Saturday, July 11, 2009

What We Are Doing Today

My niece and nephew, Riley and Kian, are visiting today. They spent the night and we've had a very lovely morning, eating pancakes, walking to the post office where there was a frog, and visiting with Harley next door.
Now we're off to pick the garden and visit with the chickens.
The fun never ends at Aunt Mary and Uncle Glen's.


  1. I swear those are the three cutest children alive! And I DO love the frog picture.

  2. Miss May- They are the cutest kids I personally know. But that's only because Kicker Bean hasn't been born yet.

  3. Mr. Moon's name is Glen!!!! I don't know why but I'm delighted he has a first name!

    Cuties. The lot of them!

  4. Very sweet. It's always fun to have kids around. just for a little while.

  5. That frog picture is freakin cute!

  6. Froggy went a courtin and he got caught, uh huh!

  7. did the frog lay a quarter?

  8. Ms. Trouble- Yes, he has a first name. When I first knew him, I thought his name was Greg and called him that several times.

    Michelle- Uh-huh. Until it's nap time.
    For ME.

    DTG- Kian's a brave little man who likes small creatures.

    Ms. Fleur- Miss Martha had just swept him out of the P.O. Kian deposited him in the bushes.

    Anonymous- No. It was a nickel. Riley wanted to show her prize too.


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