Thursday, April 9, 2020

In Today's News

I have often said that one of the main reasons I walk is because it satisfies my inherent need to suffer.
I think this is true.
That scene above is what it looks like on my last half mile when it's already very hot, there is no shade for quite a stretch, and the only reason I keep going is because there is no other option.
Well, I could lay down on the hot sidewalk and call my husband but I'm saving that option for a heart attack which, knock wood, I won't have any time soon.

But yes, I took my walk today and I suffered and then I hardly did anything else because I was too worn out. Here in the time of the plague, it's good to be worn out though. It helps me to get that ten hours of sleep a night that I so obviously need.
When I got up this morning at the crack of nine, I walked into the kitchen and said to my husband, "I'm so sorry I slept so late."
"Why would you even say that?" he asked, peering over his laptop where he was reading the news.
"I have no idea," I said and laughed and gave him a hug.

He spent most of the day working in the garden where it was broiling hot and I have to tell you- this is going to be the most beautiful garden we've ever had because of his work and attention. He says it's his therapy and I sure am glad that this is the therapy he's chosen.
He took a break though, to see Jessie and August who came over to drop off another N95 mask for us. Vergil had come by last night with the boys on their way back from a day-long trip to a river to return a trolling motor and a battery and I got to see the boys while they were still in their car seats. Of course I cried but I tried not to let them see. Levon looked a bit morose but then he broke into his beautiful smile and the whole world was a better place to be in.
But today Jessie and August got out of the car. Jess had promised August he could pick mulberries if that was okay with Mer and Bop and of course it was.

I know he's grown in a month. 
He was in a wacky mood and even demonstrated what he looked like while eating a not-ripe mulberry. It was hysterical. I asked him if he missed hugging me or if he was glad that he didn't have to. He said that he was glad that he didn't have to. 
I think he was joking but knowing August, I'm not sure. 
Well tough titties, kid. When this is over, he's getting some damn hugs. Personal boundaries be damned. 
(I'm sort of kidding.)
At least I didn't cry and it was a cheerful visit. We visited the chickens in the coop. 

I managed to get them all in the their new roosting place last night and they seem fine. One of the little black and white ones comes running to me when I come into the coop and pecks my toes, hoping that they are food. She has obviously made the connection between me and sustenance. Smart chicken. 
And speaking of my chicken friends, these two come onto the porch and perch on the chair for a little bit every morning. It's a regular visit and I appreciate it. 

They've never yet pooped on the chair and I appreciate that even more. 

So let's see. What else happened around here? Well, I finally finished Sunday's Washington Post crossword. 
Not exactly a crossword demon, am I? 
No. No I am not. 

I hung out a little laundry. And oh yeah! I made another mask. 

I especially like the word "muerte" on it. That is the Spanish word for death which is probably what would happen if I wore this mask to actually protect myself from the virus. 
Oh well. It matches my dress! Classy, right? 
But now I think I know how to make these suckers and tomorrow I'm going to try and get two done for Hank and Rachel. 
If I have time. Because you know- I'm really, really busy these days writing novels and doing yoga and redecorating the house and meditating and growing, roasting, and brewing my own green tea. 
I have wondered how you can procure opium poppy seeds and I'm sure that if I really wanted to I could. 
Maybe this weekend. 

Meanwhile, last night's tacos were good but the guacamole was excellent. Tonight I'm making a New York Time's recipe for pasta with roasted broccoli, almonds and anchovies except I'm going to do that thing I always make fun of which is to substitute all sorts of things for the called-for ingredients and add other things and by the time I'm done with it it won't even bear a passing resemblance to what the recipe author wrote. But it will have roasted broccoli (or, maybe just stir-fried, who knows?) and pasta and anchovies. 
I love it when people ask things in the comments like, "Is it okay to use pine nuts instead of almonds?"


Oh, La. Might as well try to be cheerful. 

Suffer, then laugh. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. 
Stay home. Wash your hands if you must go out. 
If possible, wear a mask that goes nicely with your outfit. NO CLASHING! Please, people. Yes, it's a global pandemic but we must try to preserve certain standards. 

Swim if possible. 

At home. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Wouldn't it help if you used an umbrella in the hot spots? I certainly don't have to worry about the heat yet, freezing temps at night and highs in the mid-40s. We're having a really late spring. I'm glad you get to see your little ones in person, even if you can't touch. I so miss my granddaughter in KY. This virus stuff is wearing on everyone and the predictions that push the stay-away warnings into the summer make my brain frizzle. Pretty long 'comment' here; I must be craving contact. Haha. My husband just said next Monday we're to have a HIGH of 30. So may I finish with a 'fuck it'?

    1. I couldn't deal with an umbrella. Too much.
      And I, too, would finish with a "fuck it" if we were about to have weather that cold although really? We're supposed to be getting days in the nineties soon and I say "fuck it" to that too.

