Sunday, November 4, 2018

Alone But Most Certainly Not Lonely

Oh my, oh my, oh my.
It's been a rather lovely day for me even though almost all I've done is to try and get my new phone filled with all of the information from my old phone and although at times the process has gone swimmingly, I think I'm going to have to send this one back and get another. I know they use refurbished phones and that's fine.
If they work.
But this one would not connect to my headphones and I'm now trying to download all of my stuff from the old phone to the new one again and there seems to be a glitch in that process too.
I will say though, that the insurance company who provides the new phones (Asurion) has been wonderful with tech help both via phone and via an app that they sent me a link to where I can communicate with a tech person.
You know, it's funny. I'm 64 years old and yes, there are so many tech-related things that I'm absolutely in the dark about and yes, Gibson does give me instructions for using the remote when I'm navigating Netflix as if he has already internalized  the myth that old people just can't do things like that, but I am not completely ignorant and things are so much simpler now than they used to be when home computers first became a thing.
But when things go wrong, it's so helpful to be able to reach out for assistance.

Mr. Moon has gone to Georgia to hunt again and up until today things had been a tiny bit bumpy with us for a few days. Nothing big, just a little bruising of delicate feelings and slight misunderstandings and the sorts of things which beset all relationships no matter how long or short they may be. But this morning things were tenderly made smooth again and I sent him off with a truly loving heart and some frozen soup and a small meatloaf for him to eat this week and he knew that I loved him and I knew that he loved me and so all is very, very well.

Jessie and Lily and I had planned an outing today to a local farm where they have a corn maze and animals but then it started raining and we found out that the farm had closed because of it and although I was really looking forward to going, mostly because we had such a good time when we went there last, I was not upset to stay home and tend to things here. You can read the post that I wrote about our visit there two years ago HERE  and it's slightly interesting, not just for the report and pictures of the babies but also because I wrote it just a few days after the 2016 election which gives it a bit of historical context, I guess. Plus, a few miracles were noted and described.
The Pope still hasn't gotten back to me on those though.
I'm sure he's busy.

Have I told you that the baby chicks and Dearie have had the run of the coop for the last few days? They have and they are so damn cute, running around and scratching up bugs and whatever they can find. Dearie is still in Alpha Mommy Mode, protecting her babies and calling them back if they get too far away from her. And I am still in awe of how dedicated she is to her babies. When I go to shut the big chickens up in their roost I check on the growing family too and she invariably has them tucked up in her wings in the back, most protected part of the little coop and I shut the lid and wish them a good night.
I am so thrilled that all ten are still alive.

It has rained for most of the day and I have been grateful for that. It has given me reason to stay inside and not feel guilty. I've read some while waiting for downloads. I got cold and took a very long and hot shower. I worked a little on Levon's monkey. I chatted with very polite and knowledgeable tech people. I've done some laundry.
I've been content in my house, in my life.
I've been at ease and in contentment in my love.

Well. There. That's been my life today. And we shall see what tomorrow brings us.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Sounds like a fabulous day. I had not heard about the shootings until your post because I was gone all day yesterday. Like you, I was content to stay in with the cat on this Sunday.

    1. Cats know what to do on Sundays, don't they?

  2. I'm glad the baby chicks are all okay. We hit bumps too. The big guy is pretty easy going and I often misread his facial expression, and he misreads mine as well. We both suffer from resting bitch face. I also misinterpret concern for anger, I'm guessing that comes from my dad. He never showed concern when one of us got hurt, he just got angry. Of course now I realize he was scared but at the time, I didn't know that.

    Now I'm rambling on. I'm glad you had a lovely day and isn't it amazing what small things make up a lovely day? It does for me too. Take care.

    1. I like to say that in marriage, sometimes the tide is in and sometimes the tide is out. This is just how it is and if we're lucky, the tide is in far more than it's out. I am lucky.
      Yes. The smallest things can make us happiest.

  3. not that I'm happy you and Mr. Moon have had a few bumps in the road but at least it proves y'all are really human. bumpy seems to be the norm around here. well, not really but not often lovey dovey. I love having the house to myself and it so rarely happens. only once a year and that for only the last three years. and this year if he decides to go spend the week with my brother in Colorado while my brother skis. 1/2" of rain yesterday morning and not supposed to rain again til Wednesday.

    1. Oh, we are most certainly humans! But usually we carry on in a mostly- sweet way. I think we've come to appreciate each other in ways that we never could when we were younger. That's a whole month of posts right there...
      And it is nice to have the house to myself.
      We didn't get any rain today. Supposed to tomorrow. We'll see.

  4. I love rainy days when I can stay inside and not feel guilty! They seem to come so rarely, which sounds ridiculous considering I live in England -- but seriously, I always feel compelled to get out and do something. I love a day when I just stay home and catch up with tasks around the house. A little bumpiness in any relationship is to be expected, right? And I too am glad Dearie's chicks are all safe and sound. She's such a good mother.

    1. Steve, you and I share guilt-sensibilities. But yes, I would expect there to be more rain in England. Climate change?
      Goodness. I doubt that two saints could live together for a long period of time without there being a hurt feeling or misunderstanding here and there.
      Dearie IS a good mother! The best chicken mother one could ever find, I think.

  5. days like this are perfection. so glad to hear you and your lovely man smoothed over those little bumps that all marriages experience. this post leaves me feeling so peaceful.

    1. It was a peaceful day! A rainy Sunday in Florida. I loved it.
      And isn't it wonderful when harmony is restored to the marriage? Like you've taken a deep breath and all is well again.


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