Saturday, December 31, 2011


The little boy with the butterfly eye-lashes is a pistol, that one. He has a little fit almost every morning and his mama has to soothe him. Oh, he is my stand-in for Owen whom I hear has gotten a haircut and who hates it so much that he won't take off his hat.
My poor, shorn Baby Sampson!

I am feeling shy this morning. But I have to get over it. We are going to ride across the island. Maybe go see some ruins. The other side's beach is wild and turbulent.

New Year's Eve. That's what I hear it is.

Today I resolve to try and do what that pool says.

Just Be.

The man has finished raking the sand. It is perfect. Not one footstep has disturbed the pattern.

I would rake that sand every day. That would be enough for me.

The sea's pattern changes with every earth-breath. That too, is enough for me. It is a cradle which rocks my soul gently.


  1. Raking the sand? Okay, but I'll take my sand just plain and walked on and natural. Nature cleans the beaches with the tide. It is good that way.

  2. mantra for the new year...
    just be.

  3. Just Be. Sounds great to me. If only it were easy to do. Not for me anyway.

    I love you! Sorry I haven't been on the Internet much. I have been cleaning house and running around with the Viking.

    Tonight, we are going to downtown Dayton for an early dinner at the fancy schmancy seafood restaurant with the old bar that Dillinger drank at. I will toast to you, there, in Cozumel.

    I love you, Mary. Happy New Year!


  4. I think I love your blog. You're a great writer Ms. Moon. It's all, love, sadness, pain, and so much more love. I hope you talk to the skinny lady. You don't have to tell us her personal story (you can if it's okay with her); but I feel you wanting to reach too. Thank you so much. I just posted a picture on my facebook page of 2011 with a slash through it. Glad to be done with it. There was way too much family suffering this year. Raking cool... Janice in Oregon


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