Thursday, November 29, 2018

Shallots And Eggs Do Go Well Together

A much more normal day here, after midmorning, at least. It started out funky and weird but things straightened out and good news was received but I still felt knotted and anxious.
Because anxiety has nothing to do with reality for the most part, even if there is a tentative basis for it, the removal of the so-called reason does not cause it to simply disappear into the ether like a lingering spritz of Chanel No. 5.
So I knew what I had to do and I did it.

Down the road and back again, four nice miles. Such a beautiful day. 
The house where the incredible Halloween decorations were is in the process of transformation into a strange and busy Christmas wonderland. Besides the nativity and the seals with balls balanced on their noses, there are now also penguins and a huge Santa hanging from a crescent moon. 

The Beware of Dog sign is still there. I've never actually seen or heard a dog in that yard. 
The strangest thing of all was that a man who was probably one of the property's retainers was stringing lights on the fence right by where I was walking and I said, "Good morning!" and he absolutely ignored me. I was invisible. 
I think that perhaps he would rather be dealing with cattle or barn-raising or something more macho than stringing lights that he'll be unstringing before too long. 
Or maybe he just did not feel the need to talk to me. 
I wasn't too upset. 

I had an unusual chicken experience this morning. While I was on the porch, Miss Dottie came up, as she does, to get some cat food treats from me and after she ate she jumped up on the table where we keep the Friskies and rustled around in the stuff. There are bags of wild bird feed up there and I thought that perhaps she was trying to get into one of those but after awhile she hopped down and made her I-laid-an-egg cackling and I went over and checked but I could not find an egg. 
A little later she came back, hopped back up on the table and got INTO a bag that I keep dried shallots in. 

Hmmmm...I thought. 
And sure enough, a little while later she got out of the bag and jumped to the floor and here's what I found. 

Oh, Dottie! You seriously strange hen! 
Egg in shallots. 
I imagine the silky skins of the shallots feel good on her bottom parts. 
Anyway, I thanked her and she ran off to rejoin the flock. 

And it's been a day like that, just simple stuff, and those can be the best days. 
I did some ironing while watching a fairly horrible movie. The Land of Steady Habits. 
Have you seen it? It got some good reviews and the main character was played by Ben Mendelsohn who annoyed the fucking shit out of me. You know how I say I hate it when I can see people acting? Well, he acted all over the damn place. Edie Falco was in it and she was great, and so was Connie Britton. The story was pretty lame and in my own personal opinion, all of the truly good performances were wasted on the material. As something to watch while ironing, it was tolerable. 
I really am the nit-pickiest movie watcher of all times. 

So. What do you think about the whole Michael Cohen guilty plea thing? Could this be the thing that brings the whole house of cards tumbling down? Trump knows he's screwed. He absolutely knows it. He must be in haze of blood spit right now. 
Well, a normal human being would be. He's not a normal human being though, so who knows? I don't think the man has much of a grasp on reality so it's quite possible that he's convinced himself that he's as innocent as the driven snow of any crime whatsoever but eventually it's not going to matter at all what he thinks. 

Here's a beautiful picture. 

Owen the deer-slayer is painting his baby sister's fingernails. 

This gives me hope and makes me love that boy even more, which is hardly possible. 
But there you go. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Hello Ms Moon, I'm so glad you didn't like that movie! I tried to watch it based on reviews by some people i respect. I thought it totally daft, couldn't finish watching. I thought it must be me, I'm missing something here. Well I guess we're the discerning ones! I'll watch for further reviews by you! Has been cold here( Statesville,NC )Egg production has dropped off significantly. Enjoy those shallots!

    1. Hello, Shelagh! I almost didn't finish it either and frankly, if I hadn't it wouldn't have been any big loss. My hens are still laying but they'll probably slack off here soon.

  2. crazy hen! and how weird that those people put up such elaborate decorations and then keep the gate closed. they must do it just to please themselves which there is nothing wrong with. as for Trump, I'm sure in his mind he is innocent or else he thinks he is above the law and should be able to do whatever the hell he wants and anyone who tries to stop him is wrong and 'illegal'.

