Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lots Of Pictures Today

The chicks got to go outside today. They were paralyzed at first which is what they're supposed to do when they are unsure of the situation. Stay still. And they did. But in awhile, they began to peck at the ground and thus, they begin to learn how to be chickens. I think of how unnatural it is for them to be raised by humans instead of by a hen mother. Hens keep their chicks tucked under their wings for hours every day and of course all night which means they grow up virtually in darkness, at least for a few weeks whereas we keep them in a white box with a lightbulb. Yes, you're supposed to use a red light but I don't have one and Publix doesn't sell them so they get a white one. Bright light, 24 hours a day. And yet, somehow their chicken instincts survive and when they are older and can live in the coop, they will peck and scratch all day and know to go to the roost at night.
I read an article in Scientific American recently about chickens and how much smarter they are than humans have given them credit for. Well, maybe stupid unobservant humans. But get this- chickens have as many distinct meaningful vocalizations as do primates!
They should have just asked me.

Anyway, they are safely back in their ice chest and if it's nice outside tomorrow, they will go back out.

It's been a beautiful day here. We went to Lowe's (ugh) to buy stuff for Mr. Moon's kid playground project and ferns for the porch and some seeds and stuff. I got done with my part first and went back to the truck with all my purchases and a ten thousand pound bag of potting soil, only to realize that the truck, which Mr. Moon had carefully parked with the front of it facing out had been backed up to by another truck which did the same thing.

I shouldn't post this but I have to.
A text I sent to Jessie and Lily.

And I just realized I wrote "unpossible" and what the hey, auto-correct? You couldn't correct THAT? Oh well. 

Then we went to another nursery for tomato plants and pepper plants and something else, I don't know what. While I was there I decided that when we move to Apalachicola, I am going to grow nothing but camellias.
Yeah. We'll see how that works out.

Here's the hanging ferns on the front porch.

Well, two of them, at least. 
And the "Macho" ferns I got to plant in the pots beside the front doors. 

What would happen if you put Macho ferns and Maidenhair ferns in the same pot? Hmmmmm.....

I watered everything and potted up a few plants I'd had rooting all winter. And that's pretty much been my day. 

Oh! I picked one of my tiny fairy bouquets. 

(Thank-you, Bethany!)

And Prairie Home Companion is on and Mr. Moon is sawing something in the garage and all is well. 

Nothing special and yet...pretty perfect. 

One more thing- do any of y'all know what this plant is? I know I should know but I don't. 

I could probably figure it out but I'm lazy and I am certain that some of you know and will tell me. 
Thanks in advance. 

Your lazy correspondant...Ms. Moon


  1. There are little miracles happening over here too. When you move to Apalachicola...

  2. Angella- If I keep saying it out loud, will it become okay? There will be a dock out over the estuary. There will a bookstore I can walk to. That can't be bad, right?

  3. I've got daphe in my house and I swoon every time I smell it.

  4. Beth- We do not have daphne. We do, however, have the tea olive and all day I have been wishing I could send that scent out into the blogosphere. I also wish I could smell your daphne.

  5. Well, it looks like spring has sprung here. I am hoping the last of winter is gone. The back yard landscaping is starting to look amazing.

  6. Syd- Please post pictures of your backyard!
    As to spring- I don't trust in the reality of it until I see the pecans begin to leaf and so far, no sign of that.

  7. I've seen that plant before but I don't know what it is, either.

    There must be something in the air compelling us to do our gardening -- I was out on the balcony cleaning up our potted plants yesterday and I've been repotting too. (The scale of my gardening pales in comparison to yours, but still...)

  8. i think we should make unpossible a thing.

  9. According to a plant marker from last year's Goodwood plant sale - that's a Mahoma Oregon Grape. Mine is still in the pot because I can't decide where to plant it.

  10. Make that Mahonia. Gotta love hand written plant name tags.

  11. Steve Reed- It's in our DNA. When spring begins, we are compelled to do something with dirt, plants, seeds.
    I really believe that.

    Maggie May- Makes sense to me.

    Jucie- Thank you! And now I know! You can even eat those grapes! Bless you, darling!


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