Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fast Forward

Well, hell. It turned out to be a pretty damn decent day.
I went to Target because All Women Must Go To Target and I bought a shirt on sale and some trip-sized things like shaving cream and the best, the best- I bought that new-baby-coming some little sleeper thingees, all in yellow and white with duckies on them, size 0-3 months and isn't that fun? Oh. Yes. It is. A new baby coming! Little cuddly little thing with a face and personality we have no idea of yet at all.
Oh my. My heart can barely believe it. My arms already ache to hold that child.
(I must take a moment to gather myself. Okay. I'm all right.)

I went to ONE store in the mall that I know has kick-ass 65% off sale racks this time of year with all of the summer stuff and I tried on a bunch of things and bought a few that were not HIDEOUS which most of them made me feel. The clothes weren't hideous. I just looked hideous in them.
But. Still.
And then a few more errands and I got gas and why is getting gas such a damn pain in the ass? It's easy as hell to do but I still hate it. Maybe because I was raised in the days when you'd drive into the gas station and the bell hose would ding!ding!ding! and the guy would come out and you'd roll your window down and say, "Five dollars, please," and he'd put in five dollars worth and that would fill up your tank and while he was filling up the tank he'd wash your windows with great sweeping swipes of the squeegee and then polish it all off with a blue paper towel and he'd say, "Check your oil, ma'am?" and you'd say, "No thanks!" and then you'd give him five dollars and he'd tip his hat and you'd drive away.
Oh my.
I miss that.
Then back home to unload the car and put everything away and then to the Opera House where we did another read-through and oh my. Jon. He is just SO good. So good. I hope to be able to hold up my end of the banter because really, I'm just the straight woman in this play (not sexually, you know, but yes, that too, but I mean in the comedic sense) and now I'm home and it's time for bed because Owen is coming in the early-early and I have missed that boy.

I did see Santa today, by the way, but he was just hanging out with the photographer lady and wasn't torturing any kids.

And I bought Reese's Pieces to try and bribe Owen to use the potty but I don't think that will work because his will is far stronger than his desire for candy and that cute little puppy potty is just taking up space in the bathroom.

That's all. I hope you've had a nice day. Sleep well. I mean it.


  1. I'll use the potty for Reeses. I LOVE Reeses!

  2. I have a little skip in my heart today too.

    OK - here is a word on potty training a boy. (Super excited to give you advice).

    Go about your day with Owen but have him be nekkid from the waist down. Tell him if he has to pee he better let you know otherwise he is going to pee on his leg.

    Go about your business.

    In my experience, once these male people make a connection between their bladder and the crap flapping around on their thighs, they are good to go.

    Worked for Big Funny Kid.

  3. I'll bet you can already feel the weight of the new baby in your arms, the way they let go so completely and melt into your body as you rock them to sleep.

    Our boy cuddled up to me as I was putting him to sleep tonight and that, too, made my heart skip a beat.

    Glad this turned into a good day. x0 N2

  4. I think Freud might have a field day abotu the Reece's Pieces. Owen will use the potty in time, they all do!

    I just spelled it Eoin by accident. You know that's the way it's done here?

  5. I remember those good ole days at the gas station. I wonder if there are any of those places left. Maybe in some out of the way place where people are bored and want to work. I don't know.

  6. Syd, last time I was in Oregon they were still pumping for customers.


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