Thursday, April 30, 2020

Many Pictures of Cute Children

I woke up this morning knowing that I had OBLIGATIONS which sort of freaked me out. And sort of stressed me out, too. I mean- it's been weeks since I had any responsibilities beyond meals and laundry. Everything I've been doing has been whatever I wanted to do and basically, whenever I wanted to do it.
But I had offered to make Jessie a birthday cake. Tomorrow is her birthday and she'll be working so Vergil had suggested that I make one today because she would like that. And then he added, "Or maybe it's me and August who would like that."
And I had to take a walk because it was cool and I didn't walk yesterday and I have to keep this good habit up and, and, and...
You know.
And on top of all of that, Lily and the kids were coming over for an outside visit.
So much for one day!

I took my walk and was slightly amazed at easy four miles seems now. In order to make progress am I going to have to start walking for five miles? And then six? Where does it end? I don't have all day to walk.
Okay. I basically do have all day to walk.
I shall ponder this.

I got back and ate some lunch and made the bed and then Lily pulled up with my darlings. Maggie had to run immediately to the hen house to look for eggs and then she wanted to go see the little chickens so into the coop she went. Owen and Gibson went with her and they all wanted to hold one of the chickens of course, and it turns out that Precious is pretty sweet about letting that happen.

Owen went first because he has experience but Maggie was eager.
Gibson went next and then he helped his sister.

Precious just perched on Maggie's arm like a parrot, happy as could be. 

After egg gathering and chick-playing time we mostly just talked and walked around the garden and Gibson picked a carrot and did his Bugs Bunny imitation. 
"What's up, Doc?" When he had finished all but the last little bit of the carrot he tossed it on the ground and Pepper found it and gnawed on it. She is becoming just more and more beloved. 
Maggie watched Boppy using his new leaf-bagging technique and wanted to help and so she did. 

I swear, Mr. Moon is inventing and creating one new thing after another during this time of being home bound. It's pretty cool. 

And then it was time for them to go home for whatever their next activity was. As they left all of the kids were telling Lily what it was they wanted and needed NOW and I looked at my daughter and once again, was just bowled over by how competent and patient she is. This whole homeschooling thing is HARD if it's done right and she is doing her best to do it right. There are the Zoom classes and there is work to do and it would be so easy for her to just let them blow it off. But she's taking it seriously and I'm so proud of her. I mean- it's hard enough just to keep your sanity with three kids at home day after day, week after week, but she's managing it all. 

Here's Magnolia doing her Zoom dance class. 

I love how she gets dressed for class in her leotard and lets her mama put her hair up. Impressive!

And after that part of my day I made the cake. Lis told me that Lon had made her a Mississippi mud cake for her birthday which reminded me that I hadn't made one of those in a long time and since I had all the ingredients, that's what I made. I use the recipe in a Moosewood cookbook and it's a good one with plenty of chocolate, coffee, and bourbon. 
Hard to go wrong, right?
I have to admit that it came out looking like...well, mud. But it was what it was and when it was done I wrapped it up and drove into town and delivered it to the almost-birthday girl. 
I can't believe that thirty-one years ago she was still living in my belly. But she was. And we were living just a few blocks from where she lives now. That was where she was born, right there in a red brick house on a rainy day when the magnolias were blooming. 
So I handed over the cake and talked to the boys. 
I got to see ALL of my grands today!

When I wanted to take their picture I said, "Where should you stand?" Jessie's front yard is looking beautiful with little gardens everywhere with growing vegetables and flowers and herbs which would have made nice backdrops but no, August wanted to stand by my car. 
And so that's what happened. 

I sped home and cleaned up the kitchen and made a white lasagna with tuna and mushrooms and spinach, and picked greens for a salad. 
What a day! 
I am really looking forward to tomorrow when I have nothing planned at all except to take my walk and wash my sheets. It is supposed to get down into the low fifties tonight and I can't tell you how much we are enjoying this weather. Lily said today that it's a shame that they're having to waste all this great playground weather because by the time they can go play it's going to be too hot and she is NOT doing that. 
We talked about how we are SO hoping we can go swimming at the Wacissa this summer. I just can't imagine a summer without the Wacissa. 
We shall see. 
Safety first. 

Love to all...Ms. Moon


  1. I could never have done home schooling or shut down or anything that involved keeping my youngest focused. God bless her teachers.

  2. It sounds like a good day and you sound like you had a good day. I'm glad.

    I couldn't have managed home schooling, not with Miss Katie.

    I've never had Mississippi Mud Cake, it sounds delicious. Happy Birthday to Jessie.

  3. Your daughters are terrific, and you may get your wish about the Wacissa if Florida starts opening too soon as is rumored...Have a great night.

  4. You had a busy day! Congratulations on keeping up with the walking. It's always a good day when you see the grands!

  5. home schooling three children AND working??? how is that even possible. Super powers, pretty sure. Yes your grand children are about as perfect as can be, almost unreal, great gene pool. I admire your walking miles and miles! Very good! Takes so much discipline, something I lack, BIGLY! That is a lot of activity for one day! Especially these days- I vaguely remember doing stuff.

  6. I can't imagine being a parent and having to stay on top of Zoom schooling, in addition to all the regular parental duties. Dave sees it from the teacher's perspective, of course, and we're able to tell which parents are helping the kids and which are not. Kudos to you for walking. I almost never walk unless I'm walking the dog, which is a habit I need to break. I need to walk more for ME.

  7. another good day. and I am so glad I do not have children at home. I got to talk to both the twins yesterday and my son and my daughter came by and I got a text from my youngest grandchild.

  8. Your cake looks lovely. I've never made a Mississippi mud pie - another one for a trial I think. And lucky you getting to see all your grandchildren on the same day!

  9. Precious looks precious,and the grand children look lovely. My daughters also have to oversee distance schooling- it seems to keep them occupied the whole morning. I asked my one daughter if she couldn't leave Josh, the nine year old to work by himself- and she said she did but when she looked up- there he was outside playing with the dogs!

  10. It's hard to imagine summer at all. Instead of pondering that, I will dwell on those lovely children. Beautiful them. And sweet chickens. And the cake! Thank you for reminding me of that cake.

  11. All the kids seem happy! Love that Maggie got dressed for class!


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