Saturday, February 19, 2022

Saturday Night And It's All Happening Right Here In Lloyd

That was what last night's French Vanilla ice cream looked like. 
Y'all. It was nirvana. 

Here's what tonight's ice cream looks like. 

Strawberry. And please let me say that there is still vanilla ice cream in the freezer and these people are here to share the strawberry ice cream with us. 

Plus Jessie who took this sweet picture and I think Lon is coming over too. There's a Duke/FSU basketball game on and since Vergil went to Duke it's of utmost importance that the game be watched. Even the little boys are excited although I am not certain that they're sure of what they're excited about. 

Do you think their grandfather is a happy man? 
I do. 
Jessie took that picture too. 

I've spent most of the day playing around in the kitchen. I found a pork shoulder from that wild pig we had last year in the freezer in the garage and have been cooking it all day in a very slow oven. Also mustard and collard greens are simmering with tomatoes and onions. I have plenty of leftover cauliflower, tomato, and goat cheese gratin left over to serve, and I'm making some mashed potatoes. 

We shall not starve nor suffer deprivation. 

I went out to look at the native Buck Eye today to find that it is leafing out and making buds. 

Yes. My house does need pressure washing in the worst kind of way. We won't even mention paint although I will say that Mr. Moon was a painter when I met him which explains a lot. He does not want to pay someone to do what he himself can do and yet, he has no desire to paint a house. 
An eternal conundrum when you are married to a man who can do everything. 

All right! Lon is here! Supper must be made ready. It is coolish again and I am so happy. I am dreading summer with all of my heart and every time the thermometer dips back down into the forties and thirties my heart is thrilled. 

Enjoy your evening. I certainly am enjoying mine. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That ice cream is heavenly. I might just pop in for a little bowl. Or a big bowl.

  2. i want to drown in the vanilla ice cream- a happy sweet death it would be

  3. both ice creams look absolutely divine. DIVINE! lovely dinner on tap with Lon and your family....... hope there will be Martini's even though it is not Friday! Maybe purple cows for your boys too!
    Susan M

  4. I have one of those ice cream makers and have never used it! After seeing your photos, I think I will get it out and look for some recipes.
    I know what you mean about treasuring these cooler days before summer gets here. Already the yellow flies are out in force down here. Enjoy the evening!

  5. Lovely picture of Boppy with his two youngest grandsons. There must be some way you can get him to turn his mind to house painting. Bribery or emotional blackmail might work.
    P.S. Glad to see the ice cream maker is doing the business!

  6. I believe we'd all drop in for a bowl of ice cream, and hang around to paint the house.

  7. Oh that French Vanilla ice cream! I almost leaned in to lick my screen! YUM.
    Have you thought about mould inhibiting paint for your house? It costs more, but might be worth it?

  8. Does the ice cream maker come with a little book of recipes, including that French Vanilla?

  9. Oh that ice cream looks wonderful. And so does that room full of love. I don't think I'll end up buying an ice cream machine but I definitely love the air fryer so far.

  10. The ice cream looks heavenly. And that must be the Glen Den. I think the deer heads and rifles give it away. I do like that rug also I took up all the two small area rugs and gave them away because I was tired of trying to vacuum all the cat and dog hair off them.

  11. I'm not a huge fan of ice cream, except in the summertime when it hits the spot. Miss Katie though loves ice cream. When she was little and way too skinny, she had a bowl of ice cream every night before bed.

    I'm guessing that photo of the men was taken in the Glen den. Those little boys and that big boy all look so happy to be together. I've been reading about brain development and apparently contact with one another helps brain development in children. Those boys are blessed.

    Hope y'all had a lovely evening.

  12. I love the cozy picture with the fireplace and snuggling grandchildren!

    I can understand Mr. Moon not wanting to pay someone for what he could do -- but if he doesn't WANT to do it, paying someone seems like a perfectly reasonable option!

    That ice cream looks delectable.

  13. The ice cream looks delicious! Good job!

  14. I don't know if this expression exists in English but in French they say that "the cobbler's wife is always the worst shod" (re Mr. Moon not painting). I guess it's true then. And that picture looks like an armchair of happiness!

  15. Oh my. it looks and sounds like a lovely time!

  16. I hear you about the shoemaker's children's lack of shoes. I live with an experienced general contractor who can build a house from basement to roof, but do you think he will make the time to install the siding we bought more than 5 years ago? Hell no. And heaven forbid I hire someone else to do it; I'd never be allowed to forget that they didn't do it right. So the siding lays stacked in one of the outbuildings while our little bungalow looks like a tarpaper shack. Thank goodness I'm not house-proud, though it does annoy me when I think about it so I try not to. Instead I remind myself that we're warm, dry, and perfectly comfortable indoors, and that's all his doing. Except for the housework. -Kate (and NRN: no reply necessary!)


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