Thursday, November 15, 2018

Camellia Season Has Begun

The camellias are blooming! I am so happy about that. Funny how such a small thing brings me such joy. A thing that happens every dang year. Camellias make this time of year bearable and beautiful too. They are a bright and gorgeous light in the too-dark days of late fall.

Another shining example of color is Ringo. 

His feathers are iridescent, opalescent. They gleam with almost electric color. 

Here is one of the youngster chicks. 

A child of Liberace's, I assume. I swear that the yellow ones all look like clones of each other and so do the brown ones. I believe I'm going to have to do as Gibson suggested and name them all Dearie, Jr., just as George Foreman named all of his sons George Foreman. 
Of course, as they mature, they will change some but probably not too much. There will be roosters and there will be hens though. But it will be awhile before we can start to tell genders. 

I have pretty much been a domestic animal today. It's not raining any more but it was gray as a shroud all day and chilly and damp and I felt no desire to go outside at all so I stayed in and did things like make cookies for my husband to take hunting. 

Oatmeal, pecan, raisin, chocolate chip cookies to ensure that he does not starve. 
Good Lord but I'm a good wife sometimes. 
I was today, at least. I sent him off a happy man with not only a huge bag of cookies but also most of a frozen lasagna and a loaf of homemade bread, certain sure that his wife adores him. 
And then I took a wonderful nap, guilt-free and dreamless with Maurice cuddled up next to me. As the weather has turned cold, she's become so much more affectionate. Almost what we might call loving.
She even purred today as she stretched herself across my hip and kneaded the covers between us. Of course, if I dare to move or change position she growls her wild thing growl to let me know that this is unacceptable behavior. Still, it is so nice to be in her good graces again. When I went out a little while ago to shut the chickens up she followed me, keeping me company in the cold dark. 

When I got up from my nap I decided to do something about the horrible cabinet where I keep leftover containers and my boxes of various sized storage and freezer bags. When we put in the dishwasher, that cabinet got cut in half and I've had to learn to deal with it but sometimes things get out of hand and I decided to go through the damn thing and take out all of the plastic containers I wash and save which once held the Greek yogurt I put in smoothies or cottage cheese or Publix whipped butter. How can one just put these things in the recycle? They are sturdy and are perfect for keeping leftovers in. But things were out of control in that cabinet and I figured I could put them all in a bag and take them to Lily's house to be used for Thanksgiving leftover take-homes. 
I think that that cabinet must hold some sort of enchantment because I got a Trader Joe shopping bag and a Publix regular plastic grocery bag stuffed with containers. How could they and all of the glass containers I own possibly have fit in there? Well, I must admit that the cabinet goes all the way to the wall beside the sink and to reach everything that had tumbled from the front of the cabinet I had to use a pair of long tongs, a flashlight, and at one point a child-sized broom to knock an errant and ancient container close enough to grab with the tongs. 

But I feel so much better now. 

It's going to get into the thirties tonight and tomorrow and the forecast calls for clear skies. And more camellias may be blooming. We shall see what the day brings tomorrow. I am finally a bit more hopeful about life than I have been in awhile and I do not dare to ignore or take that for granted. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You guilt free nap sounds delicious and earned and your container storage reminds me that my mother too could not understand how anyone could throw those perfectly good yogurt cup and butter bowls and Chinese food container out. She had so many I’d surreptitiously sneak a few out every time I visited. Good times. Love.

  2. Love your camellias. Your photos evoke sweet memories of my Mother and her camellias. We are cool here and I am wearing sweat pant sand a long-sleeved shirt tonight. Of course cool in these parts is 72, but, as you know, it is all relative. Stay warm and MORE CAMELLIAS PLEASE.

  3. Those Camellias are beautiful...

  4. I adore your camellias and was just thinking about them a few days ago, when I was standing in the yard of my new house considering what to plant in the next few years. You can show us camellia pictures all day long, and I would be happy!

    Guilt free naps are the BEST.

  5. Beautiful camellias, and beautiful Ringo! His feathers are an amazing color. It's funny how a simple task like cleaning out a cabinet can make such a tremendous difference in one's mood and one's perception of the overall cleanliness and orderliness of one's kitchen. :)

  6. Ringo is so beautiful. It's amazing how evolution can construct such wonderful feathers. Plastic container organization seems to be a universal issue.

  7. Ringo is a beautiful rooster. and I want some of those cookies and I don't even eat cookies. the camellias are gorgeous. I'm just going to have to try growing them again.


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