  2. That picture of the chickens on the chair is a work of art. Just beautiful. I'd hang that on my wall! There will be lots and lots of hugging down the road, that's for sure.

    1. I can't wait. I mean- I will wait but I can't wait.
      You know what I mean.

  3. And so it goes, another day. One day one of us will surprise the world by showing off the back flips we're practicing, or the creme broule. or Rachmaninoff.

    1. Possibly a creme brulee but no back flips or Rachmaninoff.
      You can bet that ranch on that.

  4. Mary your mask looks perfect. What pattern are you using? Link? Ty LU

  5. Oh how I love the chicken couple on the chair! They actually do look like they belong there and they know it. Just sitting on the porch watching the world go by.

    I'm always changing up recipes too. I say I can't cook without a recipe but then I go and change it all up to suit myself. If there was a Cooking Police I would have been put away a long time ago.

    I'm glad you got to see some of the family. I understand the need to hug on those loved ones. I have not seen my adult kids or grandchildren (almost adult) since this all started and I hate that! We don't see them enough anyway as they are always so busy with jobs and such. But gosh darn it - I miss them! And this will be the saddest Easter ever since families can't get together.

    I love your mask and how it matches your lovely dress! Good job!

    1. The chickens don't really sit there for very long. It's like they just want to get up there to see what they can see.
      Easter is going to be so lame with no kids hunting eggs and no ham and angel biscuits.

  6. Like other commenters, I also love the chickens in the chair picture. Straight away, I thought - that is Mer and Big Bopper Moon! It would make a lovely personalised Christmas card - that is of course if Christmas happens this year. I hope the chair stays shit free.

    1. My friend Lis said it should be our Easter card.
      And if they poop on the chair, I'll just clean it up. It's the porch chair.

  7. That chickens on the chair photo should be in Chicken Vogue. So stylish!

    I have another tip, from a student's Cuban doctor uncle: gargle warm salt water every time you come in from being out/in contact with others. Kills the germs in your throat.

    If it doesn't work, no harm done. But he said the doctors on Wuhan who did it didn't get sick. So I'm giving it a go. So

    1. Chicken Vogue! Ha! Yes, they would definitely fit right in there.
      I am pretty sure that the salt-water gargle thing has been totally disproven. That's not how viruses work. Or germs or whatever. I'm pretty sure that if you inhale them enough to get them into your throat, they go straight to the lungs and thus, the bloodstream.
      But yeah- it won't hurt you.

  8. I love the word 'muerte', the way it rolls off the tongue. when I was a kid, the vet my parents used had a dead plant in a pot in the corner and he got tired of people telling him it needed to be watered so he put a sign in the pot 'la planta es muerta'.

    I actually laid down yesterday for a nap after two days of sweating out every drop of water in my body. I might even have slept some. I can't always tell.

    1. "La planta es muerta."
      Haha! I wonder why they didn't just get a new plant, living or fake.
      I hope you're drinking plenty of water.

  9. I love that photo of the chickens on the chair. I would look fantastic blown up and framed. Could I get a copy? The JPG?

    I am quite envious of your weather, although come summertime I wouldn't be. We had a little snow again last night. This is the longest winter ever! Not really, but it feels like it.

    I'm glad you guys are all staying safe and I love the mask that matches your dress:)

    I made a couple of masks yesterday and I'll probably make a couple more today. Never thought I'd be doing that.

    Sending hugs.

    1. I'll send you the picture. Remind me if I forget.
      I can't seem to make a mask I like to save my damn life. I'm about to give up.

  10. I think you could have a Cottage Industry going with those Muerta Masks, I'd Buy one, it's great Irony, plus, my Mask is so BORING! And damn if I'll be Boring, even during a Time of Pandemic! Glad you got to see the Grands, tho' not being able to reach out and touch everyone seems so unnatural and it's bothering me a lot lately. I was a Pre-Pandemic hugger and naturally demonstrative person, so I have to resist being myself and having to Eyeball everyone closely as if they're a Killer!

    1. I've always been a hugger too. It's just who I am. I think a lot of us are. Hugging is good for us. I'm hugging my husband more, I'll tell you that.

  11. Glad to know Tallahassee area hospitals have enough N95 mask that the employees can share with family members. :)

    1. It's one of Vergil's shop masks. I hope you meant that as a joke because none of us would take a mask from the hospital's supply.

    2. Someone clearly does not know you or your family.

  12. I'm so glad you got to visit with Jessie, August and Levon -- even at a distance. That had to be great to have them stop by and pick mulberries. I'm seeing so many stylish masks in blogland, and yet I never see them on the streets. I just see plain ol' white or blue!

    1. I bet if you worked at Publix you'd see quite a few fancy ones.

  13. Oh that picture of the chickens on the chair is adorable. I'd always heard chickens have personalities!

    1. They really do. They're funny critters and they keep me amused.

  14. Now I want to get into a pool! Those boys are living their best lives. Well, when you can hug them again that will be all the way true.


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