Monday, September 27, 2021

Taking It Easy

 Every time I go to Roseland I dig up these two types of succulents from a spot near the house we used to live in. They still grow in that same place, sixty years later. For whatever reason, the ones I try and transplant here just never make it but I am not giving up. They are supposedly indestructible succulents but although I mostly do not kill my plants, succulents are my weak spot. Perhaps these will make it. They're pretty, aren't they? The rather pointy looking one is called "Mother of Millions". Seems like she'd grow for me, doesn't it? 

Thank all of you for your comments on yesterday's post. I am humbled. It was quite an experience, really, and one I'd rather not ever try to replicate, but for what it was, it was the best it could have been, I think. The timing- what if it had happened the day before when we were on the road? And also the time of day. Getting into surgery so quickly and easily was amazing. I didn't have to go to bed the night before, worrying like crazy about getting up the next morning and having to be at the hospital at six a.m. or anything like that. 
Just...problem... problem diagnosed... problem solved. 

And like I keep saying- the people were all so very nice. And interesting! Perhaps it is a sign that one needs more human interaction when one finds pleasure in talking to people who are caring for her when she's in the midst of an appendicitis episode. 
After the morphine took effect, of course. I wasn't too happy about any of them before that to be honest.
Maybe I just need to do more drugs. 
Speaking of which- my surgeon prescribed me thirty hydrocodone. Excuse me? 
Isn't there some sort of opioid addiction crisis? I haven't even needed an Ibuprofen today. Seriously. I took my bandages off this morning. I have three small incisions. Tiny. I will take a shower tonight. 
I have done more laundry today and changed my sheets. I'm sort of obsessed with clean sheets, aren't I? I walked out to the garden and picked zinnias (still blooming!) and two pockets-full of peppers (still making) and some late-blooming roses. 

I've talked some on the phone which is a pretty big deal for me. One of the people I talked with was my  Lily whose birthday it is today. I feel like I've just missed all the birthdays this week and of course I really have. But it was so good to talk to her. She and Lauren got to go out of town last weekend for a wedding and they had a good time and I'm so glad of that. And Lauren got the kids ready for school this morning and took them so that Lily could stay in bed which is a very nice birthday present. Lauren is a jewel and a love. I am so proud of Lily. The past two years have not been easy ones but I can see her growing stronger and more capable and more herself every day and it's a joy. 

One other thing I did today was read some reviews of the Rolling Stones' first concert of their tour. Sounds like they're still doing it. I watched a few videos from the concert too and they seem more somber and more sober than they ever have before. Charlie's death has hit them hard. But Mick is still wiggling those hips and skipping down the catwalk and Ronnie and Keith seem to be reaching new heights with what Keith calls "The ancient skill of guitar weaving" together. Steve Jordan, the drummer that Charlie chose to work with them is doing a fine job. 
But he's not Charlie Watts. 
The show opened with a montage of images of Charlie and after they played a few songs, this happened. 

Just like Keith to grab Mick's hand and hold it while he gave a tribute. And I loved the grin on Keith's face when they played "Street Fighting Man" and Mick sang, "But what can a poor boy do, 'cept to sing in a rock and roll band?" 

Our across the street neighbor made us a big pot of chicken and dumplings for supper and that's heating up. Mr. Moon is home from his errands in town. I missed him while he was gone. 

I'd say something here about how, as time passes, you come to recognize and appreciate those you love so deeply even more whether you're the Rolling Stones or a married couple. But hey- you already know how I feel about all of that. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I’m spending the summer about thirty minutes from St. Louis and hears their concert last night was great. The boys have been touring the city and have posted pics at famous landmarks. My niece, who was at the concert, said the tribute to Charlie had everyone in tears.

  2. you already count your blessings, so you are good! Sounds like you are up and at'em.......and I'm glad to hear this. Ditch the Hydrocodone LOL (you will).....nothing a good Mr Moon made Martini won't cure! And yes, Keith holding Mick's hand made me tear up......they (we all) miss Charlie, don't we?
    Much love from me and take it easy on yourself. Give that nurse cat a kiss for me (stay out of range when you do it)
    Susan M

  3. Dear Mary, even if the incisions are tiny, please remember this was serious surgery and don't go bopping around trying to do what you usually do. I know they advise you to move, but you can keep stopping to ration your energy. You'll be glad you did. The flowers are lovely though.

  4. I'm pleased to hear Lily is maturing into her new role. Actually I can see it in my mind's eye, and even compare it a little to Blake, who is so pleasant and easy to deal with now that he's in his right body.
    Now I must go watch the entire Charlie Watts tribute.

  5. Hi Mary, I have not read your blog in a few weeks. Did you miss me? Ha ha, I know you don't know me, but I feel like I know you. In order to propagate succulents, they need to "harden off". Just let them sit for a few weeks and they will sprout roots. You are being too nice by putting them in soil right away. Sorry about the appendix and I am glad you are doing well.
    All the best, Laura

  6. Wishing many happy re(urns of the day to Lily, and again a speedy recovery to you (which seems to be happening and i am very glad).

  7. I'm glad you doing well and that doctor ordering so much hydrocodone is part of the problem.

    The Rolling Stones, those guys look so old but they're enjoying themselves which is what matters.

  8. Oh Man, I would love to see them again before I die- which could be any day now. One can never be too sure. Of course Keith would take his mate's hand, lovely man.
    Glad to know that you are doing so well! Xx

  9. Thoughtful neighbor! Chicken and dumplings sound like a perfect meal for healing. Mother of millions does too well here. I planted one twenty years ago and have spent all those years trying to yank it all up. It lives up to it’s name! I’m glad the pain is manageable. Much love,

  10. Good to hear that you are recovering so well, but don't do too much too soon, you have had a major op! Let Mr. Moon and the family look after you.

  11. I am so glad that you made it safely through the appendix episode. I had missed the last blogpost and just wasn't expecting that. Life has so many twists and turns and unanticipated happenings. Let's hope you have had your share for this year.

  12. Your recovery time is really amazing and so good to hear. Modern medicine is truly something else isn't it!

  13. Glad you are feeling better already but like everyone says, please force yourself to take it easy and get extra rest. Baby yourself and feel stronger each day! Take care!

  14. do not try to be superwoman! take it easy. if stuff doesn't get done sobeit. no one will die because of it. and good for Lily. we should all be able to be who we are without judgement. so hard when you try to be someone you aren't.

  15. I'm glad your recovery is going well. It's refreshing to hear a health-care story that went so positively! It's weird that your mother-of-millions doesn't prosper, and that other one, too. We used to have those in the yard and the darn things just grew like crazy. But it may be just a bit too cold where you are.

  16. Happy birthday Lily! It's so deeply comforting to see our children grow and thrive and find companions with whom they can share their whole selves. As for you, my friend, you did quite a bit today for a lady who just had surgery! Now rest a bit. Dream of your spirit animal Keith.


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