Friday, December 25, 2020

We Did It, Y'all! We Survived Covid Christmas

 I made up the cheesy-sausage bread loaf this morning with the dough that had been in the refrigerator last night after I'd let it warm up a little while. Jack was the supervisor. Actually, I think he wanted to knock the rolling pin off the counter so that he could play with it. Since I got the cats those toys, he's become quite interested in pushing things off of tables and counters in order to bat them about on the floor. He's finally become a real cat. Maurice not so much but she does bat one of the little jingly balls around sometimes. 
So I cooked the sausage and drained it and grated some cheeses and rolled out the dough and applied the sausage and cheese and rolled it up. I let it rise a little while and then baked it. I probably should have let it rise a little longer and also probably should have baked it a little longer but this is what it looked like when it came out of the oven. 

However, it tasted nice. I scrambled up some of our very yellow-yolked eggs and that was a fine breakfast. And then I started working on the Christmas lunch that Jessie and Vergil were going to join us for. I made buns for the barbecue and damn if the fuckers didn't burn on the bottom and I am not sure why. The tops weren't burned in the least. Oh well. I sliced off the burned bottoms with my beautiful bread knife and all was well. I heated up the barbecue and made macaroni and cheese and a salad with garden greens and apples and pecans and goat cheese with a dressing made of fresh orange juice, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. 

All morning we were getting texts from the kids. Everyone was having a good time, eating delicious foods, and children were opening presents. 

Here's one I stole from FB that Jessie posted from last night. 

And Hank sent this one of their kitty Honeybelle who was checking out the new cat scratching taco truck. 

About one o'clock the Weatherfords showed up and the boys were beyond crazy happy. SO MANY PRESENTS! They'd stopped by Hank and Rachel's and gotten more presents and more cookies. They both rushed me and screamed, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" 
Levon said, "Do you have a present for me?"
"We DO!" I said. 
He was so happy. But first, they had to show us the new digger that their Aunt Pearl sent them. 

As you may probably know, Aunt Pearl could not have chosen a more thoughtful and appropriate gift. 

Boppy bought August a Hot Wheels race track and great fun was had putting that together. There was some problem with it but I was in the kitchen so I don't know what it was. But there were still great roars of delight so it must have worked at least a little. And Levon did love his new Big Lots trucks because Levon has never met a truck he doesn't love. 

When I pointed out the scarf to him he looked at it like WTF? and continued on with the truck exploration which cracked me up. 

When it was time to eat lunch, the boys sat down at the table but if they ate two bites, I'm shocked. They just couldn't. Life was way too exciting to eat. Which was fine. We adults did a good job of it. There was a little more playing and then suddenly, both boys were in their car in car seats and ready to go home. They had, as Vergil said, accomplished everything they'd come to do. They'd even gotten to watch Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer sitting with Boppy in his chair. 

Before they drove off, Levon modeled his scarf for me. 

August asked if I'd make him one too and I told him I would. I packed up leftovers and half a chocolate pie and some whipped cream, and kisses were given and so many thank-you's and off they went. 

So it's been a fine Christmas Day. I only cried a little bit when I was talking to Jessie about Cozumel and yes, I know you're tired of hearing about that. 

The kitchen has been cleaned up and everything is quiet again. I think our supper is going to consist of martini olives. It's getting cold, cold, cold. 

Oh! Mr. Moon made me cry a second time when he gave me a present. Last night he gave me a delicious beer that we shared which was fine but this was a real present- a pair of Apple AirPod Pros. He has a pair and loves them and my ear buds have been on their last legs for quite awhile. I listen to either books or podcasts almost all day long so they are a necessary part of my life. 
I love them. 
I wish Apple made everything. They are so simple to use and if I get a text while I'm listening to a book or podcast, Siri stops the narration and says, "Text from ...." And then she reads it to me. If I want to do something with my phone like call Hank, all I have to do is say, "Hey Siri!" and she says something like, "Uh-huh?" or "Mmmmm?" and I say, "Call Hank," and she does. I can set it so that she doesn't interrupt to read texts if I don't want her to. She's polite like that. 

