Friday, November 23, 2018

A Big Day

Well, I did something today I can't remember ever doing.
I went shopping on Black Friday.
The refrigerator issues have been ongoing and it's just time to buy a new one. The insides of ours has started to quite literally crumble in places plus it randomly floods the kitchen at times and Mr. Moon decided that it's best to just get a new one and turn the old one into a bait and beer refrigerator in the garage. Of course we already have a bait and beer refrigerator in the garage but I suppose one never has too many bait and beer refrigerators in the garage.
So. We went to town. We went to Costco and I found one there that would have done perfectly well and I suggested that we just go ahead and buy that one and be done with it.

You know this did not happen.

On to Lowe's. There we decided that yes, we still liked that model the best.
On to Home Depot where I almost lost my shit and decided that perhaps I may be somewhere on the Autism scale because I CAN'T TAKE THAT SORT OF IMPUT! Lowe's and Costco had not been so bad but Home Depot was crazy.

We still liked the same refrigerator.

One more place to stop. A local appliance store that's been in business for about a hundred years. We checked out what they had and were still thinking we wanted the original make and model we'd seen at Costco but then the sales lady sort of pushed us towards another model of the same make. It doesn't have the door you can see through and it doesn't have internet access (I am not kidding you) but it does have two separate ways to access the ice maker and THAT IS IMPORTANT!
We got that one.
Which is fine. I really don't need to see through the door although the feature where you knock on the glass twice to make the light come on is unbelievably cool, and I really don't want my refrigerator to have internet access.

So. That was that. And on Monday they will deliver this brand new stainless steel-looking fancy pants thing and moving the old one out.

You know, sometimes you just don't really look at something that you use a hundred times a day. Or you may look at it but you don't really see it. Suddenly, I am seeing my refrigerator and it is a pure-T mess!

It is a great white megalith museum of our family, a very messy and disorganized and flapping megalith museum of pictures taken and pictures drawn, of cards and sweet notes, of magnets from fancy stores and magnets from Hemmings Motor News. Whatever that is. 
I think I am going to remove everything from that refrigerator and put all of it in a box and stash the box somewhere to be discovered and gone through like a time capsule by some unfortunate child of mine in the future. 
I wish I had the courage to just toss it all because haven't I been looking at these things long enough to have gotten all of the spiritual and mental juice out of them?
And of course we haven't even discussed the TOP of the refrigerator which I have told Mr. Moon is his responsibility because to be honest, most of the stuff up there is his.

So. My life is about to change and I hope for the better. You can't buy love and you can't buy happiness but you sure can buy a new refrigerator that doesn't have a crumbling interior and shelves held together with super glue and rubber bands.

After we purchased the new kitchen megalith we drove over to Jessie and Vergil's house where we picked up this kid.

That's him sprinkling the nutritional yeast on the popcorn I made for him and his Boppy. Boppy's got a basketball game on and August doesn't really like basketball but he's having a good time hanging out in the Glen Den and playing with stuff. 
I've got his bed all made up and he's placed his animal friends on it to be ready for sleep. 
Pizza dough is rising. 

And in very, very exciting chicken news, Dearie has her babies with her in the hen house where all of the chickens roost instead of in the little coop in the big coop where they have been sleeping since birth. There was quite a bit of fussing and fretting to achieve this, but Dearie did it. And I have to report something very sad which is that last night one of the littles was snatched, I guess, because she is not here. When we got home from Lily's, some of the babies were still outside and I have no idea what was going on there. Mr. Moon got all of them that were outside into bed with Dearie and the rest of the chicks and this morning that turned out to be nine instead of ten. 
Four brown chicks, five yellow.
I am sad but also very grateful that this is the first one we've lost. 

August needs and wants some attention. Time to go.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh my gosh, Ms. Moon, we're living parallel lives at the moment! We just went through a similar saga when the seller of our new house took her old fridge with her. The Black Friday appliance sales at Lowe's and Home Depot started early and we, too, ended up going all around town checking out the available models to the point that I got overwhelmed with it all and bought a new shiny monster of a fridge. I still don't have all the tape off the inside, but I think I'm in love already!

    1. Okay. What did YOU buy? We got an LG.
      May we both be so happy with our purchases.

  2. We got a new fridge last week. Very basic. Not even an ice maker. Just barely fit through the door. I am quite happy with it. Hope you like yours.

    1. Oh, Wilma! I could not possibly live without an ice-maker. Okay. I could. But I'm so glad I don't have to. Lord, I hope they can get this one through the door!

  3. Internet access for a refrigerator? I like my very basic apartment-sized model...You were good to get through all that looking in one piece. I'd have lost it for sure. I hope it lasts you a long time.

    1. Mr. Moon and I "sort of" joked about hoping this is the last refrigerator we ever have to buy in our lives.
      Who knows?

  4. You are hilarious... you had me at internet access and glass doors on fridges, guess I haven't been fridge shopping in a Dinosaur's age!?

    1. Obviously you have not. I did not make that shit up. You CAN get internet on your refrigerator now. What a crock of shit.

  5. Nutritional yeast on popcorn is the BEST. I carry a baggie with me to the movies and have to dust myself off before I go into the lobby afterwards. Oh, and wipe off my face.

    That child knows whats good.

    XX B

    1. Excellent idea, Beth! August called it "powder."
      "Do you have that powder to put on popcorn?"
      "Yes. Yes we do."

  6. we have the same style of refrigerator except I think mine must be older. it's all corroded on the outside with rust poking through the plastic covering. came with the house. we still have the one from the city house which is newer but it's across the street in the shop. and who in their right mind wants a glass door on their refrigerator? or internet access fer cryin' out loud. for what purpose?

    1. I have no idea why you might need internet for a refrigerator but I'm pretty sure that I do not. One more stupid thing to have to figure out and get repaired when it doesn't work. I have to admit that the glass door was a bit intriguing. I have no need of it but the whole idea of being able to see what's in the refrigerator without opening it seemed sort of magical. But I'm pretty sure I'll be able to live without that feature.

  7. I especially love the towel in front of the fridge on the floor, I'm guessing for random floods. I always have a towel on the floor in my kitchen because of dog feet.

    So sorry to hear about the chick. I hope the rest survive.

    1. Exactly! On the towel.
      I'm sorry about the chick too, but I know by now that this is how it goes.

  8. I too recently underwent the same refrigerator shopping ordeal after the refrigerator in our seasonally-unoccupied southern Arizona townhouse went kaput. During summer. It’s really hot there. Need I say more? I will anyway. I hadn’t left much food in it, but what was there was rotting liquid unspeakably horrible stuff. The good friends who discovered it cleaned up the mess and even got rid of the thing by putting it on Craigslist (advertised honestly as defunct, no doubt sold for scrap.). The wonder is, those friends are still friends! I found the shopping difficult. So many styles and option combos! I picked one I’m excited about, one with no see-through doors or WiFi, but lots of what seem to be efficient shelving configurations. May your new refrigerator cause you no grief! (That’s about the most optimistic I can be these days.)

    1. I've been through that same thing with a refrigerator that lost power and no matter how much cleaning was done, had to be gotten rid of.
      Ugh and barf.
      Yeah, so many different ways to arrange shelving. I, too, hope that I can figure it all out to our advantage and convenience. Same for you, Joy.

  9. Sorry about the little chick, but I suppose it was almost inevitable to lose at least one. And WHY oh WHY would a refrigerator need Internet access? I've read about this phenomenon but I still don't understand it.


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