Tuesday, April 7, 2020

So Today I Learned French (Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!)

There's Liberace and his true love, Miss Dotty. They hang out together almost all the time and when it's not the two of them together, it's Liberace and Dotty's sister, Darla. I would say that Liberace seems to prefer white chicks but as we all know, that would be incredibly wrong to say on all levels
and I would never do that.
Still. True. Although it could also be that the sisters like him better than the other sister-wives do.

I should go back and see just how long it's been since Mr. Moon and I have been basically self-isolating. I know that the last time I got to hang out with Levon and August was the day I babysat for them. I just looked it up. That was March 17th. So on Wednesday it will have been four weeks since we really started this whole stay-at-home thing. Really? I thought it was more like forty-four weeks. Or years. And it's not that I'm bored or tired of being at home. I am not. It's just- you know. I can't touch my babies.
But once again I will go over all the ways in which I am the luckiest of the lucky.
I am not alone and I am not having to live with someone I do not want to be with. I am with my love. I am not stuck in an apartment in a city where there are no trees to look out at. I have two acres of land to walk around on, to tend, to watch birds and critters on, to keep my chickens on. I have a garden. I have chickens. I have internet and TV and more information and entertainment at my fingertips than anyone in history had. I can take walks. I have books. I have food. I can cook and bathe and wash my clothes. I can be in touch with all of my children. I have HOT AND COLD RUNNING WATER! The weather has been glorious. We are healthy.
All of this and so much more.

Still I will admit- today was another hard day.
I did take a walk. I passed by this sign for about the fiftieth time.

For about the fiftieth time it annoyed the fuck out of me. I wish they would change it for the simple fact that it would be something new in my life. 
I almost said something "novel" but I decided that that, too, was a poor choice of words. 

Two men were talking in the shade of a yard and I did not notice them but they called out to me. We greeted each other and I said, "Stay healthy!" and one of them said, "God bless you!" and that's okay. To be honest one of them was in a wheel chair so the "stay healthy" thing was probably inappropriate. 
My brain is not firing at rapid speed these days. 
Or as Gibson used to say when we were driving and he was in his little car seat in the back, "Go super speed, Mer!" 
No super speed these days. Not from my poor old mind. 

I had a list of four things I really needed to do today.

1. Give little chicks a fresh bin and clean up the one they were in. 
2. Finish folding laundry and put it away.
3. Kick bamboo.
4. Plant a row of arugula. 

In real life that would possibly take me an hour. 
It took me all day long. 

And a nap was required late this afternoon. 


Mr. Moon got up early and went fishing on a lake. I think this is quite safe as he is entirely alone. Unless he has a girlfriend I don't know about but I don't think he does. 
Can you imagine being one of those women who discovers at her husband's death that he had an entire other family for years and years? Where do these women think their husbands are when they're not with them? 
Well. I have to admit that in another lifetime/marriage I ignored a whole hell of a lot that was going on right under my nose because I DIDN'T WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH! It can happen. 

That was a strange segue. 

Anyway, I'm glad my husband can get out and be on the lake. He called me and I could hear birds singing and calling and he sounded so happy. He brought home a few little fishes for me to cook and that's a nice thing. 

When he got home he fixed a place in the chicken coop that I caught the teens trying to escape from this morning. A little hole where the wire had rusted through. Luckily, they weren't sneaky and when I opened up their cage coop they rushed right to the place and demonstrated how they were attempting to stick their bodies through. I put a board up in front of the place to block them but he repaired the rusted out part with some fresh wire. 
The baby chicks are going to have to go out soon. They are getting big and getting feathers and it's time for them to move on to the next step. I may keep the banties in a few extra days because they're still so tiny. Especially that little yellow one. I'm so happy that they're all still alive. 
Knock wood.

All day as I went about my chores and avoidance of chores I listened to an audio book that is becoming another source of gratefulness in that the protagonist's life is so horrible and sad and boring that I realize how rich and not-boring my life is, even in the midst of a global pandemic. It's one of those stories about a woman who has to work in an office and she hates it and she has no real friends and she's thirty years old and her parents are still basically supporting her and she keeps thinking that if she just cleans her apartment and takes yoga and eats better and meditates and buys new clothes, and, and, and...
All will be better. 
I have no idea why I'm listening to it. It's sort of depressing. 
I blame it on ennui. 

I guess that's about it. I figure that in a few days or a week or a year or something I'll simmer down from my trip to Publix and all will be well again. 
I wonder if I'll ever do any cleaning again in my life? As Lis would say, "It's coming up on the big wheel."

Mr. Moon's outside making a fire to cook steaks over. Yesterday on my gargantuan shopping trip I bought two giant ones praying that the animals they were cut from were happy as they lived their lives. I did get the Greenwise ones which is Publix's house brand of "natural and organic" foods and the cows were supposedly grass fed. Whatever that means. Liberace, Darla AND Dottie are all out there with him, curious as to what he's doing. 
We're supposed to possibly get some rain tomorrow. I sure hope we do. We need it. 
We're also supposed to get a most gorgeous moon tonight. Be sure to check that out. 

Hang in there, people. Four weeks, forty-four weeks. Whatever it takes. We can do this. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. The title of your post stopped me. I am always interested when people say they speak French; I wish more people did (I am French originally.) I also liked the pictures of your beautiful rooster and its companion. When we bought the house in Georgia (decades ago) the previous owner’s son had built a chicken coop with chickens in it as a 4H project. We kept the chickens and gave them names. We had so many eggs we provided them to all the people in the neighborhood. I miss them now (the chickens, not the people in the neighborhood.) Chicken in French is “poule” but be careful using this word as a poule is also a slang word for…a lady of the night.