So we have survived another Christmas. We are still going to get together with the other children and grandchildren to give them gifts but I think it's been sort of sweet for everyone to have their own little Christmas. Of course I've missed everyone but I know that all of my babies are healthy and safe and happy in their nests and honestly, nothing could make me happier than that. I think that before the next year is over Mr. Moon and I will probably have had our vaccines and be able to hug and kiss all of them. I have no plans to rush out and join the masses in any way, shape, or form, but the thought of being able to touch, hug, and eat with my loved ones is enough to bring me joy. 


See you tomorrow. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. So glad you and yours are doing well....and that you got to see some of them! My cup is full tonight in that hubby and I had a visit today with a dear friend that we haven't seen in over 20 years......and her adult children, who were toddlers when we last saw them. Very emotional, was the best gift we could ever have recieved and there were masked hugs involved......and we are happy tonight with our little cornish game hens.....stuffing, pumpkin pie, and reliving our joyous reunion with old friends...... it's the love......that carries us all through
    susan M

  2. That Levon owns the camera. But, I've said it before.
    So happy your day was a pleasant one.

  3. The cat scratching taco truck is the best thing! You had a very merry Mary1 Pleased- now THAT is one thing done- just have to kick the blob out of the white house before he ruins yet another thing. I've got a couple of six shooters, you bring the caps, we'll get the job done.

  4. I'm glad you had such a good day. Isn't it great to look forward to when we've had the vaccine? I don't mind waiting now that we know it's happening.

  5. Sounds like a very fine day.

    At the last minute we were allowed to visit with Katie. She came here and stayed for a short while and then wanted to go back home. It was so nice to see her and hug her.

    A quiet day here which was nice.

    Sending hugs.

  6. Applause for getting through another Christmas Day. Love the expression on Levon's face as he models his new scarf. It's payback time for your little knitting project. As for the cheesy sausage loaf, I believe Mick Jagger has one of those.

  7. We got pics throughout the day of our great grandson (almost three), then FaceTime where I heard that precious voice say ‘hi GiGi!’ Then, as I know you can relate, ‘where PawPaw?’ It was a wonderful day, and by 5 pm every Christmas decoration was packed away and back in the garage. I’m SO ready for the next big holiday, and I’m absolutely giddy about it....January 20, 2021.

  8. An imperfectly perfect Christmas. Glad you had some family with you and will see others in the coming days.

    As for talking about Cozumel--no apologies needed. It is your Happy Place. You go, girl! :)

  9. Sounds like a great day, with all the kids suitably thrilled! Levon looks so good in his scarf. Glad you had such a good day and yes, we survived. Whew!

  10. Sounds like a Splendid Pandemic Christmas that was Memorable in all the best ways.

  11. I think people enjoyed this covid christmas more than they thought they would after getting over that they shouldn't do the usual. small core family celebrations, a relief to the wives at any rate. and yes, I think by mid summer most everyone will have been vaccinated and life will be getting back to a pre-covid normal. that's a great picture of August and Levon. and I think your cheesy sausage bread is better than the sausage and gravy on biscuits that sometimes get made here.

  12. I agree with what Ellen said. I think people spent more time with their loved ones, less time travelling and stressing. I didn't make a big meal which was nice.

  13. Those darling boys. we made it through another year, my friend. I think these small, modest celebrations have something to recommend them.

  14. That’s such a sweet picture of the brothers! The gift I’m most envious of is the taco truck. Lucky Honeybelle! Fish tacos are my favorite kind. Looks like sweet celebrations all around, looking so forward to the end of this relentless year. Black eye peas and greens next. Much love and all the best in 2021.

  15. It is always nice when Christmas is done and there are no more lists to make or meals to figure out. I was lucky to see some of my kids and grandkids but I do appreciate the peace and quiet once they go home.
    Hope your 2021 is filled with good health and happy times.


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