Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I went out of the house today not wearing the black nunnightgown. I wore a blue dress with a blue linen shirt over it. I cannot say that I looked good but I can say with certainty that I wore blue, not black. And not that specific dress.
First time in three weeks.
I feel this is somewhat monumental.


  1. gradydoctor- I felt like I should get a fucking award.

  2. It sounds good. I'm glad that you are gradually coming out of the mourning clothes.

  3. I think it's nunumental.

    Way to go.

  4. blue not black. Yup, you're gonna make it.

    XX Beth

  5. You do deserve a fucking award!! The "devil with the blue dress on" award. It's all yours baby! I proclaim it so.

  6. I'm just catching up on everything here -- you've had some busy days! Glad you've moved on from the black nunnightgown. Hope everyone is past the vomiting. And the salad in that seafood place sounds awesome -- it wasn't long ago that people were denigrating iceberg lettuce salads, but now I think they've attained a sort of retro charm!

  7. I like this. A wardrobe change is always a step in the right direction!


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