Saturday, March 15, 2014

It's A Nice Day

I am making oatmeal and my stomach roils at the thought.
It is Saturday morning, it is beautiful outside. It is chilly and clear and the light is a gift and here we are in Lloyd where it looks like this.

(The one fancy pants azalea my dogs have not killed with their pee of death.)

Miss Honey. She is not "my" chicken but lives next door. Still, I find her right there every morning on the kitchen porch, waiting for a treat. And she has given me so many eggs over the years. Where she is laying now, I do not know. I envision a pile of eggs the size of a punch bowl. 
This morning I gave her grapes and Honey Nut cheerios. She is such a cheerful, sweet, resourceful hen that I do not begrudge the lack of eggs. I am simply glad to see her each morning. 

Okay. I have eaten my pitiful amount of oatmeal. It wasn't so bad. Bacon would have been better but...

Chores to attend to. We are talking about going to town to buy tomato plants and seeds for yard-long beans. I need four new hanging ferns for the front porch. Mine finally succumbed to age and cold. There may be a nap later. I did not sleep so well but laid awake pondering whether or not I could successfully blog in Cozumel using just my iPad. And then I began to think about underwater pictures- how could I do that? We don't have an underwater camera but have thought about buying one for the trip and I have no idea how, without my computer, I could get them transferred to the blog. Seriously. I worried about this half the night. And you know what that means?
I am myself again. 

One month on the Celexa and I feel truly myself again even with all of my usual 2 a.m. insane mental ramblings. This, for me, is normal. I am grateful for that. Yesterday I went to pick up my prescription and I told the lady at the pharmacy at Publix, "I am a completely different woman than I was a month ago."
"I'm glad," she said. And she smiled. 

I am smiling too.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. The dogs pee of death! Ah hahahaaa !

  2. the light in your garden is fantastic.

  3. I knew it was you even before the text loaded on my screen. The images. I knew. And chickens at your door!
    Such loveliness.

  4. I take it you are not an oatmeal fan. I have some kind of oatmeal every morning. Steel cut, Scottish, 5 grain, muesli....add some blueberries on top, some sprinkling of my homemade granola add some vanilla almond milk and I'm a happy camper.

    About what you wrote me on the chicks...yes they clog up their water and I have to go clean it out at least twice a day. It will be nice when they can co-exist with the big hens but not yet.

    Glad you are feeling like a new woman....take care Mary....

  5. Compare any food to bacon and it is going lose.

  6. Lisa- Back at 'cha, babe!

    Big Mamabird- It kills plants AND floors.

    Angella- And it changes every minute. I could watch it all day. I sort of do.

    Ms. Yo- Y'all know my yard as well as I do now. And my chickens, too.

    Ellen- I still have to clean the food out of the waterer but it's not as often without the shavings. I used to love oatmeal. I think I ate too much of it.

    Birdie- Completely and utterly true.

  7. I had some neighbors in the city who had three hens. They would sit on command. I kid you not. E.J. taught them sit on command.

  8. There are waterproof covers for iPhones made specifically for taking underwater photos. And I'm not going to say that a ziplock baggy would do the same thing, but I bet a ziplock baggy would do the same thing.

  9. Ellen Abbott- Okay. That I will never be able to do nor would I even ever think to try!

    Mr. Downtown- You know, I thought of that. But with the iPad. The ziplocks. But then I thought about how stupid I would feel if the bag busted open somehow. I did drop my phone in the surf once (okay, twice) and it was fine but that was sort of a miracle.

  10. I was given a Vitamix. Turns out you can drink oatmeal. It becomes oatmilk.

  11. A- Maybe that would be easier. It probably tastes okay, right?

  12. That last bit made me smile too.

    And, if you are in the market for a waterproof camera I recommend the olympus tough. Frickin' thing can do anything including get dropped repeatedly and take underwater pics.

  13. Hmmmm.. I'm not too sure about drinking oatmeal...

    I don't know a thing about underwater photography. I sort of feel like that's just one place a camera doesn't belong, which of course is completely untrue, but apparently my mind insists on blocking that door. I'm not sure I mind.


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