard, we live in a little valley so it takes a while, till 10 a.m. or so. They all quack and honk and cluck at me as I bang the ice out of their water bowls and get the feed out...Meanwhile both the dog and cat peed on the floor, the dog cause she was that fed up with her bed...apparently it wasn't behaving. The cat pees on the floor for political reasons of his own, and I am left to ponder what the heck he may be complaining about this time...Carroll

  3. The House Dreams are back! Now I know you are back to your old self.

    I think you were on to something with the women musician chick-naming. Beats Poopy. Although I think that's probably a more true-to-life name :)

  4. I love those names.

    Certainly, agedness, blindness and incontinence are good enough reasons. For any vet at least. But... you know that...

  5. That dream is terrific -- when I dream or remember my dreams, they are often about houses and me moving through them, opening doors, finding old lovers, etc. I wonder if it's some sort of archetype?

    I like Homie and Eggie.

  6. Stubblejumpin Gal- That is a very lovely thing to think. Thank you!

    Carroll- Cats DO pee and poop where they aren't supposed to for political reasons. I swear. You are right! How do you stand that cold? How???

    SJ- I knew you'd enjoy the fact that I'm having house dreams again.
    Owen does know chickens. They poop and they lay eggs. I'm surprised he didn't suggest "Eat-y."

    Jo- Oh god. The guilt! You have no idea how many times a week I tell my husband to "Kill them!" And he just won't do it.

    Birdie- They are.

    Elizabeth- I am certain it is an archetype of some sort. Do houses represent our bodies? Our lives? Probably all of it. Homie and Eggie are not too bad.

    Lisa- Talk about random! I swear! He's sort of getting into numbers now so I guess that's it.

  7. Goodness! That dream is such a beautiful metaphor for tha internal transformation you are undergoing as your synapses heal and the lifts come on and you're able to feel how loved you are and how much you love and the symbolism of it all is just glorious.

    And I kind of love all Owens names, everyone. I could sort of hear him coming up with them. Don't you love how children just go for it, not judging what arises from their imagination. Tree me? I'm all in.

  8. I love the dream. It really DOES seem like nerve endings are coming alive in your brain!

    As for the dogs, there is no easy answer, but I think incontinence -- if it is frequent and/or habitual -- is certainly a reason to think about putting a pet down. It really comes down to quality of life for the pet. Do you think they're happy? Or are they uncomfortable themselves? It's hard to tell, but between you and the vet you ought to be able to get some idea. Your own happiness certainly figures into that equation.

  9. Angella- It's very interesting, feeling and observing the changes in my brain. Some of the things are very good and I am grateful for them. Obviously.
    Yes, kids just go for it. Why not name a chicken Treemee?
    Why not?

    Steve Reed- They are not actually incontinent. Sometimes they just don't make it outside. They would, quite frankly, rather poop inside. Are they happy? I don't think they're unhappy. Or in pain. Their blindness doesn't seem to bother them much at all. Which makes it all so difficult.

  10. I don't think it's time for the dogs. If they are happy and eating and wagging, then they are okay. I know that it's hard on you. I have had a lot of dogs and when they stop eating and are listless, then I take them to the vet. And I get a diagnosis and consult with the vet to see if there is any hope. No hope is the reason for me to put them down.

    Another frickin' rainy day here. It is getting tiresome and the back yard with it's paths ready to be filled with stones is a mud hole.


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