Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Being All Linky Today

Say what?

Link HERE. 

And it'll come out just in time for Owen's fifth birthday. 

Pretty precious.


  1. Looks pretty sweet, and a nice little story in that link about how it came to be. Little did we know way back when that KR would ever be a grandfather and, besides being one, love it as much as he obviously does.

  2. This is proof positive that you control your universe!!!!

  3. Your say what is so much funnier than mine :) Woo hoo indeed!

  4. heartinhand- I know. I can't wait.

    Andrea- In the autobiography he wrote, he talked a LOT about his grandfather. And everything you said is true- who would have seen this coming?

    Angella- Sometimes I do think that we create our own reality. If so, I had a good idea!

    Mel- Owen was like really excited too when I told him about it. Believe it or not!

  5. The old man can still do it. In more ways than one.

  6. Ha! I just heard about this and thought of you immediately!


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