Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A Knotty Day Of Circumstances

I have things on my mind tonight and have all day long. Not things that I'd really talk about here but everything is fine, really, just some everyday life pushing up into the spaces where worry lives, where anxiety always keeps a foot in the door.

Ah well.

It did indeed freeze last night and my yard is going to look pathetic tomorrow, the frost-bit plants all wilted and brown and thus, the most intense yardwork of the year will commence.

Jessie and the boys came out and we met up with Boppy at the Hilltop for one of their fabulous lunches. We ran into our neighbors again.
"Best restaurant in the neighborhood!" Mr. Moon said cheerfully.
"How's Jack?" my neighbor asked. "We haven't seen him in forever."
"He's fine," I said.
My cat Jack started out as a stray and went back and forth between our houses for a long time before he settled in here but he's kept up a relationship with them because they serve wet cat food and we give him only dry. But they have a ton of little dogs and I do not think Jack likes them. Plus, my old man cat has gotten so corpulent that I'm not sure he can make the long walk between our yards.
Well, I'm sure he can but for some reason, he isn't.

August was beside himself, having his Boppy to sit with at the picnic bench and to share food with. He loved the new refrigerator, by the way, and now knows how to operate the buttons to reveal the door within the door from the outside and the inside. This charms him. I have to admit that it charms me too. I love knowing exactly where the juice and butter are. This makes life a great deal simpler. Isn't that silly?
Levon is walking all over the place now. He's still a little unsure of his footing, especially in my kitchen which is so uneven that if you drop a marble at one side, it will reliably roll down to the other. Helps a kid develop balance! That's what I say.
He's getting new teeth and has a snotty cold on top of that and is a bit miserable.
But not too miserable.

He can say, "Boppa," now. And "Tant-u," for thank-you.
If I try to get him to say MerMer, he sticks his tongue out and gives me a raspberry.
Somehow, by some alchemy, he has come to prefer his grandfather to me and all I can do is sigh and relinquish the title of Most Beloved.
What the hell, kids? Who makes those muffins you love so much?
They don't care. They love their Boppy.
So do I.

After lunch and after Jessie and her boys left, I was so unexplainably tired there was nothing for it but to lay down on the bed where I slept without moving for hours.

And now I'm going to go stir fry some stuff and make jasmine rice. I feel as uninspired to cook as I ever have in my entire life.

One of the little brown chicks got taken some time between last night and this morning.
And now there are eight.
I study them closely to see which ones I think are roosters but I can't begin to tell. Only time will allow me to do that.
This is true in so many instances.

Here's to tomorrow. Let there be peace.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. maybe it is a collective consciousness anxiety, just picking up on what is happening in/to/with the human condition. I feel it too. I am intrigued by the chicken art on your kitchen queen! They are jolly! I am trying to get into some sort of holiday spirit , failed so far.

    1. I never try anymore to get into holiday spirit. It only makes me feel worse because it would appear to be impossible.
      I have lots of beautiful cards that people have sent me with chickens on them. I cherish them!

  2. It hasn't frozen here yet. So weird, this new planet. The lilac is budding out and the daffs are coming up.

    Lots of rain, that's a relief.

    Love you and yours.

    1. The pecans have put out new leaves but I think they got frosted two nights in a row. Yes. So weird. So, so weird.
      I love you too, Beth.

  3. Those nagging worries that turn out to be nothing can plague a soul. May this one too turn out to be nothing. Mr. Moon is a handsome Boppy.

  4. yeah, all brown in my yard too. haven't cut back the cosmos as one reader said he leaves his for the birds to eat the seeds. it never occured to me that they ate cosmos seeds. I hope those nagging worries resolve themselves. worry does no good anyway.

    1. I tell myself over and over again that worry does no good but dammit, my body will not accept that. Or my mind. Which brings my body into the whole scenario. It sucks and if there was any way to make myself stop this, I surely would.

  5. I swear I felt the earth shudder the other day, though it may only have been one of those fracking pipes. I would leave the brownery to spring, and see who eats it or if it fades into the ground.

    1. Oh, some of the browned stuff is just so big and so ugly, though. Some of it I will leave for sure but it would drive me crazy to just leave it all.
      I saw something about the entire planet having waves go through it the other day. I did not read the article. Could that be what you felt?

  6. Maybe you should get a yard cam like we have, to keep an eye on the chicks and figure out what's taking them. (Not that it's necessarily the same thing every time.) I'm not sure what purpose it would serve except that you'd know. As for worries, this is a worrisome time! I don't know a single person who isn't worried on some level.

    1. Oh, and let me just say I was SO HAPPY to read in your comment on my blog that you'd seen quail. That just cheers my soul.

    2. It was mighty nice to see those quail start up into the sky with their beautiful wing-sounds.
      We'd need an awful big yard cam. We have discovered how the chicks get out of the coop which is when they're most vulnerable because their mother isn't out with them. Mr. Moon's going to repair the hole in the wire. Maybe this will help.

  7. Aw crap, a chick went missing from the hen house? Something's getting in?

    My kids all got colds/sick/weird poo when they were teething. Seems to just be the way. Levon's looking so different - I think cos he has lots of hair now?

    I'd love to come have lunch with you, Mary.

    1. I think something got the chick before or after roosting. I don't think anything's getting in there.
      Yeah, all of my kids got sickly when they teethed too. But August has this same snottiness going on. And yes! Levon is getting more hair!
      The Hilltop Cafe would certainly be a different cultural experience for you, Jo. You'd have to eat salads because all of the cooked vegetables have meat in them! Well, maybe not the fried okra and fried green tomatoes. We'd probably do better at Japanica!

    2. Oh, Indian, Mexican, Japanica! ... there are many tasty options!


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