    1. Now see- I did not know that! I'll probably be okay. I don't even know how to pronounce "poule".
      As you may surmise, I do not actually speak French at all.

  2. March 17. St. Patrick's day. Not so long ago; staying indoors in Ohio, self isolating.
    So Miss Dotty and Darla probably are not poule, but any of those with pretty, sexy feathers, well, ladeda....

    1. I think I'm going to start saying "fear isolating."
      That would be the truth for me.
      Dotty and Darla may well be...poule. They are so fetching.

  3. Liberace and his Ladies made me Smile, the Animal Kingdom is going about it's business as Usual. I've been enjoying Global Posts that have shown Wildlife reclaiming Territory now that the pesky Humans are in our Cages, it's ironic and Beautiful all at the same time... how quickly Nature recovers when we're out of the way. Princess T still wants Chickens now we have Land we're allowed to have Farm Animals on... especially since Eggs are on ration now. *LOL*

    1. I don't think that nature has had enough time to do more than take a quick breath but anything is better than nothing. Absolutely. And that is definitely one aspect of this horror that is positive.
      So- are you getting chickens?

  4. I was more than happy to stay at home until I was told that I had (have) to. Now I am still happy to be home but it chafes a little. And all the other people who are cleaning, and purging and sorting continue to piss me off. I am, like you, well aware of all that I am blessed with...and still it's a struggle sometimes. I ask myself WTF?! a lot.

    1. We must be made of the same stuff, Dianne. Don't even talk to me about cleaning. Or sorting. Or purging. I will weep.

  5. For sixteen days (14 in Florida, then a drive home to Illinois, where we have to go another 15)I thought I was handling things just fine. But when I realized our two year old great grandson is 15 minutes away and I can't hug him, I guess I kind of lost it. Of course, not being able to see him isn't what set me off. What set me off was that our ice maker quit. Here I was, a years-long ice chewer, with no ice! I did the adult thing: I threw a fit. I cried and bemoaned the fact that I had no ice. My saint of a husband drove two miles to Dollar General and bought ice and made me a big glass of ice water. I thanked him, with the sobs finally subsiding, and realized that maybe this whole thing HAS taken its toll...

    1. Isn't it funny the final thing that will break you? I understand completely. Not being able to hug a grandchild is just too big not to try and contain but GODDAMMIT! Give me my ice!
      I used to be a major ice crusher. I don't know why I stopped.

  6. Wishing you a sweet night and I hope you enjoy those fish.

  7. Maybe it's a different virus that makes it so hard to get thru the chores. I've certainly got it too.
    The time thing is weird--it feels like forever, and i can't tell one day from the next unless I check my calendar. But each day goes fast.

    1. That's exactly how it is for me too. Exactly.

  8. That Liberace is one good looking rooster. I bet him and all your chickens do keep life interesting. I always love hearing about them and now you have the little ones too. You take good care. (I'm not getting any cleaning done either, or much else for that matter)

    1. The chickens are as busy as ever and for that, I am grateful. A tiny bit of "normal" life. As always, they soothe me.

  9. One foot in front of the other. One day at a time, I saw that on a board at work yesterday morning and it helped. I just had to get through the day. Work thankfully was much better yesterday. I stopped taking my stomach medication, as always it makes my depression much worse, although now I have a cough. A rock and a hard place.

    It's my grandson's birthday tomorrow, one already. He's such a sweet boy and I'm thankful he came into our lives.

    Hold on Mary. You got this.

    1. I'm glad work was better. And yeah- one foot in front of the other. That is all we can do and it's what we all must do.
      Happy birthday to that precious little guy. I know how much you love him.
      You got this too, girl. I know you do.

  10. the moon was gorgeous last night. my neighbor at the other end of the street texted me to come look. I had to walk out to the street because it wasn't high enough to see over the trees in my yard. yes, one day at a time. there's a barbeque place down the main road that has a sign 'trust in god's plan' it says in all caps. you mean god's plan to kill us all with covid-19? no thanks.

    1. "God's plan." Right. Sure. Just like "intelligent design." I will say that viruses can be quite intelligently designed.
      The moon though- she is worth giving a worshipful thought to now and then. She makes no promises except to be here.

  11. It DOES feel like forever, doesn't it? And I don't even have any children involved. Stay strong! We will get through this!

    What's the name of the audio book? It sounds intriguing. In fact I think I might have read it before, or maybe just something like it.

    1. The book was called "The New Me" by Halle Butler and I do not recommend spending one second of your time on it.
      You stay strong too, Steve. I know you will.

  12. Excuse me. But I thought you got a gorgeous Moon every night! Mind you when Glen was "fishing on the lake" the sounds of nature may have been on a small tape recorder. All part of an elaborate deception. Men! You just can't trust them.

    P.S. I did not know that you had two acres of land. That's a lot. Almost the size of a Wyoming ranch.

    1. I DO get a gorgeous Moon every night. I'm quite lucky that way!
      Well, if Mr. Moon was faking the fishing trip, I'm not quite sure where he got the fish but he could have bought them somewhere I suppose. Men are pretty wily.
      2.2 acres to be exact! So yeah, we are basically land barons.


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