Thursday, March 26, 2009

As If...

...things could get any better, the rain is coming down nicely on our poor, parched ground.

Believe me- no music could sound more melodious, no perfume could smell sweeter, no velvet could be softer, no one could be happier than I am to see it.

I can just feel the trees rejoicing, the berry bushes swelling, the frogs welling up in pre-coital ecstasy as I type this.

I told you the world was going to spin a little more smoothly.


  1. I love the rain. I took a nice nap, then got out my bright yellow umbrella and walked to get the mail. Alls I need now are galoshes.

  2. Haha.. we're getting moisture here in Denver as well...unfortunately it came in the form of a blizzard!

  3. RiotGrrl- It's still raining!

    AJ- Yes. And that is why I don't live in Denver. Enjoy all that lovely snow.

  4. We finally got sun here after days and days of rain. Yay.
    Thank you for your last post, all about babies. You summed it up nicely.
    I'd love it if you could hold my babies someday!


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