Friday, April 5, 2019

Friday News Round-Up

There is cute and then there is cute. 
Look at these two fellas. How cute are they? That's Mr. Moon and his college roommate who was also an Auburn basketball player, holding their tickets for the final four.
You may know what the final four is. I really don't but it does appear to be important. And they do look so very, very happy.
Mr. Moon left this morning and now he's in Chicago where his friend lives and I guess tomorrow they'll be heading to Minnesota. They are going to have such a good time and dammit, I may not understand one bit of it but I do, without doubt, understand that this makes my man so happy and that makes me happy. Life is short. Jump on that train and ride it to Minnesota. Or wherever it is that would make you grin like that.

So. What am I doing while my husband is up north?
Well. I went to lunch. Of course.
Hank and Rachel and Lily and Jessie and August and Maggie and Levon and I all went to El Patron and ate delicious tasty Mexican food.
Here are Hank and August.

Hank let August taste his Coca Cola. August has never had Coca Cola, as far as I know. I'm not sure how he liked it although he did ask if he could try my lemon water after he had his sip of the forbidden. Maggie got to taste it too. I think she's probably had Coke before. Maybe. She asked for more. 

Maggie wanted to play with Levon. Of course. She seems to view him as a small pet. She loves pets. Lily says that if they see a dog from the car she wants to stop, get out of the car, and pet it. 

In fact, she told our server that she could pet Levon's head if she wanted. 
We were sitting at a table quite far removed from other diners and she walked Levon around and around a little island. Like you would a little doggie, perhaps. She and August also played some tag until that got out of hand. I love how Levon is so trusting of Maggie. She helped him up and down the two steps that were involved in this circular walk so carefully. I swear, I'm not sure I've ever seen a child as (dare I say it?) nurturing as Magnolia June. 
More pictures are required. 

That sweet little boy head, that gorgeous tangle of rainy-day curls.

Oh, my heart! 

And so there was that- lunch. I took Rachel home while Hank did a few errands because she's been sick and had gone to work for half a day and I could tell she was tired and ready to be home. I hate that feeling of having to buck up and pretend you don't feel like hell when all you want is to be in your own home and your own bed with the door to the world shut behind you. 
I love Rachel. I love that Rachel and Hank love each other. I can't imagine anything better. When I saw Hank today I hugged him hard and said, "My baby!" 
Of course this is so ridiculous and I do it when I hug all of my children if I am moved by emotion to do so. But they ARE my babies. And they taught me what love is. To be quite honest, they taught me what life is. 
And I am so grateful that Rachel is part of our lives and our love now. And she so beautifully is. 

After that I went to Publix where guess who I ran into? 
Levon seemed to be especially excited to see me again so soon in such a different context. When I saw them I said, "Look at the healthy things in my cart!" And indeed, I had asparagus and organic sweet potatoes and lovely peppers and a small carton of blackberries. I was so proud. Of course this was before the beer and tonic aisles and before I bought that beautiful little steak I'm going to cook either tonight or tomorrow. 

When I got home I finished doing laundry which is still making me inordinately happy, and made up my bed with clean sheets AGAIN for me and Jack and then I went to gather eggs and pick mulberries. 

I can't tell you how excited I am about these berries despite my recent post about the over-abundance of spring. I think that in a few days I'll have enough to make a little pie and won't that be something? One mulberry is enough to shoot me right back to childhood to the mulberry tree in Roseland where we children gorged ourselves every spring. We dyed our lips and our fingertips purple and I know that my mother made a pie of them at least once. I remember her saying that they needed some lemon juice and I will add some to my pie if I make it. 

And that is the story from here. It rained sweetly all night last night. The squash is coming up. Once again the church next door has gospel music wailing from the windows and the guys on the other side of me are practicing whatever it is they play. Mick Jagger seems to be recovering nicely from his heart surgery. I do believe he'll live to dance again. And sing again. And strut again. And play harmonica again. Hell. Who knows? He could father another child or two. 
He's Mick Jagger. 
And we are not. 
God loves the Rolling Stones. 
Trust me on this. 

Happy Friday, y'all. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. The Rolling Stones appear to have more lives than a cat...Enjoy your evening.

  2. It was so good that they could take the (relatively) non-invasive route to the heart. He's going to feel better so much sooner. That Maggie is more adorable every time we see her.

    1. I have a feeling that Mick will be absolutely fine.
      Maggie IS adorable. I mean...she just is.

  3. oh my, the babies, all of them even Hank...babies always, my son gets stroppy when that flies out of my mouth but I just can not help it. Mick is so tiny, it probably only took one little nip to get that valve in there. All reports are favorable for future good health.

    1. I read that he still has a twenty-eight inch waist. I don't think I've had one of those since I was four years old.
      And nah, we don't have to stop calling our babies our babies. They just are.

  4. Replies
    1. They told me! It was a Publix miracle! I'm sorry I missed you there.

  5. Those smallest babies of yours sure are sweet. I love the pictures of Maggie and Levon together.

    Enjoy your time to yourself!

    1. Maggie just can't get enough of Levon.
      I am enjoying my time alone. Thank you, Jennifer.

  6. as usual your pictures make me want my grands to be babies again. no more babies for me. I have to go hang out at Rocky's house to be around their grandbabies.

    1. It's just an incredible pleasure to be around these littles. They make me laugh and they stretch my heart out bigger than I ever knew it could be.

  7. The sun is out today, drying up the garden, I hope. It's still too squishy to get in and weed. It's good to see the lot of you swirling through life. I just downloaded Keith Richards' autobiography, which is so long it may weave off the rest of this warp.

    1. Oh, Joanne! I hope you love it the way I do!

  8. I love your description of Maggie treating Levon like a little pet. That is hilarious. Kids are so funny. Those mulberries look great. I'm not sure I've ever eaten a mulberry.

  9. Maggie and Levon are just as adorable as can be. Levon will adore Maggie always. I’m sure of it. I hooted when you said you thought Maggie had tasted a Coke before. Something about how you wrote it. I love your family. I hope Rachel feels better soon.

  10. How wonderful, a mulberry pie. I don't think I've ever tasted a mulberry. Maggie got curls, that lucky girl!!! Such sweet babies you have in your life.


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