Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Weekend's Worth Of Praise

In the past forty-eight hours I have battled a bout with depression, or at actually, succumbed to it. I have heard a baby crying in a library restroom from seventy-five yards away and gone and offered to hold the child while his young mother made bottles of formula very methodically in the sink and the baby quit crying the minute I picked him up (after asking the mother if I could- I did!) and he felt like a sweet-smelling feather in my arms and his hair was in soft black curls that I buried my nose in. I have made soup of garbanzo beans and cabbage and sweet potatoes and onions and peppers and tomatoes and venison sausage. I have made my husband buy us tickets to see Bob Dylan on October 11. I have done laundry and collected eggs and cleaned out the chicken's nesting boxes and washed a few dishes. I have attended two performances of Sylvia and served tables and had fun with the ladies who make the dinners and I have finally figured out how to do the dimmer lights for the show. I have been SO proud of that cast. I have met a 92-year old woman who raised eleven children and who has at least seventy grandchildren and she was wearing all red and she hugged me with a strength you could not believe. I have slept more than I should have but it has been GOOD to sleep. I have spent a few hours with my grandson and carried him on my hip and stolen kisses from him and taken pictures of him and shared my lunch with him. I have tried to teach him to say "sssh" instead of screaming. Not very successfully but I have made him laugh.

I have had a frog jump on my head.

I have been hugged by my mortal enemy. And I let her.

I have gotten SO many hugs by SO many people whom I actually love. I force people to hug me. I do. If I love you and I want to hug you, either submit or run like hell.

You know what? It's been a grand forty-eight hours. And now it's time to go to bed. Poor Mr. Moon worked outside in the horrible heat all day long and is suffering from crippling and painful leg cramps. He's afraid to try to lay down because he knows what's going to happen. He has taken calcium and magnesium and quinine tablets and eaten salty foods and drunk gallons of liquid. I gave him Ibuprofen and I should have given him Hydrocodone. I feel bad for him but goddam! Who works outside all day long in this heat? Mad dogs and Englishmen and Mr. Moon. It had something to do with the hunting camp. Don't ask me.
A tractor was involved.

Tomorrow I am going to do...whatever I want.
I think I will plant some lettuces and arugula. I think I will make French Toast for breakfast. Or something delicious I can put Tupelo honey on. I think I will NOT be going to the Opera House. I will water my plants. I will maybe sit on my porch and have a martini with my husband. I might go see Kathleen and see how she and her daddy are doing.

It's Sunday already. Another day at the Church of the Batshit Crazy.
Thank-you all for attending services.

Perhaps when the sun comes up we shall begin the hymn-singing portion of our day. We shall see.
We shall see.


  1. Another incredible post. It makes me feel grateful.
    For Life. Thank you.

  2. Oh Ms Moon, you cover all the extremes here from the highs to the lows and all the in betweens.

    In forty eight hours all this action, all this love, all these emotions tumbling out of you through you into others.

    This is a joyous post, notwithstanding your sadness, your burden, which makes sense to me now following your most recent comment on my post.

    How hard it is for us to shake off the past. It can curdle our sweetest moments.

    But as Elizabeth with a 'z' says, you are 'as sweet as Tupelo honey' and it is such a pleasure to read your writing.

  3. Wow, You're a powerhouse.

    And don't forget, you wrote a birthday tribute to my boy that made a huge difference to him and how he feels baout his birthday.

    Of course he's your boy too :)~

  4. I would gladly and joyfully submit to a hug.


  5. That's what I call a productive day! Poor Mr. Moon. Hope he pulled through last night.

    "If I love you and I want to hug you, either submit or run like hell." This made me cackle. I do not know why. We've discussed my issues with personal space before. I think it's the mental picture of running like hell because ultimately, I always submit to the hugs.

  6. When I get busy, I get better. Glad that you did so many things.

    I had toe and foot cramps on Friday night. I too was out in the heat too much on Thursday and on Friday. I need to drink more water too.

    Liked the sermon today.

  7. Swallowtail- I felt as if all I had done was sleep but then...I realized, no. Not at all.

    Elizabeth- And as mean as the bees who make it.

    Elisabeth- High praise from you. Thank-you.

    Jo- Oh yes. I did that. For that sweet boy.

    Michelle- Just relax and let it happen. Love you.

    Ms. Trouble- And then do you go and take a shower?

    Syd- Drink your water!

  8. You are a busy woman, with a full life and a full appreciation for it!

  9. Oh Ms. Moon! I'd love a hug from you. You might have to pry me off. I very much enjoy hearing about your days and your plans. Poor Mr. Moon. My very tall Mr. also suffers from crippling leg cramps from time to time, and there is nothing that makes them stop but their own whim. I stand at the foot of the bed and press forward on the ball of his foot, or he jumps and hobbles around all night, and I don't know how to help him. It always comes after a hot day of overdoing it too.
    Our hymn this fine morning is Billy Joel's Piano Man, courtesy of a delightful 13 year old playing it for us on the piano. I'll hum this as I play in my yard.
    Have a great day, and thanks for the sermon and those heart swelling pictures of Owen.

  10. I always feel better after the church of bat shit crazy. Growing up catholic and going to many years of services I am glad to have found your sane one. Your words of wisdom and joy keep me sane. Happy day and find that time to have a martini with your love.

  11. Did Kathleen and her dad plow through the cookies and 6 pack of coke? :-) hee hee! Still giggling about that one.

  12. I see a mountain out my window today, but it doesn't compare to coming here for Sunday sermon. My brother is now married. I have my first sister in law. I hope mr moon feels better n that yr lettuce gets planted. I smiled so wide when I saw yr new header. A ms moon hug must be an incredible experience if you can show your heart physically with the same power you do with words. Love you.

  13. Lora- I am being so lazy today.

    Mel- I haven't listened to any music today. But the rain sounded very nice.

    Anonymous- Those are sweet words. Thank-you.

    Ms. Fleur- I don't think so. I think it's a one-a-night ritual.

    Bethany- I have been told I am a good hugger. I am so proud of you for taking this trip. I keep thinking about it and smiling.

  14. Hey mama mama, I'm going to call you in the morning and try to set up for lunch soon. I miss you!

  15. A hug from the preacher of the CotBSC, now that is something I could always use. All this bizzyness seems to have been good for you. Hugs from Here. N2

  16. Haha. I love that! Either submit or run like hell.

  17. I loved the phrase below so much, it's quote of the damn day over at my shack. [I know, big shitting deal, as the Moms would say.]

    If I love you and I want to hug you, either submit or run like hell.

  18. DTG- And so it was done and it was good. I love you!

    N2- Yes. I think it was all good. Until I lost my shit yesterday. Oh well.

    Angie M and Ms. Bastard-Beloved- That seems to be a favorite. Well, it's just the damn truth.


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