Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Okay, so I've been fooling around with the way you get to my comment page. Ms. Fleur says that she could not comment when it went to a page and to please change it so I am now trying the pop-up comment version. If this doesn't work for someone, let me know. My email address is right there on the sidebar because if you can't comment you can't...comment.

Like when you call your wireless provider because your wireless isn't working and they tell you to go the web site, right? Don't you love that?

Anyway, that's that. No big deal.

Hey! It's really raining here!


  1. I like the pop-up version. It doesn't disturb the page AND it gives you the WV up front. And it doesn't seem to give me as much trouble as the other.

  2. I like this version for comments. The weather today is so nice, no? I'll take rain over boiling heat any day.

  3. You must live very near New Orleans - we seem to nearly always share weather, or one gets it right after the other.

    Rain, cool, lovely break.

  4. Ms. Trouble- good. Thanks for the feedback.

    Lady Lemon- So true.

    Nola- I think we're about five or so hours apart. Something like that. Maybe more. I'm just east of Tallahassee.

  5. Nah, commenting is broken.

    No, wait...

  6. I like this better! I was wondering what was going on last night...

  7. Xbox- You're a clever, funny boy.

    Ginger- Good then.

  8. Yeppers. This is the original format, no? Good job my friend. I appreciate you enabling my MM addiction. :-)

  9. New comment layout works for me!
    I had to skip the last post, as soon as I got to something pertaining to a spider I got the chills and that was that.

    But I did love the post about Lily's ultrasound!

  10. lady moon, hello from san diego. it's almost 8pm here and i have a southern feeling. sigh. i need some real southern heat to soak into my bones.

  11. Hi- great blog! I can relate to the southern heat --we'll have a heat index of 105 - 110 today, but i'd still take that over the northern winters any day. Also, great choice on your bloglist!


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