Friday, September 3, 2021

Friday Is Upon Us

Our dear Beth Coyote sent me a box which arrived today and in it was a jar of apple butter that she'd made and a jar of elderberry syrup which is more than appreciated in these times of needing to do everything we can to protect ourselves against illness. Levon and August came over with their mama and when they saw the apple butter they demanded some right then and of course I opened up the jar and we all had tastes. Well, the boys had more than tastes. Levon was eating an apple when I first opened it and he wanted some apple butter on it and why not? And then out came the crackers and they ate those as fast as I could spread the apple butter on them. So good.

Thank you, Beth!

I am so very happy with the pepper jelly I made yesterday that I am thinking that if I get enough peppers I'll make more. And here I was, complaining about how we'd planted way too many peppers. 
Live and learn. 
It's just delicious!

Mr. Moon's quick test yesterday came back negative which we can all be grateful for but we got another little scare today. August felt warm to me but Jessie had already been having a hard day and I didn't want to say anything but then later, after I'd read the boys some books and I had Levon cuddled up on one side of me and August on the other, it was quite apparent that August was far hotter than his brother. So I told Jessie and she said, "You know, I thought he felt warm this morning too but I took his temperature and he didn't have any." And then she felt him and agreed that yes, he felt a bit feverish. He was acting fine. Jessie went down to the food truck that's parked at the old truck stop site on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays and brought us back some delicious lunches and August ate with gusto. 

They had to leave after lunch because Jessie was taking the last puppy to his new mommy, who ended up being a woman Jessie knew in high school. In fact, all my kids know her and they all say that she'll be a great dog mommy. But after that, Jessie took August to get tested for covid (do we even need to add the "for covid" part anymore?) and thank all the gods and goddesses, he too tested negative. Of course, these are just the quick tests but...
She thinks he may have a sinus infection. That poor boy. His sinuses are always bothering him. I think she's going to get him tested for allergies. 

Anyway, I was so relieved to hear that his test came back negative. I fervently hope that they okay a vaccine for children soon. I do appreciate that they seem not to be rushing it more than is medically appropriate but wouldn't it be wonderful if one became available within the year? 
I want my babies safe. I want ALL the babies safe. 

I'd like to thank all of you who commented about your cats (and sometimes dogs) speaking human. It's so funny that we have no doubts about parrots and some corvids being able to speak but to say that our other pets might actually be able to, may even be capable of communicating appropriately with language, is viewed as just this side of crazypants. 
I see nothing woo-woo about any of this. It's like having a sixth sense or absolutely having moments of precognition- I think these are just things that humans do indeed have which have evolved as necessary to our survival and science just hasn't figured them out yet. 

Of course, I don't know shit and I could very well be wrong. 

However, unless I am mistaken, I am sure that it is Friday and time for a martini. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I think you should move your martini to Wednesday because it's spozed to be the day my Misfits arrives now. They changed the day. And it's wrong to get my box on a non martini day.

    Very glad the test was negative.

  2. I know people who see cats still waiting on the bridge. She told me she kept seeing a cat come through the room and hop to the rug pile to nap. Oddly, he had a very short tail. It was my Scotty cat, one of my two favorite cats of my many. She often sees people's "favorite" cats.

  3. Happy the tests were negative, have a sweet night.

  4. So glad the littles tested negative. Make me a martini, too, please!

  5. I think that I will join you, though my martini will be builder's tea because gin makes me cry these days.
    What a relief that August is just fine- a minor infection perhaps. Whew! Scary times.

  6. so glad tests negative and hope August feels better soon. Look at the eyelashes on that boy! Yep- it's Martini Friday.....and I think we should also make Wed. Martini night as well!
    Susan M

  7. Those Boys are so Cute!!! Glad all the Tests were Negative. My Grandson and his Partner got COVID Delta Variant on their flight from Phoenix back Home to Washington State. They recovered fully since both were Moderna fully Vaxxed, thank God... I was still a wreck until I knew they both were over it and had no bad complications. I too will be so relieved when all those under 12 can qualify for the Vaccine, too many Adults aren't taking this seriously enough and put all the Innocents at high risk. That Jam sounded delish, what a thoughtful Gift!

  8. Parenting has a whole new layer of hard added to it these days. Glad the big and little Boppies were negative. Enjoy the martinis!

  9. Glad for negative results, but sorry August is feeling punk. Hope he feels better soon.

  10. 3 of my grandchildren got RSV - the virus which my son tells me is like the "pre-school" virus as lots of little ones catch it once they start attending school - sort of like a bad cold. They all recovered just fine.
    Hope everyone gets back to healthy and stays healthy!

  11. I'm going to try making apple butter this fall. Fingers crossed.

    As for cats, domesticated cats make far more noises than wild cats and scientists believe it's purely to communicate with humans.

    I'm glad August doesn't have covid but being sick still sucks. My nose hasn't stopped running since I went to bed last night, not sure what that's about.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  12. I can't believe they didn't end up with one of those puppies.

  13. Whew! So glad everyone has tested negative!

  14. I'm so glad Mr. Moon and August tested negative! What a worry! I hope August feels better too now!


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