    1. Their driveway is about an eighth of a mile long so the decorations near the road are for the passersby, I would assume.
      I believe that Trump just thinks he's above the law. He's smarter and more intelligent and so on and so forth than anyone else so laws don't pertain to him.

  3. I checked out the trailer for the movie, it looked depressing. It always shocks me how much money some people have and yet don't do anything useful, as in helping others, with it. Even though it's only a movie I know that people do live in big houses with a whole lot of shit that they buy in an effort to fill some need. I'm in a mood this morning obviously:)

    I'm glad you had a nice long walk. It looks lovely. The weather here is unseasonably warm which is nice and means the dog and I will get a long walk at some point. That'll make both of us happy. I'm off today so we can walk in daylight which I prefer. She doesn't care, there are more hares out when it's dark and she was raised as a rabbit hunter. I'm sure she wonders why I don't let her off leash when she smells a hare but she'd end up run over by a car or lost for good if I did.

    The mood continues.

    I hope you have a lovely day.

    1. The movie would have been more depressing if I had found any of it remotely realistic. Which I did not.
      Oh! Your poor dog! Raised as a rabbit hunter and now denied her pleasure. But yeah- you cannot let her off the leash to chase rabbits. You'd probably never see her again.
      I hope your mood improved today. Maybe it's the planets affecting us. Who knows?

  4. I haven't heard of that movie, but based on your description, I might skip it! I love Dearie and her hiding place. So funny! Glad things improved overall today. :)

    Oh, and I wonder what was up with the stringing-lights guy? Maybe he's deaf and didn't know you were there?!

    1. Oh -- Dottie, not Dearie. I MUST get my hens right. :)

    2. Yes! Keep my hens' names straight, there, Steve! Haha! Even Glen doesn't know their names.
      I'm sure that guy saw me. I was about two feet away from him.

  5. Could we have some chicken ed? What makes a chicken decide to sit on an egg until it hatches, vs. laying the egg and wandering off. Also, how long does it take a chicken to lay 10 eggs? Is it one a day, all at once? How did Dearie accumulate 10 eggs, which seems like a lot.
    You have a very nice walking route there. Glad you went, it does sooth a savage breast, or whatever.

    1. I do not know what the trigger is to make a hen decide to sit on eggs. Some breeds of hens are more "broody" than others which means they tend to sit on eggs more than others. They can only lay one a day so it's a serious business. Sometimes other hens will add their own eggs to the growing pile. Brooding and raising chicks is a months' long ordeal and very hard, physically, on the mama. When she's sitting on the nest (three weeks) she hardly eats or drinks. And then, after the babies hatch, she spends her time finding food and sharing it with them. And she gets NO time to herself. Protecting and nurturing those babies is her job until they are big enough to fend for themselves which can take several months. Dearie looks a bit raggedy right now, I have noticed. She is missing some tail feathers. It will take her quite awhile to truly recover.

  6. Steve might well be correct about the man being deaf. I say hello to a lot of people, and frequently they don't respond -- it's like they haven't heard me.

    Four miles! It is to dream! I'm impressed. I'm proud of myself on the more-rare-than-ever days I make three.


    1. I'm pretty sure he saw me AND heard me. I think he was pissed off.

  7. Dottie made me laugh out loud.
    She clearly wanted you to get that egg.

    I watched that movie and ughh. Also Ben Mendelsohn has surprisingly short legs.

    Let me get this one straight:
    Santa lives at the north pole (aka the artcic) and penguins live at the south pole (aka the antartic) and they all meet up in Florida. Yes?

    1. I did not notice Mr. Mendelsohn's legs. I was too busy watching him pretend to be someone else.
      And yes, you got that right about the penguins and Santa. This is exactly how it works.

  8. Good girl Dottie, a beatnik chick!
    Who knows what to make of the - I can lie harder than you- contest that is going on, all I can hope for is that justice .like a hawk swoops down on the evil doer...waiting for that...waiting...

    1. I am waiting too. I swear. Dear god let there be justice.

  9. Owen is a boy of many talents...and most definitely a fantastic big brother!

  10. I will never forget toddler Owen brushing your hair. He is such a sweet boy, and a very cool big brother.


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