Thursday, May 16, 2019

You Can't Break His Heart

Here's August listening closely (literally on the edge of his seat) to one of the stories at Story Hour in Monticello today. There were only a few of us there but we carried on as if it were a crowd. He and Maggie both look to me like their arms and legs are suddenly just stretching out and they're losing all of their baby looks and becoming kids.
I mean, obviously, but still...

So we went to Story Hour and then we came back to my house and ate leftovers here because we do eat out a lot and I got to read books to my boys and mostly I just feel a bit crazy and not very functional today so I think I'd just rather briefly discuss Mick Jagger than anything else.
Have you seen the video of him dancing in a studio that's all over the internet?

Here he is along with a few words from the ABC (FAKE NEWS!) team.

I showed Jessie the video of him dancing and she said something along the lines of how usually, when you see a video on Facebook of a 75-year old man dancing it's like at a wedding and he looks like an old man dancing and you go, "Oh, that's so sweet!"
But this ain't that.
We don't even need to throw in the part about how he just had heart surgery.

Dear god.

So the Stones have rescheduled all of the concerts that had to be canceled due to the surgery and it looks to me like old Mick is going to be fine and that once again, the original Bad Boys of Rock and Roll will be hitting the road and doing what they love to do and what no one does like they do.
Here's a little lagniappe picture of my spirit totem animal.

And hey, just for the hell of it- I offer you this. 

Bless you, Mick. Dance with the devil, dance with yourself, dance with your band. Just don't stop.
Thank you.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I am still in shock and disbelief at the past few days....... are we REALLY going backwards? It makes me ill. But.......I am missing Augusts curls (tho I know they will grow back) but loving Mick doing the dance! Doesn't surprise me one bit.....but it does make me smile broadly . ;-) . Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all keep moving forward....although not as *nicely* as Mick . ;-)
    Susan M

  2. Oh MARY thank you! So needed of course the Stones make the owies seem less, God I love them...Please try to go see them- Jacksonville is it? This just totally made me tear up. lump in the throat, love

  3. I downloaded Keith Richards' autobiography and listened to it the entire time I was weaving towels. And now I'm weaving something else, and listening to it another time. Thanks for the clip of Mick dancing.

  4. You've probably already this but wow.

  5. I am so excited -- we received notice that the Stones will be at the Rose Bowl on August 22nd!

  6. I love August, curls or not , and Mick...what a great combination! Will you see the Stones?

  7. August looks cool with his new haircut and that picture is also a great visual representation of what is meant by the expression - "This story will have you sitting on the edge of your seat".

  8. He makes me want to dance. Septigenarians can still do it.

  9. Seeing Mick dance is sooo cool. And August does look more boy than baby in that photo!

    Ps chrome works! I can comment again!

  10. Go, Mick! I'm glad he's on the mend. And glad you went to story hour and it was captivating enough that August was in suspense!

  11. you're right, August is becoming a real boy but I do miss his curls. I can't even deal with the news. that asshole is trying to force us back to the 50s. it's been their long game while we danced in the sun and now it is coming to fruition. it's only temporary though. they will die and people of color will take over.


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