Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh My Loves, Come Kick The Bamboo

Nice picture, eh? That burgeoning bit of bamboo posing with my shoe?
The day before yesterday there was NO bamboo sprouting. I swear. I checked. Today, this is what it looks like.
Bamboo is scary stuff. I was talking to Downtownguy this morning and I said, "Maybe I should plant some under the kitchen and see if it'll push it back up where it should be."
And my son said, "Yeah. Nothing could go wrong with THAT plan."
I can just imagine coming out to get my coffee one morning to find bamboo growing up from the floor, having pushed aside the pine boards in its eagerness to reach the ceiling.
No, spring is not all about the lovely, delicate blossoms. Although, there sure are some of those, too.

These are the flowers of the tung tree which is not native to this area but which thrives here. Perhaps a bit too much. It was planted in North Florida during one of the wars because the oil from its nut can be used as a substitute for petroleum products. I had no idea when I moved here, five years ago, that I had a tung tree but I do. Every part of the tree is toxic, even those beautiful peachy blossoms which does not stop me from cutting and bringing them inside.
I am risking death for beauty!
They say that one of the seeds of this plant can be fatal. Good to know. Don't plant them over your chicken coop or dog pen.

The wind is gusting, the sky is gray. There are tiny gold finches on the feeder and I keep thinking one of them is going to suddenly be taken up into the skies by the wind. They are holding on tightly with their little tiny bird feet as the feeder sways. Even the black birds who come in to eat are looking anxiously up at the sky.

I am not going to the parade although I made many muffins last night and used the last two heads of cabbage in the garden for coleslaw to take with me. But no. I'd rather not get on the road where the wind would buffet my little car this way and that. It would be fun to see the parade in such exciting conditions but I'd rather stay here and besides, my old dog Pearl is freaked out by the weather and wants me nearby.
And I think I should go kick some bamboo before it gets out of hand. It's been almost two hours since I took that picture. It's probably six feet tall by now.
Phew! I got work to do!

It's springtime in Lloyd and there is alien-powered bamboo to kick, betony to pull, dogs to comfort and winds to dance in.

So if you're in my area today, drop by and kick some bamboo.

Wear your stout shoes. Bring beer. I'll provide the muffins and coleslaw.


  1. Where can I get the plane tickets? :)

  2. Bamboo grows like weeds, even as far north as I am. I'd drop some agent orange on it, unless you want it coming up all over your yard.

  3. AJ- Uh?
    Wear your combat boots.

    MOB- Don't I know it! But if you go out and kick over all the new sproutlings, it's okay. I promise.

  4. I'll kick some in return for muffins!


  5. You didn't sell a cow for some magic beans yesterday, by any chance?

    Bamboo is the material of the future.

    Don't know why people don't do more with it.

  6. RiotGrrl- Kicking bamboo is really it's own reward. But muffins are always nice!

    Jothemama- Hmmm. MAGIC beans, you say? Is that what those were?
    You're right about bamboo. It is obviously overly renewable. We have only used it to make tomato fencing and supports and a few fishing poles. But the kids love to climb it.

  7. Ha, I didn't mean YOU, per se, more, y'know, people in charge of resources and such :)

  8. I've heard that bamboo could grow crazy-fast but never actually seen it. Sounds like work.

    One of my poor puppies hates the rain and thunder too. He starts to shake all over. Same thing with fireworks. It's really quite sad.

    So, how DO you keep your dogs away from the Tung tree? Lovely flowers, but I think I pass on the deadliness.

  9. Lady Lemon- Well, how often do we hear about someone or a dog being killed by accidental ingestion of tung? That tree is way behind the fence which keeps my dogs in. No threat.

  10. The parade was disappointingly short, but all the flags snapped in the wind just the way they're made to do.

  11. This is true. Death by Tung is not one I've heard. Good to know your doggies are safe.


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