Friday, April 12, 2019

Just A Little Post

Ugh. I've already started and deleted two posts here this evening.
I just don't have it in me to get philosophical or confessional or political or anything right now. And I don't have any amazing adventures to relate. No big chicken news. No epiphanies or major break-throughs or break-downs either.
Just regular old life.
I went to Costco with Lily and Jessie and and Magnolia, Levon and August. Then we went to lunch. While we were at the restaurant the mamas took the children outside to play while we waited for food and Maggie and August brought me the flowers you see in that picture, clutched in their little fists and handed them over. Maggie said, "Here Mer. You can take these to your home."
And as you can see, I did and they sprang back to life like Jesus from the tomb when I put them in water.
I loved that she said, "Your home."
She and her brothers are coming to spend the night tomorrow night so that Lily and Jason can go out. It will be their anniversary and it is Jessie and Vergil's anniversary too. They did not plan this very well if they wanted to have child-care for anniversary celebrating provided by their mother. Maggie is so excited at the prospect of spending the night here. I've been a bit derelict in my duties as regards having kids over to spend the night. Owen did come over a few weeks ago but he got to be the only kid. And August has been here. But Gibson and Maggie haven't been here overnight for quite awhile. We shall remedy that tomorrow. I have bought pizzas and have all of the fixin's for purple cows.

At the Costco today I bought Baby Alive dolls for both Maggie and August. They were so happy. As we all know, Maggie loves babies and Lily says she'll play with this new one endlessly. I'm not sure about August but he wanted one too and so I got him one. They both kissed me and hugged me with great fervor and so that money was well spent.

Here's a picture of Maggie with her favorite baby.

Oh, how Magnolia loves that little boy and he loves her back. The joy of watching all three of these cousins together is something very special and it makes my heart happy. 

I was wearing a favorite necklace of mine today. It's silver and has many hearts on it. Thirteen, to be exact. August, aka Mr. Why, asked me why my necklace had so many hearts. 
"Why do you think?" I asked him. 
"Because you have so many people you love," he said. "Like me." 

All right. I guess my life hasn't been completely meaningless. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. "Why do you think?" I asked him.
    "Because you have so many people you love," he said. "Like me."

    All right. I guess my life hasn't been completely meaningless.

    He knows. Your family and friends know. Mr. Moon knows.

  2. Oh to be thanked with kisses and hugs, what bliss.

  3. Those little grandchildren of yours are so sweet. Every one is a treasure. And the little baby-picked flowers tug my heartstrings. 💕

  4. No, not meaningless at all...Happy Friday, Mary!

  5. Too sweet. Like the hot fudge, chocolate chunk raspberry sundae I had yesterday. Except, mine actually was too sweet.

  6. Could Maggie and Levon be any more charming together? Now, for some reason, I am wondering if there are more grandchildren in your future haha.


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