Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hurry Up!

Oh, Lord, y'all.
It's been another one of those forty-eight (or is it a hundred-and-forty-eight?) hours of blast-offs and rough landings.
And right now Mr. Moon is saying, "Come on!"
He is out of O's (the only cereals he'll eat are ones with O's in them) and he wants to go to town and get breakfast and then go shopping for Owen's birthday and come back and weed the garden and then go hunting.

Okay. Fine.

But I'm sorry- I have to do this. I have to sit here, fingers flying, and say, "Hello! Good morning! I'm alive, are you?"

So that's me. He's pacing now. I have to go put on a bra.
But here's some pictures.
The Opera House last night from my position under the lights:

It was a GREAT final performance. A sold-out crowd, a standing ovation.

Here's Jack and Brittany and the dog who won the contest for having his picture used in the play. His name is Jakey. Or Jakie. Whatever. He is a good sport and look at how beautiful Brittany is, how handsome Jack is:

"I'm going outside for just a few minutes," Mr. Moon has just announced in his warning voice.
He doesn't understand the blog thing. And he spent the last two nights at the Opera House, helping serve and tending bar which was so sweet. So. I have to go put on my bra. I am going to town to shop for my grandson's first birthday.

The hurricane lilies are blooming. Have you ever seen anything like this?

Okay. That's a rat's ass picture. I'll do better later.

Later. I'll get the laundry done and the kitchen cleaned up and the garden weeded and some blogs read and some words down and tomorrow I return to grandmother-hood full-time and well, life just keeps spinning on and on and on and meanwhile, I have so much in my head and my mind and my heart that I can't get to sleep at night, I can't keep up with it all.

That's Ms. Moon on a Sunday morning at the Church of the Batshit Crazy.

All is well.

Where's my bra?
Gotta go.
Love you.
Mean it.


  1. The plan for my day sounds much like yours with the addition of watching your star turn in Disconnected.

    I love Sundays.

  2. I am rushing too, shoving peanut butter toast in my mouth before Susie gets here for some errands (I know we are still abnormally attached even though we aren't living together), but of course I had to check your blog and I am so happy you stopped and said good morning. Good morning, good afternoon, good Sunday, good woman.
    Thank you!

  3. i'm supposed to be getting off because my inlaws are REALLY EARLY as usual

    hope you found a great bra ;)

  4. We do get impatient at times wanting to go and get things done.

  5. Love the hurricane lily! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing and good work on the sold out opera house crowd! Cool!

  6. Hope you found a fun present for the O-boy's 1st B'day present and found some moments to slow down and enjoy your Sunday with Mr M. x0 N2

  7. How can a year go by so fast for little Owen? Soon to be one! Oh and the hurry up and let's go thing...why are the guys always ready so quickly? MY Love has graciously learned not to rush me as I get a tad agitated. Have fun shopping and perhaps playing with what you find for Owen!

  8. i love you ms. moon,
    everything we do is sexy....

  9. Lisa- Because you have Bob Rosenberg all day long. Please know that I love Bob Rosenberg's mama too.

    Bethany- Yes! I had to check in! I hope your day has been a good one.

    Maggie May- Bras. Don't talk to me about bras.
    I love you.

    Syd- Yes. You men do that.
    And we love you anyway.

    Rebecca- They are amazing, those lilies. Every year they surprise me.

    N2- We found the presents and that was fun. But as to time with Mr. Moon? Uh. It's hunting season.

    Ellen- And how much time do we spend waiting for THEM? Okay. Let's not go there. We did have fun buying farm-related presents for the boy. Don't tell him.

    rebecca- I love you too. And sexy? Oh. Yes. But does it translate? Not everyone understands.

  10. Sounded like quite a full day.

    Love you, too. Mean it.


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