Monday, February 28, 2022

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I wanted some comfort food badly today and...shhhh...don't tell anyone, but Kraft mac and cheese in the blue box were BOGO at Publix last week and I bought a box and got my free one and they are living in my cabinet right now for comfort food emergencies but I decided that instead I'd make some fried rice with one of the Chinese cabbages in the garden and some of the carrots too. They are all orange this year because when I bought my seeds they were out of the mixed colors and I miss those deep reds and purples of the carrots of years past. But they are good carrots and pretty in their own orange way. And isn't that Bok Choy just worthy of being painted?

It's just been so gray and chilly here today. I have been wishing hard for cooler weather again and here it is so I cannot and will not complain. It's also drizzled on and off and so it's that wet cold that gets into your bones. I just wish I could store some of it in my bones for when the temperatures rise again. Which they will soon enough. 

The dogs made a reappearance today but in a lucky twist, Mr. Moon was in the yard and got to his pellet gun. He didn't hit a dog with any pellets but it scared the living daylights out of them. We think that those dogs may live at Mango's house and I need to find out. That's the direction they run in when they're in retreat. He said that one was a bulldog mix and one a white German shepherd. Neither one of those is a dog you want running loose in your neighborhood. Especially if they're hungry. 

So I've not felt motivated to do much today besides make fried rice which wasn't very good fried rice but it did have vegetables in it. And if we don't end up eating it all, the chickens sure will be happy. 

Maurice and I sat on the couch for awhile this afternoon and watched some TV. This blog is turning into a Maurice photo blog, isn't it? I'm sorry but she's just been very attentive lately. 

Look at that scarred up nose. 

Because I can't just sit and pet a cat and watch TV, I got out my crocheting which is just more potholders. I have so much beautiful yarn and I SO wish that I was a better knitter and crocheter. I am not good at following patterns and I am not skilled enough to make up my patterns as I go so I end up with, well, potholders for now. 
Whatever. The world always needs more potholders. 
At least that's what I tell myself. 
I tell myself a lot of things that aren't necessarily true. I am sure we all do this. 
Whatever gets us through the night. 
And day. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. glad Mr Moon at least gave the dogs a fright! May they stay away! One can never have TOO many potholders........and Maurice.....the dear cat..... your fried rice sounds good....though I have become averse to bok choy of late. We participate in a *CSA* program.....get a big box of veggies and fruit every 2 weeks...lately they've been big on bok choy and kiwi's........ugh on both. I make ginger/bok choy/chicken soup.....but I'm already tired of that!
    Let us know how the rice turned out!
    Susan M

  2. Fried rice here last night - must be something in the air. It came out well. I love the Maurice photos - as well as the camellia ones, the grandchild ones, the chickens, clotheslines...and I love the words which accompany them. Even on a damp grey day you write well, Ms. Moon.

    Chris from Boise

    PS I hope those dogs learned their lesson, but I hope you can find their owner and give them a word to the wise.

  3. I'm pleased Mr. M was there to handle the dogs this time. What can you do if you learn where they live?

  4. There can not be too many potholders, nor too much of the calm you get when you work them.

    That's a veteran cat, complete with the battle scars.

  5. That cat is learning to trust you. I'm sorry you had a bad day, I hope tomorrow is better.

  6. I don't know how to read a crochet pattern either. I just make the same afghan over and over. Different colored wool, nobody even notices:)

  7. If you make enough potholders you can hook them together and have a blanket.
    Lola has days when she needs to be near me too, just like Maurice. How old is Maurice?

  8. I'm knitting myself an afghan with big bands of color. It had an "intarsia" pattern, but that drove me crazy counting all the little boxes, so now it's going to be just even bands of color.

  9. But the world really DOES need more potholders.

    I don't blame you for running a Maurice blog, since I run an Olga blog!

  10. I knit dish rags which are just square with no pattern at all - just knit, knit, knit but you are right that it is something to do while watching TV.
    Hope you can find those dogs' owner so you can get them to stop letting the dogs run loose...

  11. Those Chinese cabbages look so good! I just saw the first teeniest-tiniest wisps of green where I planted my lettuce last week.

    I hope those dogs will stay away--hungry roaming dogs can't be tolerated.

    Hey, at least you're making potholders. My knitting has sat, untouched, for YEARS now.

  12. Ha, you mentioning potholders reminds me of my ex's aunt who used to crochet a lot (and beautifully). I hadn't been in the States long when she handed me a Christmas gift and pointed out they were "pot holders". Next time she came over she saw I had a plant pot sitting in one of them - in England we call them oven gloves!

  13. My MIL used to make the best Potholders and send us some every Christmas. I had another Elderly Friend that used to hand-make Dishrags, they lasted so long and were fabulous, I've never seen anyone else make them. I'm sure most of the Comfort Foods that come out of your Home don't come in a Box Mary, your culinary talents always make me wish I were a good Cook, I miss the Home Cooked Meals of my Parents, like you, they made so much from scratch.


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