Friday, December 30, 2011


Hummingbirds in the flowers below. Overcast, calm.

I look up to see a boat the size of China silently going by. It is decorated in streamers of colors- fun guaranteed!

We are waiting for Jessie and Vergil who are renting a scooter and we are going to town for breakfast and then Playa Corona, maybe, to hang and snorkel. I have to study my script. I am starting to panic. Why, why, why did I think I could do this?

I keep dreaming of a friend I had once who is, like very, very thin woman, very, very thin. In my dreams she is the music director of a church. She is working at a bar. She is making overtures of friendship.

Very, very thin woman ate her breakfast. I cannot just approach her. You have no idea of the walls she has around her, whether of her making or merely perceived on my part. I am so tempted to take a picture of her but that would be so wrong.

Perhaps she is the mistress of the Mexican president who is on the island with his family. Or so I hear.
Probably not.

When I see her, I smile, she smiles. That's the best I can do.

One of the black grackle-like birds with the huge tail is standing on the rocks below, finding tiny things to eat.

We are all here, at this place in Cozumel. The people, the birds, the lizards, the fish.

The children are here. Children! Ha!



  1. Enjoy the breakfast and the scooter ride. People watching is interesting--wondering about their stories. But I suppose that most of us come down to a common denominator or two.

  2. Enjoy the beauty! As for the script, I think the easiest way is to read it every day. Just go through it every single day--a sense of the whole thing eases the o-my-god-where-are-they-am-i-missing-my-entrance worries. Then onward to each scene. I feel your anxiety. I did my last play 10 years ago or was humbling to no longer be the first person off book. But it was so much fun in the end. And judging from your movies, you will be fab. You have a wonderful presence!

  3. Your writing here has felt like lying in the sun on the beach every day to me it has been that healing and oh bog I am so thankful for it. As for the Thin Woman, take her photo. Follow her around secretly or openly. Get her to speak to you no matter what language. Wear disguises if need be. Find out who she is. Report all here. I am in love with her already.
    Rebecca In The Rain

  4. Spill something on her! Then, as you rush over to op her up, say, but my dear! You're skin and bone! Why are you so thin!?

    That should do it :)

  5. Please imagine ME to be the very thin woman and speak to her -- introduce yourself in some inimitable way and then report back. I want to know what sort of person I am when I'm thin, alone and eating fruit in Cozumel.

  6. Dear Mary-We're all on vacation with you! The VTW (very thin woman) is working for the FBI and her assignment is to to hang out and wait for...a sign. Please intercept!!! And let us know when you've completed your mission.

    (saw Mission Impossible with Milo so we're swinging from tall buildings around here.)

    XXXXX Beth

  7. I cosigned what they all said!! Who is she?????

  8. Oh I meant to comment on your post, but Elizabeth just made me laugh so hard! Your commenters are the best. I love them all!!! It's all part of the delicious Bless Our Hearts meal one finds here each day. YUM!

  9. Sometimes the most fun on a trip is figuring our the "story" of those at your hotel...intrigue.

  10. This thin woman, these comments are hysterical. I'm not sure the real story will ever compare to what is imagined! Joanne


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