Thursday, March 13, 2014


That's a text between Billy and me last night. 
Sometimes there really aren't the words to truly convey what's in the heart. We try. But no matter how hard we try, we fail. Because the heart is bigger than the words. 

Anyway, there are miracles in my life and this community is, without a doubt, one I never expected, one I am constantly aware of and amazed at. I mean, shake-my-head-in-wonder amazed. 

So. I've been up for hours. My dreams- good Lord! They're like a flip-book of unrelated pictures. I remember tiny glimpses of things I've dreamed (who was that woman dancing without her pants on?) and I can't even begin to figure them out. But they're not bad and they don't seem to exhaust me the way some dreams do so that when you wake up you feel as if you've lived a life-time of hard labor. I'm enjoying them. I think.
And it's another gorgeous day here but chilly and supposed to get down to maybe freezing tonight which is odd but the pecans haven't started putting out leaves so I knew the danger of frost was still with us. 

I've just talked to Jessie who had some wonderful news- her sister-in-law, Pearl, had her little boy this morning and he got there so fast that the midwives didn't make it and so Vergil's mama and Pearl's husband, Ben, delivered the man-child. Jessie and Vergil were on their way to go meet him when I talked to her. I can't wait to hear the details. 
What could be better?

And speaking of babies, Owen and Gibson were such good boys yesterday. And so sweet. Gibson was asleep when they got here and proceeded to stay asleep for awhile so Owen and I got some time in together, playing a matching game and talking about stuff. Then Gibson woke up in the very best mood and we all had a grand time, checking out the baby chicks and checking for eggs in the hen house and playing in the jungle where Owen rescued a baby hippopotamus and then Boppy came home and I made our delicious supper. Kathleen and her husband dropped by and Kathleen gave Owen a plastic whistle that lights up and he was so delighted that he whispered in my ear and asked me if he could give Kathleen the buried treasure he'd found that day. The buried treasure was some clear glass florist marble things that have ended up in the yard and they are glittery and pretty and of course I told him he could and so he went and got them and gave them to her and she declared them exactly what she needed to go around a candle she had and I was so pleased that he thought of that himself. 
He actually gave real names to two of the chicks yesterday so we have begun that process. 
I present to you

(pronounced Nice-y)

(pronounced Missy)

As you can probably tell, my heart is full and tender this morning. 

Time for a walk. 

Love and thanks and all good things...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh, chicks, and boys and babies and buried treasure! Oh my! Good morning to you, Mrs. Moon.

  2. Two extremely fine bird names! By one extremely fine boy.

    (I shake my head in wonder too)

  3. Nicey is a most excellent name. Truly excellent.

  4. I am so often moved by the loving hearts of those grandsons of yours. Owen's awareness of other people's kindness is unusual in a child so young but those boys are clearly being raised with so much gentle love and guidance and generosity of spirit that this is what he absorbs and reflects back to the world. Such a beautiful thing to witness.

  5. Those boys are going to have such amazing and loving memories of your house. So much exploring to do. xoxo

  6. Didn't I comment on this?!
    Billy seems to be a most gracious person. :)
    The chicken names remind me of when we had budgies. One was named Bluey and the other was named Greeny. You'll never guess what colors they were. Derp.

  7. I love the name Nicey, too.

    And that texting between you and Billy. xo

  8. What heartens me as I read yours and other blogs from this group of bloggers is how many really sweet and fine boys are being born and being raised by such good people. A boy who wants to give his treasure away for a whistle, that's a boy I'd want to know.

  9. Denise- And here it is a morning later! Hello!

    SJ- How can we not continuously find ourselves in wonder?

    Rebecca- I agree most heartily!

    Angella- I am very proud of him sometimes. He has a sweet spirit that came with him.

    Rachel- There is no END to the exploring here. I swear.

    heartinhand- Billy is incredibly gracious. He always calls me "m'am." Still. After all these years. And he calls his wife, "My Lady."
    Bluey and Greeny are excellent parakeet names. My childhood parakeet was known as Pretty Bird. Or, Pretty for short.

    Maggie May- Billy never ceases to amuse me.

    Andrea- He is a GOOD boy and a sweet spirited one. Mostly. And the best big brother. He truly is.

  10. Glad that Billy is getting some funding. Still working to help Judy here with hers. She has to foot the full bill for college which is expensive. No scholarships or funding for non-US citizens. Damn those who didn't want the Dream Act.

  11. Nicie and Missy -- those names are perfect. I still hope there's a Nineteen, though.


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